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Angola could be one of the last authentic surfing and adventure paradises in the world. The country has 1500 km of very exposed coastline (same latitude as Indonesia) which means that there are lots of swells and plenty of beaches to be explored and the best part... NO CROWDS!!!


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Cabo Ledo Guiding & Surf Apartment Luanda, Bengo. Angola

From 121 €/nightmax. 66 / 80 people - 29 / 20 Rooms • REF. # 261511

ANGOLA SURF TRIPS & GUIDING Overall rating: 0 out of 5 based on 0 reviews.

Famous African sunrises and sunsets, beautiful and uncrowded beaches , fresh fish, seafood and exotic fruits that taste like heaven. Surf guiding with professional surfer will take you to the best waves near Cabo Ledo (range of 50km). Surf bungalows and resort are located in the beachfront in Cabo Ledo, several bungalows with fantastic conditions. For the families: comfortable and cozy traditional stone houses. You will find welcoming locals that will make your life a Semba (Angolan typical dance)!

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