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Finding an emerging surf culture behind China's red curtain

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Hong Kong

The largest metropolis for luxury goods and status symbols in Asia

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Did you know the word 'SURF' came from India?

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If you like sushi and surf this is your country

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Pristine beach breaks where few foreigners have set foot

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Did you ever try artificial waves?

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Malaysia has some surfspots but its most known for its Wave Pool in Kuala Lumpur.


Blue crystal waters, colourful reefs and perfect waves

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Sitting in the Indian Ocean the Maldives are a group of coral islands straddling the equator southwest of India and west of Sri Lanka. There are about 1,200 islands and roughly 200 of those are inhabited. Great long easy waves perfect for intermediate surfers, although sometimes it gets insane perfect barrels. Warm water all year long, super clean water and lots of sealife.

Papua New Guinea

Time travel to the ancient indigenous cultures

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Did you know surfing started here with Apocalypse Now Film?

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There is great waves in many of the islands in the Philippines, although the most famous wave is Cloud Nine in the island of Siargao, where the yearly surf contest is held. Warm water, great food, and great people.

Sri lanka

Surf clean, azure blue, peeling waves with empty line-ups

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Surfing in Indonesia

Surfing in Indonesia - Surf camps, Surf resorts and Surf Charters

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Considered as the country with the best waves in the world. There are waves for everyone. Beginners, intermediates, and for the surfers wanting to get barrelled. Warm water, warm air temperature and good waves all year long!!! Bali and Mentawai are probably the most visited by surfers, but places like Sumbawa and Banyak North Sumatra won’t take long to catch up. The climate is tropical. Famous waves are Keramas, Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Dreamland, Canggu, Yoyos, Super Suck, and others..


One of the cheapest countries in Asia with lot of fun

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We offer Wakeboard, kitesurf and surfschools in Thaliand


Find great surf beaches in Vietnam

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