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Surf Camp for Kids in Spain - Nomad Surf Camp - GALICIA (Teens), La Coruna. Surf Camps in Spain


Nomad Surf Camp - Galicia - Teens - Learn Spanish and Surf Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

Nomad Surf Camp – Galicia

Surf camp for kids in Spain with optional Spanish Course 


Nomad Surf Camps organises the most Multi-national Surf Camps for Teenagers in Spain. We offer optional Spanish language course. We also offer optional Horse riding. The Nomad Surf Camp (Galicia) is located in the famous surf spot of Valdovino Beach.


Our surf camp for children is literally a few steps away from the beach and only 1 hour away from two famous airports. Santiago de Compostela and La Coruna International airports, both have very good connections and cheap flights from all over Europe due to the millions of people that come each year to pilgrimage “Camino de Santiago”.


A privileged location for a Teens camp located in the protected natural park,  A Frouxeira lagoon and the Valdoviño dune system have been declared a Special Protection Area (SPA) and a wetland of international importance since 1993. A rich natural space, with exceptional flora that annually receives more than 15,000 birds, making it a mandatory stop for ornithology lovers.


It’s an idyllic place for the practice and especially learning to Surf during the summer. Our summer camp has been hosting teens with ages of 12-17 years old from Russia, Italy, UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Canada, Spain, and other countries over the years. Most kids stay for 2 weeks.


All activities are done in English, but staff also help in Spanish and French when needed.


Another Nomad Surf Camp for Teenagers  in Spain with language courses! You will never forget this experience!


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Our Beachfront Surf Camp for kids in Spain

Nomad Surf Camp (Galicia) is located in a very small and glamorous camping right at the beach. Inside this camping, we have a private area, the most elevated with views to the ocean ,  fenced off and reserved only for members of the Nomad Surf Camp.


10 People Bungalows

The kids sleep in large Bungalow Dorms of 10 people each. Our new Bungalows bought in 2022. All our camps are mixed although the bedrooms distribution is by gender and age (12-17 years old). 

New beds 2022: New Sheets, new pillows, and new mattresses.

The beds are actually Capsule Bunk beds with total privacy, curtains, reading light, and electrical plugs for charging their phones




Meeting and Video room

Restaurant with direct views to the surf 🙂

Chill out Tent 

Separate Girl and Boys toilets

Washing machines

Basketball court

Soccer court

Lots of fun flat areas for Skateboarding




The teens are supervised by our staff 24 hours. The Surf camp entrance is closed during the night. We do offer Green or Red pass option for free time. Please read underneath.


Pocket Money

We encourage the parents to provide some pocket money for vending machine available at the accommodation, supermarket, lunch and dinner on excursion day, ice-creams, souvenirs, drinks or extra activities not included like paintball or horse-ridding, etc. They will also need money for the first day as they will only have dinner included and last day when they only have breakfast included.



Galicia is know to have one the best cuisines and natural products of Spain. The fish, the meat, the breads, everything here is amazing. At our Galicia Teens Surf Camp, the strong breakfast consists of fruits, orange juice, toasts, whole grain bread, jams, honey, milk, coffee, chocolate milk, ham, cheese, muesli, and corn flakes.

Lunches are served in the restaurant at the camp with everything the teens deserve: starter, main course, and dessert. 

Dinners are varied and include all the necessary nutrition for teenagers this age. A starter or soup, main course, and dessert. Juices and water also included. We cater to Celiacs or Vegetarian teens as well. 


For Parents


Nomad Surfers have dedicated many years to the practice and teaching of surfing as qualified instructors, and we organized our first Surf Camp for children in Europe in 1998 with great enthusiasm, specialising in minors. We know the responsibility that this entails, that is why at our summer camp in Galicia the boys and girls will be controlled at all the times, in the surf lessons, extra activities and free time by our monitors, and will be always accompanied by teachers graduates, surfing, sports and recreation with the maximum security for them.


Our teens will be supervised by monitors with experience in sports activities and outdoor games. They will be responsible for checking that the teens meet the standards of Surf Camp and make extra activities in the evenings. To you, parents who always concerned about is the safety of your children. Your children are monitored 24 hours per day by qualified instructors with a system of internal rules which must be followed.

Unaccompanied Free Time with Parental authorisation

Freedom to walk out of the surf camp on their own free time unaccompanied is also allowed only with parents authorisation. Rules apply. Please contact us for more information.



The activities at our summer surf camp

The camps run for 7 days, although most kids stay for two or three weeks. The day of arrival there is surfing in the evening. The beach is 1 minute walk from our Junior Surf Camps. All activities are done in English.


The Surf Lessons

Whether you’re a total beginner who never tried surfing, or someone who’s tried a few times, to the ones who have their own shortboards and want to elevate their surfing to the next level, we have something for you. We will coach and make you surf better. Every day there is surf, mostly 2 surf lessons per day, for how long depends on the conditions, our goal is to have at least 4 hours of surf lessons per day. The other activities are focused to enhance your qualities for sport, improve your fitness and above all to have fun and live this Junior Surf Camp in Spain, the best experience of your life!!

All material is included, we have a ratio of only 6 teens per instructor!!


Surf Lessons / Levels


✔ Evaluation of each person to know in which level he or she has and which points to work on.

✔ Introduction to waves without surfboards

✔ Introduction with the surfboard always laying down.

✔ Practice balance and Timing

✔ Paddling

✔ Exercises to get up on the board in and out of the water. 

✔ Stand Up and Balance position.

✔ Exercises of weight change from front leg to back leg

✔ Sitting on the board

✔ Walking on the board

✔ Learn to turn left and learn to turn right.



✔ Evaluation of each person to know in which level he or she has and which points to work on.

✔ Turning direction while sitting

✔ Explosive paddling

✔ Paddle to the outside

✔ Techniques to pass the waves while paddling out (Eskimo roll, etc)

✔ Catching green waves with the help of the coach pushing

✔ Timing and reading of waves to know in which direction to paddle and when to get up

✔ Surf green waves going left, surf green waves going right. 

✔ Theory (Priority rules, Safety procedures, currents, and tides)

✔ Video analysis.

✔ Exercises on Streetboardz. Skateboards with front trucks that move laterally and specially designed to train rail to rail surfing.

How are the waves?

Valdovinho beach has super fun waves for all levels form beginners to experienced surfers aswell, and is one of the best and most consistent surf spots in Spain. They do the Grom surf contest every year. If there is no waves here , there is no waves anywhere else.

We also have Pantin only 15 minute drive. Pantin surf spot is one of the most famous beaches in Spain for surfing and hosts the most important international Pantin surf contest.

Orchard Workshop

We believe teaching these young humans how to grow their own food is a pretty cool experience they will take home for the rest of their lives.The activities in this workshop vary depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Mainly we work in the greenhouse planting seeds of horticultural products to later transplant to the orchard.

Farm animal Workshop

These workshops teach how to identify the different animals, their reproductive cycle, what is the proper diet, how and when they are fed, and what are the care and hygiene standards that each of them requires. From those that cannot be missed in a traditional farm; cow, goat, sheep, rabbits, donkeys, pigs, even the most exotic ones such as camels and llamas.

Making bread Workshop

In this workshop we learn how bread is made, the ingredients used, its origin, the kneading and baking techniques, etc. The girls and boys will knead their own bun that they will take with them at the end of the excursion.

Other things to do

Here is a lit of some of the activities that we may do, but not all. There is certain activities included in the package but you have the option to do attend other extra activities. Each will have an extra cost that will be paid upon arrival. 


Functional Training for surfing: Additional physical exercises to improve your Stamina, Balance, coordination, Timing, Physical condition and obviously your surfing.

 Stretching: Specific and fundamental Stretching exercises to help you perform radical surfing maneuvers and basic and avoid injuries.

 Carver Surf Skateboards: We will train you to carve rail to rail on our carver skateboards which are longboard skateboards with a front truck that moves sideways to simulate the turns of a surfboard or snowboard. There is a skate circuit walking distance.

Green space for various games: There is a huge beautiful green space to play at the actual surf camp.

Beach Volleyball


Soccer on the beach and on soccer hard surface



Movie nights

Visit Surfboard factory: We will visit a local surf factory. (Extra)

Parties: Not everything will be training…! We do barbecues, DJ, and nightly jam sessions. Bring your instruments.

Speedboat tours (Extra)

Kayak: Kayak riding in the ocean or lake. (Extra)

Horseback riding (Extra)

Bicycle Rides (Extra)

Sailboat excursion (Extra)

 Visit to Roman walls Lugo (Extra)

 Visto to Cathedral Santiago de Compostela

 Visit to highest Cliff in Europe 614 m (Garita de Herveria) (Extra)

A Typical day at Teens Surf Camp Galicia


9am Breakfast
10am to 5pm Beach Time ( 2 Surf lessons, lunch, extra activities)
5pm to 8pm Walk back to the camp, shower, free time
8pm Dinner
9pm to 11pm Evening Activities
11pm Quiet Time

Evening Activities

DAY 1 – Welcome meeting and Video

DAY 2 – Video Correction & Pop Corn Night

DAY 3 – Excursion Santiago de Compostela

DAY 4 – Pizza night

DAY 5 – La Coruna Tour (meals, and activities not included)

DAY 6 – Skate/bike night

DAY 7 – Farewell Party 



*Schedule subject to change according to teens’ interests and weather conditions.



Learn Spanish 

We offer optional Spanish and English language courses for all levels. 5 days a week. The Spanish lessons are 1 hour per day. Relaxed, conversational Spanish classes with Native professional teacher. They will learn words and they will see and listen to these words during the week. The kids attending the language course will not miss out on any other activities.


Equestrian / Horse Riding Lessons

You can chose to do a Surf and Horse riding camp. Our horse riding is done at the best equestrian school in the area of Ferrol, created in 1994. Specialised in Jumping. The equestrian centre has over 15.000 sure metres with many different animals besides horses.

There is horse riding class for all levels from kids who have never ridden in their lives to others who ride regularly and wish to improve.

In addition, this school also offers dressage and Trainning of horses and finally attendance of competitions.

It will be all morning (or afternoon depending on the surf) , 5 days a week. There will be two groups. While some ride the others will be learning horse management, maintenance and cleaning of boxes, equipment, horse care, and feeding , etc.


  • 27×17 metre covered sand court
  • 40×30 metre sand court
  • 100×25 meter grass court
  • Stables for horses and ponies 



Where is this surf camp for children in Spain?

This surf camp for Chldren is located a few metres from the sands of AFrouxeira, a historical reference point for the beaches of the region, with more than 3,000 m of sea open to the immenseness of the Atlantic. A perfect paradise for swimming or long walks on the fine white sand, and with strong waves and constant winds, ideal for surfing.
A rich natural space, with exceptional flora that annually receives more than 15,000 birds, making it a mandatory stop for ornithology lovers.

The A Frouxeira lagoon and the Valdoviño dune system have been declared a Special Protection Area (SPA) and a wetland of international importance since 1993. They are part of the Galician submission for the NATURA NET.

They are also listed in the Catalogue of Natural Areas under general protection by the Xunta de Galicia, a haven from hunting, in addition to being part of the RAMSAR programme (Wetlands of International Importance).

Getting Here

We pick up at Santiago de Compostela and La Coruna airports.

 40 EUR per person per way (1 hour)


Pick up and drop off time

Pickups from Airport with a minivan at 13:00 and 19:00

Drop-offs. Leaving from the surf camp at 9:00 and 13:00

There is a cafeteria at the airport were the kids can wait a few hours in case of flight schedule.


Private Transfer

For kids who cannot make it to our normal pick up and drop off times from airports, you can get your own taxi, or we can book you a Private Transfer 200 EUR per way





Summer surf Camp 1 24 June – 1 Jul 7 Nights
Summer surf Camp 2 1 – 8 July 7 Nights
Summer surf Camp 3 8 – 15 July 7 Nights
Summer surf Camp 4 15 – 22 July 7 Nights
Summer surf Camp 5 22 – 29 July 7 Nights
Summer surf Camp 6 29 July – 5 August 7 Nights
Summer surf Camp 7 5 – 12 August

7 Nights

Summer surf Camp 8 12-19 August

7 Nights

Summer surf Camp 9 19-26 August

7 Nights

Book early !!! Limited availability !!!



1 week 795 EUR
2 weeks 1545 EUR
3 weeks 2250 EUR
4 weeks 2955 EUR

*The average stay is 2 weeks


Packages include

✔ 7 nights Shared accommodation 1 min walk to the beach

✔ Shared bathroom separated by gender

✔ Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. (Healthy meals to get the energy they’ll need during the surf sessions).

✔ Daily surf lessons ( Mostly 2 surf sessions of 2 hours. 4 hours per day)

✔ Free Surf available for intermediate and advanced surfers

✔ All surfing equipment included during lessons

✔ Huge selection of surfboards

✔ Stretching and warm-up Sessions

✔ Other activities such a board workshop, ball games, beach party, speedboat tour, movie night, video correction night, sunset walks, Skate night, pizza night, hamburger night.

✔ Wifi

✔ Closed-door at night, 24-hour security



Airport Transfers

Santiago de Compostela Airport  100 EUR per person per way

La Coruna Airport  150 EUR per person per way

We help kids with check in at the airport on departure day.


Spanish and English Language Course

5 day Spanish or English language lessons. 1 hour per day 250 EUR


Horse Riding

5 days (all morning) 240 EUR 



Diet restriction: 70 EUR per person per camp


Check-in Time

Our Surf camp for children in Spain starts in the afternoon. Check-in after 4 PM  


Check-out Time

On check out day, the departures in the mornings after breakfast, although we can drop off at a later time if necessary.


Important Information

Arrival day includes dinner only, in case of earlier arrival, please bring extra pocket money for meals.

Departure day includes breakfast only, in case of late departure, please bring extra pocket money for meals.



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