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Surf Summer Camp in France - HOSSEGOR , Seignosse. France


Surf summer Camp in France for Teens- Nomad Surf Camps - Hossegor Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.



Surf summer camp in France for Teenagers


Are you a beginner or teenage surfer looking for the ultimate surf adventure in Europe? Look no further, Nomad Surf Camps is here to make your surfing dreams come true. With our new location in Hossegor, France, we are offering a one-of-a-kind surf camp experience for teens like never before.


At Nomad Surf Camps, we believe that surfing is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. Our surf camps are designed to help you improve your skills and knowledge of surfing, all while having a blast and making new friends from around the world. We have experienced instructors who will guide you through the basics of surfing, provide training and coaching, and give you the best surf experience of your life.


Our surf summer camp in France for teens is 400 metres to Les Estagnots beach, Seignosse/ Hossegor. Endless beach of white sand and perfect beach breaks. Most importantly warm water. Ages 13 to 17. Teenagers from USA, Poland, Norway, Italy, UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Spain, and other countries. Learn French and English, Surf, and live unforgettable moments this summer, making new friends from other parts of the world. Good food and great accommodation. Optional French language lessons with Qualified teachers from best language school in Hossegor. We pick up from Biarritz and Bordeaux airport.


Nomad has been organising summer camps for teenagers in Europe since 1995.


So what are you waiting for? Come join us at Nomad Surf Camps in Hossegor, France, for the ultimate teen surf camp experience. Book your spot today and get ready to catch some waves, make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Nomad Surf camps for kids in France



 Accommodation at our Surf Camp for Kids in France


At Nomad Surf Camps, we understand that safety is a top priority, which is why we have highly trained and experienced instructors who are always on hand to make sure that our campers are safe while having fun. Our facilities are also fully equipped with the latest surf equipment and technology, ensuring that our campers have the best possible experience.


Our surf camp from kids is only 400 metres from the beach of Des Estagnots, and this is where the surf lessons take place. The teenagers are supervised by our staff.

Every package includes meals, twin shared accommodation, and daily surf lessons of course.


The Surf camp’s facilities include the dining area,  a swimming pool and our meeting room room with free wifi and tv projector. 


The Bungalows

Our accommodation consist of cozy bungalows with 3 rooms for 2 people each. Each bungalow has a kitchen, small living room and bathroom. We allocate everyone as to try to match kids of same sex and similar age in same room according to the bookings that week. All our camps are mixed although the bedrooms distribution is by gender and age (13-17 years old).

Linen and bathroom towels included.


Pocket money

We encourage the parents to provide a Debit card in case of emergency and 150 eur per week pocket money for vending machines, supermarket, lunch and dinner on excursion day, ice-creams, souvenirs, drinks or extra activities not included like paintball, etc. They will also need money for the first day as they will only have dinner included and last day when they only have breakfast included.



No one will be left hungry!!

At our Surf Camp for teens in Hossegor, the strong breakfast consists of fruits, orange juice, croissants, toasts, whole grain bread, jams, honey, milk, coffee, chocolate milk, ham, cheese, muesli, and corn flakes.

Lunches: Starter, main course, dessert, water, and juice. After surf snack in between the second surf session and afternoon activities consist of sandwiches, fruit, and juice.

Dinners are varied and include all the necessary nutrition for teenagers this age. A starter or soup, main course, and dessert. Juices and water also included. We cater to Celiacs or Vegetarian teens as well. 


For Parents



Nomad Surfers organised our first kids summer camp in Europe in 1995. At our surf summer camp in France the boys and girls will be controlled during the surf lessons and extra activities by our monitors, unless they have the Green pass.


GREEEN PASS – Unaccompanied Free Time 

Freedom to walk out of the surf camp on their own free time unaccompanied is also allowed only with parents authorisation. Rules apply. Please contact us for more information.



Fun activities and lots of surfing at our surf summer camp in Hossegor


Not only will you learn how to surf, but you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the stunning coastlines of Europe and enjoy the local culture. Our campers have the chance to participate in various activities such as beach volleyball, yoga, and exploring the local markets and towns.


The camps run for 7 days, although most campers stay 2 or 3 weeks.  The day of arrival there is surfing in the evening, The Surf Center is 5 minute walk from the accommodation. 


Surfing in Hossegor

Hossegor is considered to have the best surf spots in Europe. From Biarritz to Le Penon is a stretch of coast with numerous surf spots with really good beach breaks. WSL has been hosting one of their events for decades. Hossegor area has a huge number of surfers and surfing culture. You will see many surfers riding their bikes with their surf board racks going surfing. But the best thing is that in July the water is warm and you don’t need to wear a wetsuit. So come and join our France Surf summer camp in Hossegor and experience a week with lots of surfing!


Surf Lessons in Seignosse

Our surf lessons are for all levels from total beginners. Every day there is surf, and the classes are 1.5 hours long. The other activities are focused to enhance your qualities for sport, improve your fitness and above all to have fun and live this Teens Surf Camp in France, the best experience of your life!!


French Language Lessons

Our French language courses are optional. We offer qualified teachers from the best Language school in Hossegor. All levels from total beginners to advanced. The classes are 1 hour long. The teenagers taking the Intensive French language lessons will have two classes per day. The objective is that children learn at least a handful of few important phrases of words per day. We are leaving the classroom to experience authentic real life situations. Each student will get a Language School Hossegor Diploma for the period of their study and proof of French level.

All material included.


English Language Lessons

We also offer English language lessons. Same conditions as the French language courses.


Surf Lessons for all Levels

First Time surfing or only surf a few times a year


✔ Evaluation of each person to know in which level he or she has and which points to work on.

✔ Introduction to waves without surfboards

✔ Introduction with the surfboard always laying down.

✔ Practice balance and Timing

✔ Paddling

✔ Exercises to get up on the board in and out of the water. 

✔ Stand Up and Balance position.

✔ Exercises of weight change from front leg to back leg

✔ Sitting on the board

✔ Walking on the board

✔ Learn to turn left and learn to turn right.


I can paddle on my own and stand up


✔ Evaluation of each person to know in which level he or she has and which points to work on.

✔ Turning direction while sitting

✔ Explosive paddling

✔ Paddle to the outside

✔ Techniques to pass the waves while paddling out (Eskimo roll, etc)

✔ Catching green waves with the help of the coach pushing

✔ Timing and reading of waves to know in which direction to paddle and when to get up

✔ Surf green waves going left, surf green waves going right. 

✔ Theory (Priority rules, Safety procedures, currents, and tides)

✔ Video analysis.

✔ Exercises on Streetboardz. Skateboards with front trucks that move laterally and specially designed to train rail to rail surfing.

Elite Surf Trainning

I bring my own surf short board and want to get better

Every year the surf level of the kids that come to the Nomad Surf Camps is increasing and we are getting more and more kids from all over the world which are no longer beginners. These are kids who have their own boards, who can paddle out on their own, who can duck dive and start to do some good turns. If you are one of these, and wish to start Shredding for real, then the best thing you can do is get onboard with the Elite Trainning under the instruction of coach Thibaut. Thibaut is one of the best surf coaches in France.


At our France kids surf camp we offer Elite Trainning for young Surf Competitors. Things you will train during the week will be strategy, heat simulations, core exercises, Sport psychology, Priorities in a heat, work on your weakness, exercises for Aerials and explosiveness amongst others.


You will be recorded 5 sessions per week during your free surf sessions. Then Thibaut will analyse your waves and show them to you on his iPad. Together you will work on exercises in and out of the water to improve those bad habits and take your surfing to the next level.


Other Fun Stuff

Here is the list of other possible activities. It does not mean you will do all of them. And some will be optional and extra cost that will be paid upon arrival.


 Surf shop outlets.

 Stand Up Paddle

 VTT Mountain Bike Rides

Skate parks 

 Water park

Functional Training for surfing: Additional physical exercises to improve your Stamina, Balance, coordination, Timing, Physical condition and obviously your surfing.

 Stretching: Specific and fundamental Stretching exercises to help you perform radical surfing maneuvers and basic and avoid injuries.

 Surf Skate: We will train you to carve rail to rail on our surf-skateboards which are skateboards with a front truck that moves sideways to simulate the turns of a surfboard or snowboard. We have a surf skate ramp at the surf camp.

Green space for various games: There is a huge beautiful green space

Beach Volleyball

Soccer on the beach



Movie nights

 Creperie, Acai Bowls, Kebabs, etc only walking distance

Parties: Not everything will be training…! We do barbecues, DJ, and nightly jam sessions. Bring your instruments.

Excursion Day

Once a week we do an excursion by bicycle as a group. We will take lunch which will be prepared at the surf camp. The bicycle rental is not included. Kids will need to bring pocket Money for this approx 23 euros 1 day rental for standard bike

Bicycle Rental

We do recommend that each camper rents a bike for the week. It is very pleasant to ride around Hossegor and there is bike path that goes all along Hossegor to Seignosse and Le Penon. But the bikes are usually booked out in July so we recommend that you book it through us and the bike will be waiting for you when you arrive. You can bike and normal bicycle, an electric bike, or even an electric fat bike which is what most local surfers ride in Les Landes. The Fatbikes ae electric bikes but with fat tyres so you can go on the beach 🙂

A Typical day at our France Teens Surf Camp


9am Breakfast
10am to 5pm Beach Time ( Surf lessons, lunch, extra activities)
5pm to 8pm Walk back to the camp, shower, free time or French class
8pm Dinner
9pm to 11pm Evening Activities
12pm Quiet Time

Evening Activities

DAY 1 – Welcome meeting and Video

DAY 2 – Video Correction & Pop Corn Night

DAY 3 – Bike excursion to downtown Hossegor

DAY 4 – Pizza night

DAY 5 – Surprise

DAY 6 – Skate/bike night

DAY 7 – Farewell Party 



*Schedule subject to change according to teens’ interests and weather conditions.




Where exactly is our surf camp for kids in France?


Our new location in Hossegor, France, is a surfers paradise. This world-renowned surf spot is known for its long and powerful waves, making it the perfect place for teen surfers to hone their skills. With our new camp location in Hossegor, you’ll have access to some of the best surf spots in Europe and the chance to surf with other teens from around the world.


The Junior Surf camp is held 400 metres from Plage des Estagnots, Seignosse-Hossegor. This is home to one of the most prestigious surf contests of the world, the Quicksilver Pro where you can see the best surfers of the world.

Getting Here

To get to our France kids surf camp you can fly to Biarritz or Bordeaux airports. 


The closest Airport is Biarritz 25 km

The second closest airport is Bordeaux which is like a 1.5 hour drive.

If you drive from Spain we are only 30 minutes form the border.



Kids Surf Camp 1 1 – 8 July 7 Nights
Kids Surf Camp 2 8 – 15 July 7 Nights
Kids Surf Camp 2 15 – 22 July 7 Nights
Kids Surf Camp 4 22 – 29 July 7 Nights


1 week

1095 EUR

2 weeks

2145 EUR

3 weeks

3185 EUR

4 weeks 

4180 EUR

*The average stay is 2 weeks

Book early !!! Limited availability !!!


Packages include

✔ 7 nights accommodation 400 metres to the beach

✔ Rooms of 2 people

✔ Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack, Dinner. 

✔ 5 days surf lessons 

✔ One on one Video Correction

✔ Free Surf available for intermediate and advanced surfers

✔ All surf equipment included

✔ Strength and conditions and functional Trainning specialised for surfing.

✔ Surf Skate lesson

✔ VTT mountain bike ride

✔ Stand Up paddle

✔ Excursion (bicycle rental not included)

✔ Other activities such as ball games, pool party, beach party,  movie night, video correction night, sunset walks, Skate night, pizza night, etc

✔ Goody Bag


Compulsory Travel Insurance

It is compulsory to have travel insurance to attend the surf camp.

You may use any travel insurance you want. You will be asked to send us copy of the insurance orelse you will not be accepted. Here is a few insurances:

World Nomads

Safety Wing



French Language Classes

1 hour per day 5 days of French Language classes 270 EUR.

Intensive 2 hours per day 5 days of French Language classes 470 EUR.



English Language Classes

1 hour per day 5 days of English Language classes 270 EUR.

Intensive 2 hours per day 5 days of English Language classes 470 EUR.



Elite Surf Trainning 

150 EUR per week

For experienced surfers



✔ Special Diet restriction: 70 EUR per person per camp

Biarritz Airport Transfers: Transfers from/to Biarritz Airport, Bus or Train station: 100 EUR per person per way

Bordeaux Airport Transfers: Transfers from/to Bordeaux Airport, Bus or Train station: 150 EUR per person per way. For Bordeaux the meeting point is in Parking lot. Also on check out day there is no staff to accompany do the check in.

✔ Bicycle rental 70 EUR per week



Check-in Time

Our Surf camp for children in France starts in the afternoon. Check-in after 4 PM  


Check-out Time

On check out day, the departures in the mornings after breakfast, although we can drop off at a later time if necessary.


Important Information

Arrival day includes dinner only, in case of earlier arrival, please bring extra pocket money for meals.

Departure day includes breakfast only, in case of late departure, please bring extra pocket money for meals.


Compulsory Travel Insurance

It is compulsory to have travel insurance to attend the kids surf camp France.

You may use World Nomads travel insurance or any other insurance company that you wish.



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