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Enjoy awesome grilled meat after surfing

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The place where samba meets surfing

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Brazil offers great surfing from the North (Natal), all the way to the south in Florianopolis and through Rio Janeiro and Sao Paulo regions. World class surfer like Gabriel Medina or Felipe Toledo come from Maresias and Ubatuba only 1.30 hours from Sao Paulo. Its is warm all year long and cheap.


James Bond's movie "A View to a Kill" made snowboard become popular in Canada

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Find pristine beaches and empty line-ups

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Costa Rica

Peaceful holidays where “La prisa mata”

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Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America and one of the trendiest holiday and adventure-travel destinations in Latin America – One of Costa Rica’s main sources of income is tourism. Costa Rica is also a democratic and peaceful country, and was the first in the world to constitutionally abolish its army back in 1949. Great waves all year long! Warm water all year long!


Salsa, Mojitos and kitesurf. What else?

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Dominican Republic

Great climate, warm waves, hot people…

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Start a wave in the South Hemisphere and finish in the north one

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El Salvador

The perfection of the pacific ocean waves with no crowds

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Tucked between Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua on the Pacific Coast, El Salvador is the smallest of the Central American countries and the most densely populated. It is also a prime yet unknown surf destination with pristine beaches, incredible waves and no crowds.


A colonial reminiscence of Europe in the caribbean

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Part of the West Indies, this Caribbean island is a piece of France under the tropics. La Guadeloupe is formed by two connected islands. La Guadeloupe swarms with good breaks as it receives a large range of swells generated in turn by the Northern Atlantic depressions, tropical cyclones and Trade Winds.


Spicy food, tequila and powerful beach breaks

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Great waves all along Mexican coast although the most famous surf spots are Puerto Escondido and Barra De la Cruz.


Known as Hot Land, hospitable people and pacific waves

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Extending from the Caribbean to the Pacific coast, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America, bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south. Known as “the land of lakes and volcanoes”, it contains Central America’s two largest lakes and numerous active volcanoes.


Tropical nature environment with several pacific spots

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Has two great surfing coasts. The Pacific coast which received constant swell all year long with its most famous surfspots of Santa Catalina and Morro Negrito, and then the Caribean coast with the surf spot of Bocas del Toro (a short flight from Panama City).


The mythical origin of surfing and the “Incas”

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One of the best surf nations of South America. The coastal area around Lima is dry and rainless all year! The winters can be cool and the beaches are often covered in seafog. Summers (December to April) are warmer, but foggy days are still possible. Water temperatures are cool but comfortable. In summer you can wear just trunks or a spring suit. In winter either a spring or full wetsuit depending on conditions.

Puerto Rico

Blue Caribbean seas, great hospitality and great waves

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California, a place you must visit.

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The art of Surfing started in the Islands of Hawaii which is part of the United States. The surf in Hawaii is great and there is waves for all levels, specially for surfers keen to surf solid waves. Pipeline in the North Shore of Hawaii is probably the most famous wave. But California also gets amazing surf and has rich surf culture.

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