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Tarifa Kitesurf Apartment - Tarifa, Cadiz. Spain


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This accommodation is no longer available!


If you have already decided to start kitesurfing than what you need now is the right advice.. and if you want to learn and progress quickly what we suggest you is a private kite surf course in Tarifa!


Located among African continent and Europe, the Strait of Gibraltar forms the perfect wind conditions for water sports such as kitesurfing, surfing, windsurfing and stand up paddle as well.


Tarifa thank to its position can be considered the European kite surf epicentre on the south coast of Spain ( Costa del Sol, Andalusia, Cadiz province).  

What we offer in Tarifa is..

  Kite surf apartment


Cheap accommodation 3 minutes walking from the center perfect solution for solo traveler, couples and kitesurfer.


Group or Private lessons


You will be ‘one to one’ with the instructor paying full attention only at your needs and progress.. moving quickly from the first kite manoeuvres on the beach and body dragging to new tricks, jumping, wave riding, and more..



The kitesurf apartment is a 3 bedrooms apartment only 3 minutes walking from Tarifa downtown. At fair price you can have a cheap and clean accommodation with s fully equipped hared kitchen (stove, oven, fridge and freezer and a washing machine), bathroom, living and dining room.


  • Linen and sheets provided
  • Park available in the nearby for free.
  • No accommodation only in high season.
  • Daily transfer to the beach before/after lessons



Nice and cosy apartment that can accommodate up to 5/6 people only few minutes walking from the beach.


  • Bedroom with double beds
  • Living room with dining table, sofa bed, fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher and washing machine)
  • Free wi-fi
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Towels, bed linen, heating system
  • Free Parking in front.



Sleeping surrounded only by the nature with a superb view of mountains and sea, only 15 minutes from Tarifa city center.


  • Up to 6 Guests
  • 1 double bedroom
  • 1 twin room
  • Lounge and dining room: sofas, beanches, hammocks..
  • Fully equipped kitchen: microwave, fridge, freezer, coffe machine, toaster


* a deposit for keys and damages is requested upon arrival



  The fastest and most efficient way to learn kitesurfing. You will have one kite and the full attention of your instructor. Perfect for any level, from the first tries to the learning of new tricks, jumping, wave riding, etc.  


  Groups of maximum 4 people, sharing one set of equipment every 2 in order to have a dynamic lessons, learning also from your buddy experience.


We recommend..

  • 3h or 4h of group lesson per day
  • 3/4 days of kite surf lesson per day (materials included)
  • Different level according to your skills, experience and physical conditions.




Learning kite surf step-by-step:


1st – 2nd day

  • Theory of kitesurfing, wind, equipment, how to fly a kite.
  • Safety measures Set up of a small 2-line kite (safest and easier kite ).
  • Starting, flying and landing a 2-line kite. Set up of a 4-line tube kite paying attention to safety precautions.
  • Starting, flying and landing a 4-line tube kite on the beach with various exercises.


Objectives : Control the kite one-handed, Simulation of practice in the waterm on land, as: bodydrag 2-handed, one-handed, sitting position, putting the feet in the foot straps, first water starts and standing up (depending on conditions).


3rd – 4th day

  • Body dragging, kite relaunch from the water and water starting.
  • Set up of a bigger 4-line tube kite.
  • Practising 2-handed and one-handed body drag.
  • Getting comfortable with the kite in the water in different positions and on different courses (downwind/ upwind).
  • Practising kite relaunch from the water Introduction to the utilise of the board (Waterstarts, pull exercises, getting up on the board and riding).


Included in all lessons / courses: insurance (3rd party and accident insurance; equipment is also covered, so if something breaks, it’s on us), all the necessary equipment, transport from Tarifa to the beach, rescue boat (from 1st Jun – 30th Sept).




If you are an independent kiter already comfortable with basis you will need only a kite surf instructor keeping an eye on you!


How does it looks like an intermediate kitesurfer ? No certificate required!

  • You set up the kite with no mistakes.
  • You are able to ride both directions without problems.
  • No stress keeping the kite in the air.


Including :

  • Kite equipment (kite, bar and leash, board, wetsuit, harness, life jacket, helmet).
  • Third party and basic insurance.
  • Transfer to the beach.
  • Rescue boats (in summer only)



3 hours/ day 60€ per person

4 hours/ day 70€ per person  


We offer private and group surfing course for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers.


Our surf school packages include :

  •  2 or 3 hours of lesson per day.
  • Insurance for materials and third part.
  • Materials (surfboard, leash,wetsuit).
  • Transfers to the surf spot.


Rentals :


25€  per day  

SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

Lessons porgram:

  • Warming up.
  • Theory of how to paddle( laying down, kneeing, standing up), how to cross waves, safety, how to turn around.
  • Practising paddling varieties on the beach.


Practicing in the water:

  • Paddling in different ways.
  • Turning around and paddling in a straight line.
  • Trying to catch the first waves on a SUP (depending on the conditions).


Our SUP packages include :

  • 1 SUP board and leash per student, paddle, wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet.
  • Third party liability and basic insurance.
  • Transfer to the beach.



What make the difference between Tarifa and the numerous sea resorts along the Costa da Luz is the unbeatable atmosphere of music, dance, tapas and fun that turned this place a truly ‘legend’ among the world wide kite, surf and windsurf community.. and all thanks to perfect and constant wind conditions together with sunny days throughout the whole year in Tarifa.


“The Wind Capital of Europe”, Tarifa is also the southernmost point of the Old Continent, looking across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco and Africa lying only fourty kilometres away. An old Moorish settlement of Roman origins, the old walled-in town is dominated by the Guzman El Bueno medieval castle. Today, Tarifa narrow cobble streets are the meeting point of windsurfers, kite surfers and surfers from across Europe, a melting pot with a unique atmosphere where tradition meets vanguard.


There are many restaurants, surf shops and bars in town, displaying video recordings of the day and other radical sports. The Moskito bar is recommended, where Jorge prepares the best Mojitos and Caipiriñas in town!


A few miles outside town, the Roman ruins of Baleo Claudia in Bolonia, a good kite surf spot as well, are well worth a visit. While in town, hop on one of the fast ferries that cross the strait in about half an hour to Tangier.


Tarifa is the gateway to Los Alcornocales Nature Park, Spain’s largest cork oak forestand one of the largest in the world. It is also Andalucia’s largest wooded area and the best preserved example of the Iberian primeval forest.


Tarifa is also ideally located between the glitz and glamour of the Costa del Sol, on the Mediterranean side in the Malaga province, and the wild, solitary beaches of the Costa de la Luz, on the Atlantic in the province of Cadiz.


The city itself, with many bars of Andalusia and small narrow winding streets typical tapas, offers everything you could wish for. Take a walk around the city, drink coffee in one of its many terraces, enjoy a day at the beach or take part in an exciting program of water sports!

Getting Here

The Tarifa Kitesurf apartment is situated few minutes walking from the downtown of Tarifa. Every day the staff will come to pick you up for lessons!


The easiest way to get to Tarifa is a low cost flight to Malaga, Jerez or Gibraltar. Than jump on a bus a rent a car directly at the airport.


By Plane..


We suggest you a low-cost flight to :

  • Malaga or Jerez
  • Gibraltar


  By Car..


We suggest you to rent a car directly at the airport..

  • Malaga Costa del Sol Airport (AGP), 150 km.
  • Sevilla International Airport (SVQ), 215 km.
  • Gibraltar International Airport (GIB), 40 km. (BA, Monarch)


By Bus or ferry..


Daily buses from Algeciras, Malaga, Sevilla, Cadiz & Madrid runs every day in high season.


Check the main company websites for a quote and schedule:

  • Alsa buses
  • Fast Ferry to Tangier, Morocco (35 min. crossing / 5 departures daily from Tarifa)


Group lessons


KITE SURF CAMP 7 nights Shared room Single room Double room
March – April – May   315 € 330 € 295 €
June   330 € 360 € 315 €
July   340 € 395 € 345 €
August   380 € 430 € 365 €
September   340 € 395 € 345 €
October   330 € 360 € 315 €


The price are per person and include :

  • Accommodation in Kite apartment for 7 nights (shared or private)
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Shared fully equipped kitchen
  • Daily transfer to the beach
  • 3 days of Kitesurf lessons (3 hours per day)
  • Full equipment during lessons (helmet,wetsuit,harness,board,kite,life vest)
  • Insurance


Private Lessons


KITE SURF CAMP 7 nights Shared room Single room Double room
March – April – May   538 € 555 € 660 €
June   555 € 590 € 695 €
July   590 € 625 € 765 €
August   608 € 660 € 800 €
September   590 € 625 € 765 €
October   555 € 590 € 695 €


The price are per person and include :

  • Accommodation in Kite apartment for 7 nights (shared or private)
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Shared fully equipped kitchen
  • Daily transfer to the beach
  • 4 days of Kitesurf lessons (2 hours per day) with PERSONAL INSTRUCTOR!
  • Full equipment during lessons (helmet,wetsuit,harness,board,kite,life vest)
  • Insurance




SURFCAMP 7 nights Shared room Single room Double room
March – April – May   298 € 315 € 340 €
June   315 € 350 € 375 €
July   350 € 385 € 445 €
August   368 € 420 € 480 €
September   360 € 385 € 445 €
October   315 € 350 € 375 €


The price are per person and include :

  • Accommodation in apartment for 7 nights (shared or private)
  • Bed linen and towels
  • Shared fully equipped kitchen
  • Daily transfer to the beach
  • 5 days of Group surf lessons (2 hours per day)
  • Full equipment during lessons (wetsuit,surfboard)
  • Insurance



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