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Surf all kind of waves in the 5th continent

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The country with the largest surfing coastline.  Great waves for all levels from beginners to keen big wave riders. Some of the most famous surfing areas are Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, and Sydney northern Beaches. All these areas have tropical or subtropical climates with very warm and pleasant temperatures both in and out of the water. Very fun country to visit with lots of nature and animals.

Fiji Islands

Get lost into a tiny island with perfect barrels

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Once know as the Cannibal Isles, because of its ferocious natives, this South Pacific archipelago is now one of Oceania’s most popular destination. First settled by the Polynesians and later colonised by the British, the Fiji Islands were put on the map by Captain William Blight, of “Mutiny on the Bounty” fame. The archipelago comprises over 300 islands and atolls, the two major ones being Viti and Vanua Leva, both of volcanic origins and with several peaks exceeding 3000 feet.

New Caledonia

A unique blend of French and Melanesian cultures

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New Caledonia is located in the South West Pacific, at approximately 1600 km off the eastern coast of Australia, just North of the Tropic of Capricorn. It constitutes the fourth largest archipelago in the South Pacific and counts a population of about 250 000 people.

New Zealand

Explore the coastal regions and it’s beauties

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A thousand miles from the east of Australia, New Zealand comprises two main islands, North Island and Surf Island, separated by the Cook Strait.


World class Surf rolls in, your only companions will be the palm trees

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The remoteness and quality of the waves will spark your surfing soul

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Stunning barrels, can you dominate Tehaupoo? 

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In the enchanted archipelago of the French Polynesia, a piece of France in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Tahiti plays host to the capital, Papeete, and argubly the biggest and most powerfull left in the world, Teahupoo, venue of the Billabong Pro, an annual stop of WTC World Tour.


True South Pacific vibe promotes an unhurried approach to life

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Surfing in Vanuatu is still in its infancy, be ready for empty lineups

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