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Tarifa Los lances norte Kitesurf House - Tarifa, Cadiz. Spain


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In the Surf Club there are 6 rooms, 2 chillouts, a big garden with swimmingpool and Bar, a huge living room and a wide kitchen, all  covered by high speed wi-fi.


The Surf House is situated just 3 km west from Tarifa’s town and 300 m from the kite and surf beach of “Los Lances Norte”.


The living room is really big and comfortable and is the meeting point also for the breakfast time. The members who join the accomodation service have also Breakfast included from 9.30 to 11.30.


Every member of the club during his staiyng got free access to the kitchen also. The kitchen is composed by 1 electric stove, 1 oven, microwave, a big fridge, a lot of pots and pans, dish washer and much more.



Six rooms are available for the friends of the Club.

Three rooms come with private toilet and the others three come with shared toilet.

Towels, sheets, blankets, hand soap and toilet paper are provided.

All the rooms are shared so, if you have any value that you need to keep safe, in the internal patio, we installed 16 cabinets with keys.


Chill Outs are the relaxing place of the Club.

There are two, one external and one internal. The external one is equipped with a Surf Bar, in where we serve drinks, daily dishes and specialities, and a BBQ.


In the garden there are the swimmingpool, the slacklines and the Organic Garden.

Most of the vegetables and fruits we are using to prepare our dishes and drinks come from our garden.


Clean and warm, our 10×4 m swimmingpool it’s a great alternative to the beach in the warmest days. It’s open in spring, summer and autumn.


The living room is really big and comfortable and is the meeting point also for the breakfast time.

The members who join the accomodation service have also Breakfast included from 9.30 to 11.30.


Every member of the club during his staying got free access to the Kitchen. The kitchen is composed by 1 electric stove, 1 hoven, microwave, a big fridge, a lot of pots and pans, dish washer and much more.

If you are too lazy to cook, don’t worry! Usually in the week ends the Club organize barbeques and dinners for all the members of the Club. At the Surf Bar we also serve daily dishes and specialities.



Kitesurf Lessons in for any Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Private or Group Lessons in front of the Kite School Zone of “los lances norte” provided with Rescue Boats from June to September. On a 3 days course you’ll touch the spirit of this magic sport!


1st day – Discover: Learn how to mount and fly an inflatable kite safely on land, know how the security system work, launch and land your kite  with an assistant, theory on wind window and power zones, spots risks and winds.


2nd day – Body Dragging: Learn the basics movements while dragged by your kite on the water without the board. Bodydrag downwind, power bodydrag, one hand bodydrag upwind and bodydrag while grabbing the board.


3rd Day – Water Start: Learn the “steady pull basics” and attempt your first waterstarts, is the hardest part of the Kitesurf Lessons. Once you are able to stand up and do a short ride you’ll learn the basics on ride positions and ride mostly downwind.


From the 4th day normally students starts to intend how to control the power of the kite and ride short rides and stop safely, self rescue and correct the position of the body for start edging and ride upwind.


Kitesurfing is an extreme sport, is unbelivable to be able to kite after a 3 or 4 days course. Depending on the level of the students, a 3 days course give you the basics to practice without create any danger on the beach. By our experience as kitesurf instructors a minimum of 5/6 days is necessary to a student in order to start riding alone without create any risk for the others and for himself.



Group Kitesurf Lessons Maximun 4 Students, 2 kites flying, 1 Iko Certified instructor

Private Kitesurf Lessons Maximum 1 Student, 1 Kite flying, 1 Iko certified instructor



Kitesurf Equipment: North and Cabrinha Kites 2016, Bar, Wetsuit, Harness, Safety jacket, helmet and board.

Rescue Boat: Service provided by “Sea Angels Tarifa” in case of off-shore wind in the School Zone of “Los lances norte”

Rc and Accidents Insurance


Surf Lessons in Tarifa for any Level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. Private or Group Surf Classes over the spots of “Costa de la luz”: Tarifa, Bolonia, el Palmar, Caños de Meca, Getares. Groups of Maximum 10 students and 2 instructors, private lessons availables.


On your first Surf Lessons you’ll learn the basics of this wonderful sport. Currents, risks, tides, swells, body surfing, stand up on board, paddeling in the right way, surfing on small waves and start to turn. Surfing is a sport who need passion and constance, our instructors checks the forecast daily and bring you every day the to the spot with the best conditions.



In Tarifa there are surfable waves if a Swell is coming from West and there is enough period (10/12 sec). The wind affect as well on the waves conditions:


  • In case the wind is blowing from East and the Swell is coming from West it creates perfects pipes.
  • In case there is no wind, if the period of the swell coming from West is enough, is possible to surf on perfect glassy waves(usually in the morning)
  • In case of medium/strong wind coming from West the result is a really wavy and scrambled sea. Is not good for Surfing.


All the Tarifa Surf Spots work on Mid-Tide. Usually there are not surfable waves on high tide or low tide. Is better to go surfing while the tide is starting to go Up or when the tide is starting to go Down. The best seasons for surfing in Tarifa are Autumn, Winter and Spring. In Summer usually is just windy and there are no storms coming from west.



Surf Equipment: Surf Board and wetsuit

Shuttle Bus to the SurfSpots

Rc and Accidents Insurance


Every member of the Club can join our FREE yoga sessions on the Terrace of the Surf Club. The Yoga meetings are attended by our Yoga instructor Samuele Piazza almost every day of the week; morning and evening.


MORINING SESSION: start at 7.30h with 30 minutes of Meditation. Then, from 8.00h, 45minutes of Pranayama practice.

EVENING SESSION: starts at 20.00h – 60 minutes of Hatha Yoga


The Yoga meetings are on monday, wednesday, friday and saturday. Hatha Yoga is one of the Yoga styles mostly practiced all over the world. Everyone can join the Yoga Tarifa meetings indipendently from the phisics conditions, religion, gender or age. It tonifys your body and keep trained your muscles, correct your body position, improves the mobility of the limbs.




Tarifa is a small town in the province of Cadiz, Andalucia, on the southernmost coast of Spain. The town is located in the “Costa de la Luz” and across the Straits of Gibraltar facing the moroccan coast. Well known as the Europe Capital of Wind!


The city of Tarifa flow through the waters of Mediterrean Sea and Atlantic Ocean; Morocco is visibile with naked eye because just 14 km of sea divide the two continents.


Once you get to Tarifa you’re involved by the magic view of an hybrid environment. The 8km beach of “Los Lances” looks like’s never ending; the green hills and the mountains on the north of the city are the gates of the natural park of “Los Arcornocales.


At the end of the “Los Lances” beach, the winds blowing for years and years, formed an incredible sand dune as well known as the “Duna de Valdevaqueros”. Valdevaqueros is the farest beach of Tarifa’s landscape.


Called european wind Mecca and located in the southest point of Spain, Tarifa, is one of the most beautiful towns of Andalucia. Flow thorough the east from the Mediterrean Sea, flow thorough the west from the Atlantic Ocean, the city of Tarifa is separate from the Moroccan coast just from 15 kms of water.


During all over the year the winds blows constantly between Mediterrean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The Levante wind coming from east and the Poniente wind coming from west channel their power between Africa and Europe giving born to an incomparable show.


The air mass passing through the two continents start a Venturi Effect that let winds blow up to 50 or more knots. That’s why Tarifa is one of the most impressive Kitesurfing and Surfing spots of Europe.

Getting Here



If you plan to arrive to Tarifa by plane the closest airports are:


  • Malaga (180km from Tarifa)
  • Seville (220km from Tarifa)
  • Jerez (120km from Tarifa)
  • Gibraltar (60km from Tarifa)


>From the various airports is possible to rent a car, get a bus or travel on shared car (Bla bla car). If you are flying from abroad the best choice is to arrive to the airport of Malaga.


For the people who come by train, the closest train station is in the city of Algeciras. From Algeciras there are frequently buses that bring you to Tarifa in more or less 30 minutes.


Seville, Cadiz and Malaga are well connected to the city of Tarifa.


A lots of cars are travelling empty on the roads of Andalucia. Drivers through BlaBlaCar website announce their trips. Every people registered on the website can book directly their sit of others travellers. This service usually is cheap, fast and funny.



Every Member of the Club after becoming affilliated can also enjoy the Accomodation Service of the Surf House.


The standart price is 30€ per bed.

During summer season and few dates the price switch to 35€ per bed.


18 March – 28 march


29 Abril – 2 May

1st of May Holiday

1 June – 30 September


28 October – 1 November


2 December – 11 December

Saints Holiday

23 December – 8 January


*price are per person per night including breakfast

*3 months membership card included from 2 nights


Group Lessons from 25 € per Hour (Max 4 students, 2 kites flying and 1 IKO instructor)

Private lessons from 65 € per Hour (1 student, 1 kite flying and 1 IKO instructor)


All the Kitesurf Lessons include: Kites and Bars North 2106 and Cabrinha 2016, harness, helmet, board, safety jacket, RC and Accident insurance, Iko certified instructor and Rescue boat in off shore wind conditions


The Surf Club is located 5 minutes walk from Los Lances Norte Beach and the Kites School zone. During summer is the only Area who is alloud to practice watersports.


3 days Kitesurf Course + 2 nights accomodation – 290€

  • 9 hours kitesurf course in Tarifa with IKO certified instructors. Groups of maximum 4 people, 2 kites flying and 1 instructor.
  • Kitesurf equipment: Kite, bar, board, harness, wetsuit, helmet and safety jacket.
  • RC and accidents insurance
  • Rescue boat (from the 1st of june till the end of september in off shore wind conditions)
  • Iko level Certificate
  • 3 months Surf Club membership
  • Yoga sessions every day at the Surf Club
  • Accomodation in shared room
  • Breakfast



Offer valid only for groups of minimum 4 people.


Kitesurfing Break – 499€

9 hours KiteCourse, 5 night accomodation including breakfast and dinner, 1 year Surf Club Membership and much more!



From the 1st of April to the 30th of September

Minimum 2 people

Price per person 499€




5 nights at the Surf House

5 dinners at the Surf House • 5 breakfasts (buffet) • 1 Year Surf Club Membership • 9 hrs Kite Course in Group (3 hours per day) • Yoga Session every evening before dinner • Iko certified instructors • All equipment North 2016 and Cabrinha 2016 during the Course • Kite Course insurance


Group Lessons from 25 € per Hour

Private lessons from 35 € per Hour


Surf Camps are organized over Spring and Autumn Season.


All the Yoga meetings attended from our volunteers are FREE for all the members of the Surf Club.

*On Yoga Camps or Retreats organized with external Organizations, Schools or Asociations are may apllied extra fees.


All the Scuba Diving Initiations organized by our Surf Club and in collaboration with Yellow Sub Tarifa are FREE for all the members.

With the Surf Club Member Card you will receive 10% Discount on 1 Day Baptism or 5% on a Complete PADI Course.



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