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Somo Teens Surf Camp - Santander, Cantabria. Spain


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With more than 35 years of experience in teaching surfing to generations of kids and teens coming from all over the Europe, the Somo teens Surfcamp (10-17 years old) held by the first surf school of Spain and surely among the bests in Europe..! Runs proved and trustworthy surf summer camps for teenagers during the whole month July and more !


Located only few minutes from the easy and safe beach breaks in front of Santander bay, we propose you an appealing and stimulating vacation for your sons, entirely dedicated to the surf, skate and fun with full board accommodation, transport from local airport,  tutoring 24h/day and the employment of the best and ultimate skateboarding and surfing materials.


The camp is organized to motivate and inspire the pupils to gain its best from the surf courses, skate sessions, and parallel activities always under the supervision of the staff and tutors (speaking Spanish and English too!).


The surf camp will culminate with a barbecue and a night music party after a surfing competition full of prizes and surprises.


The guys will be sleeping at the surfcamp up on the hill of Lorredo, overlooking the beautiful surfing beach of Somo hearing only the noise of the waves ! Under the complete supervision of the staff 24h/day with an area entirely dedicated to them. Every single tent can comfortably accommodate up to 3 kids and is featured with sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, pillow and mosquito nets. Male separated from females.


Apart from the surf course and related activities we propose a wealth of entertainment with beach games, grafiti, skateboarding and more…


Somo Teens Surf Camp Program

For the applicants to the 2 weeks program, the schedule will be modified. * Intensive program (surf course 4 hours/day)  

  • Day 1 – Arrival at the surfcamp and welcoming with introductions, explanation of activities and dinner.
  • Day 2 – Breakfast – 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning – lunch – free surf under supervision(or 2 hr lessons*) – activities – dinner and surf movie projection.
  • Day 3 – Breakfast – 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning – lunch – introduction at stand up paddle board / Excursion, yoga and stretching  – dinner.
  • Day 4 – Breakfast – 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning – lunch – free surf under supervision  (or 2 hr lessons*) – activities – dinner – videos and surf history.
  • Day 5 – Breakfast – 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning – lunch – surfboards workshop, shaping and materials and visit to local surf shop – theory lesson about meteorology and ocean – activities – dinner.
  • Day 6 – Breakfast – 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning – lunch –  free surf under supervision  (or 2 hr lessons*) – beach games – activities – Excursion or Yoga etc – dinner.
  • Day 7 – Breakfast – 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning – lunch –  free surf under supervision (or 2 hr lessons*) – barbecue – surf party – raffle – surf video projection/live music.
  • Day 8 – Breakfast – 2 hours of surf lessons in the morning – surf competition – lunch – DVD delivery with photos/video DVD of the camp and certificate – departure.



Full board service included in every package. With daily breakfast at the camp every morning before preparing the backpacks for the beach and materials for lessons (everything is provided). Packed lunch at the beach and dinner at the camp. The last night the barbecue and party are included!  Please inform us about any allergy or special need.  


Objective? Having Fun!

Our goal is to help the surfers with progress, wave knowledge, respect of the ocean, safeness always respecting the other surfers to have the maximum fun ! Every courses include the employment of the ultimate surf technology materials with softy surfboards perfect for beginners and intermediate :


• more stability

• better floatation

• take – off more easy

• less risks of injuries


They will stand up on the board after a weekly course with no difficulties and stress which will be automatically translated in more fun! After the morning session with theory and practice, the afternoon will be dedicated at the second lesson of the day (highly recommended to beginners and intermediate looking for fast improvement) or for more experienced ones, will be the occasion to carry out and tests themselves.


Our surf instructors will be taking care of them during the surf lessons and free surf, meanwhile, a photographer will be often taking some nice shot to make a video/photo collage. Many professionals have participated in the success of this school, which is why we are known for our professionalism and experience in the water.


Surf Spots

Somo itself is a reputed surf spot with excellent beach breaks ideal for beginners. Somo is also ideally located to discover the nearby breaks of Langre and Galizano, a few kilometers east of the seaside resort. Santander is centrally located to discover the splendid, although underrated surf spots of Cantabria. West of Santander are the spots of Liencres, Suances, Oyambre, and Meron. East of the city are the spots of Laredo, Santona and El Brusco, Cantabria’s most famous break. Most of these breaks are beach breaks and enjoy excellent swell conditions year round thanks to the deep northern Atlantic depressions traveling down the Bay of Biscay.


Surf Lessons

The staff will bring the guys to the beach school facility where they can dispose of a room with lockers, hot shower, hair drier and materials storage. We will provide the ultimate surf technology materials: leash, surfboard, and wetsuit for the whole camp.


Surf Course

The first day, of course, they will be split into different groups according to their skills and surfing ability before joining:


• SURF SCHOOL PROGRAM (surf lessons 2 hours/day) and free surfing under supervision the afternoon • INTENSIVE PROGRAM  (surf lessons 4 hours/day)


Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Age :  10 – 17

Duration: 2 hours per class

Classes: 10/12 students maximum per instructor

Instructor: English and Spanish speakers, in possess of surf coaching and lifeguarding certification.

Surf lessons include transport to the beach (go&return), surfboard, wetsuit, leash, wax, insurance.


Other Activities

  • WARM UP AND STRETCHING: In order to prevent injuries and introduce your sons to the regular sports activity we always do some warm up at the beach with stretching exercises to the muscles and articulation more stressed during surfing (shoulder, knees, abs,etc.).
  • PILATES AND YOGA: Empower our balance with abs and targeted exercises to help improve your surfing. Relax breathing method with yoga and stretching exercises to strength the muscle after the activity.
  • STAND UP PADDLE BOARD: Our SUP instructor will take a lesson about this hawaiian surfing discipline with beginner lesson and exciting excursion floating on calm water.
  • BEACH GAMES AND CAMP ACTIVITIES: After every afternoon surf session or surf lessons we keep on playing at the beach. Beach soccer, volleyball, rackets and many more.
  • SKATEBOARDING AND CARVER© SKATE: We will experiment modern longboard skate projected to improve the carving technique of a surfboard on land. Close to the beach we have at fully disposal a recently renewed skatepark where we old summer competitions and free style exhibitions.
  • SHAPING & SURFBOARD: Our main surf instructor will explain the shaping process and the different type of surfboards. Measures, volume, design and famous shaper and evolution of materials in order to be aware about it and select the right equipment.
  • VIDEO PROJECTION, METEOROLOGY CLASS & NATURE: Often the night after dinner we will project videos of surfing to examine in the depth the theory learned during the day with practical example of perfect surf technique.  During the day we organise some meteorology lesson in order to become aware about wind, weather and wave conditions for surfing, collecting and understanding the useful informations (forecast, safety, currents, pollution, etc.)
  • GRAFFITI When surfing became art and expression of yourselves through the color and walls.
  • SURF PARTY: The last night of every single surfcamp we run a barbecue party at the surf house  surfing video projection, raffle with many prizes.. and music !!!
  • SURF CHAMPIONSHIP: After the morning lessons and before lunch we will run the surfing competitions : hits, judges and your diploma delivered at the end from your surf instructors.
  • DVD PHOTO/VIDEO: With the best shot of the week for an unforgettable surfing holiday in Spain!



Town hall of Ribamontán al Mar, is a popular seaside resort with a miles long sandy beach ideally situated on a small sandy peninsula closing the bay of Santander. Easy to reach with bus or shuttle bus directly from the downtown of the city, won’t take you longer than 30 minutes to get there by car and choose one of the numerous beaches which flank the bay. 

Getting Here

We can offer you private transfer from/to the International Airport of Santander. Please confirm us the time of arrival and departure for your sons flights schedule with 48 hours of prior notice.


Somo Teens Surf Camp

Live an unforgettable experience this summer, in the summer camps of Somo Teens Surf Camp, with the No. 1surf school in Spain. Learn to surf or improve your surfing with professionals.


PLACE: Somo Beach – Cantabria – Spain

AGES: Directed to minors of 10-17 years

2 Surf Camps options: NORMAL (2hrs daily) vs. INTENSIVE (4 hours a day)


Normal Camp – 2 hours daily surf lessons

PRICE PER PERSON Date 1 Week 2 Weeks
Camp 1 30.06 – 07.07 680 €  1.200 €
Camp 2 07.07 – 14.07 680 € 1.200 €
Camp 3 14.07 – 21.07 680 € 1.200 €
Camp 4 21.07 – 28.07 680 €

Intensive Camp 4 hours daily surf lessons

 PRICE PER PERSON Date 1 Week 2 Weeks
Camp 1 30.06 – 07.07 860 € 1.500 € 
Camp 2 07.07 – 14.07 860 € 1.500 €
Camp 3 14.07 – 21.07 860 € 1.500 €
Camp 4 21.07 – 28.07 860 €


  • Accommodation SURF CAMP in full board (PC).
  • NORMAL Surf Course (2hrs of daily classes with TODO) vs. INTENSIVE (4hrs of daily surf lessons with EVERYTHING ).
  • Availability of material during the whole stay (supervised by monitors).
  • Monitors 24hrs with complementary activities during the day.
  • Multi-activities in the afternoon. Activities and excursions in the open air.
  • Yoga & Stretching classes.
  • Graffiti classes.
  • Bboying and Break Dance classes.
  • Skate, longskate and carver classes.
  • Introduction to Paddle Surf – Ping-Pong, table football, billiards, indo-board, championships, board games, swimming pool
  • Video & photography. Night video projections.
  • Visit surf shop and workshop tables. Explanation on different types of surfboards.
  • Talk about meteorology, history of surfing and formation of waves, so that you can surf safely anywhere in the world.
  • Fiesta surfera and barbeque farewell. Live music.
  • QUIKSILVER & ROXY gifts, drawings … and many more surprises.
  • Championship. Diplomas. CD with photos and video.


Girls Only Surf Camp

DATE: 30.06 to 07.07

PRICE: 850 EUR per 



Accommodation SURF CAMP in full board (PC)

INTENSIVE surfing course with ALL (4 hours of daily surf lessons)

Availability of surfing equipment during the whole stay

Monitors 24 hours with complementary activities during the day

Multi-activities in the afternoon: Activities and excursions in the open air

Yoga & Stretching classes

Skate, longskate and carver classes

Graffiti classes

Bboying and break dance classes

Initiation to Stand Up Paddle Surf

Ping-Pong, table football, billiards, indo-board, championships, board games, swimming pool

Video & photography. Night video projections

Visit surf shop and surfboard workshop. Explanation on different types of tables

Talk about meteorology, history of surfing and formation of waves, so that you can surf safely anywhere in the world

Fiesta Roxy surfer and barbecue farewell. Live music

ROXY gifts, sweepstakes … and many more surprises

Championship. Diplomas.



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