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Cape Verde

Real hidden paradise in the west of Africa

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Cape Verde is a tropical archipelagolocated 500 kilometres west of Africa, at the level of Senegal and the same latitude as the Caribbean. The islands enjoy ideal climate conditions year round for the practice of surfing sports, in particular during the trade winds season in winter. The most famous wave is Ponta Preta.


Kitesurfing in the legendary Red Sea

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Still unnamed breaks surrounded by nothing

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Ghana is undoubtedly a great place to learn how to surf. Located in the Gulf of Guinea and having a coast line that is East/West oriented, Ghana is positioned to receive uninterrupted ocean swells from the Southern Hemisphere. Although there are many respectable beach breaks and reef breaks, it is the point-breaks that make the Western Region of Ghana a highly desirable surf adventure destination.


World class coral reefs with consistent swells

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‘Tamarin’, another Indian Ocean surf paradise

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World-class waves, unknown surf spots, best Surfaris

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Morocco Surf Camps located in exotic, warm in affordable setting. With so much Atlantic coastline, Morocco offers the surfer a dazzling array of opportunities. Rocky bottoms alternate with sandy ones, reef breaks with beach breaks. Surfing alternative for all conditions, skills and levels. Best Morocco Surf Camps by famous spots like Anchor Point, Boilers, Killer Point. The iconic surfers village of Taghazout has plenty of waves, colors and flavors to offer. Choose among our Surf Resorts, Camps or Guiding Packages and ride quality waves in North Africa


A coast line that hasn’t been explored yet.

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Mozambique ofers a variety of waves to suit all abilities. Explore hidden and uncrowded points, reefs and beach breaks along this world class surf region on the Indian Ocean. Visit to the two National Heritage Game Parks in Kwazulu-Natal.


Magical scenery, majestic waterfalls, stunning landscapes

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Endless right handed waves along 1835 km. of coast

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Senegal is one of the most stable democracy in Africa and is the cradle of internationally renown musicians such as Youssouf N’Dour.  At Africa’s westernmost point, Dakar Peninsula has a swell window ranging from the South East round to North – a surfer’s paradise !


Narrow coastal strips of gorgeous white-sand beaches

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South Africa

J-Bay, a classic spot for your surf trip in Africa

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South Africa has a solid surf culture, great surfers and worldclass surfspots  all along their coastline. The most famous, Jeffreys Bay, or J-Bay as its affectionally known, is sandwiched between the scenic Garden Route and Sunshine Coast, on South Africa’s southern coast east of Cape Town. The bay is home to the famous Supertubes, venue of the ASP Billabong Pro, and the legendary breaks where the epic “Endless Summer” was filmed.

Surf in Angola

Ride a wave like Desert Point with no crowds

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Surf in Angola with local ex-prosurfers that will show you around. Contact us for more info.

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