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North Spain Teens Surf Camp - Santoña, Cantabria. Surf Camps in Spain


North Spain Teens Surf Camp Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.

North Spain surf camp was created in 1998 and is located in Santoña, on Cantabria’s eastern coast in between Bilbao and Santander. It is one of many vacation spots in northern Spain which is noted for its beauty and tourist possibilities.  


Nomad offers this super fun  Summer Surf Camp beside Berria Beach (20 meters from the water) and overlooking one of the best beach breaks in Cantabria. With more than 2km of white sand and perfect beach breaks; it’s an idyllic place for the practice and learning of surfing.  


  • 80 to 100 Kids per week !!
  • If you wish to learn Spanish this is your surf camp.
  • A designated person waiting at Bilbao or Santander International airport
  • 24 Hours supervision
  • We have over 2.200 m2 of facilities for surfing in summer school. 
  • All the instructors are certified with extensive experience working in the Surfschool.
  • Accommodation in quadruple rooms.


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North Spain Teens Camp advanced surf lesson
North Spain Teens Camp after surf session
North Spain Teens Camp 5 beds shared room
North Spain Teens Camp between surf sessions
North Spain Teens Camp happiness
North Spain Teens Camp shared room with skate ramp view
North Spain Teens Camp happiness in the outside
North Spain Teens Camp hang loose vibes
North Spain Teens Camp Surf's up
North Spain Teens Camp night activities


North Spain Surf Camp- Nomad Summer Surf Camps

Only 20 meters from the best break of the beach, the peak. Most of the rooms have spectacular sea views and terrace to check out the waves upon waking.  At night you will go to sleep listening to the waves.



  • TV
  • Private bathroom
  • Wi-Fi



  • Halls: served breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Terrace: you can have a delicious burger or spend the afternoon.
  • First floor: we have the video projection room and when the weather is nice outdoor screenings.
  • All our Camps are mixed.
  • The bedroom distribution is by sex and age.


For Parents

We know the responsibility that this entails, that is why the boys/girls will be controlled at all the times both in the surf lessons and activities extras we developed for their free time, and also at all times by our monitors, and will be always accompanied by teachers graduates, surfing, sports, and fun but with the maximum security for them.


Our students will sleep with a monitor / or with experience in sports activities and outdoor games. They will be responsible for checking that the young meet the standards of surf camps and make extra activities in the afternoon.


To you, parents who always concerned about is the safety of their children. Your children are monitored 24 hours a day by qualified instructors in sports entertainment with a system of internal rules which must be met.


COVID-19 Measures and Recommendations

Due to Covid-19 situation in the world, we are aware of the evolution of COVID-19 and the recommendations of the official health entities, in order to constantly update hygiene and safety procedures in all areas of the surfcamp.

The measures implemented will be strictly followed by the Surf Camp staff, who will receive frequent training, and other measures will be requested from our guests, ensuring that their stay on our beautiful land run as safely as possible, mitigating any risk of infection.

– The common measures, as frequent disinfection, using the masks in the common areas, are taken. The staff is using the masks in the common areas and vehicles, as it recommended by the health entities. We recommend our guests to use the masks and disinfect / wash hand frequently, avoiding close contacts.

– Reception without contact. Payment by transfer is accepted.

– Maintaining distance from the kitchen / bar balcony.

– The quantity of the people that we accepting is limited. The maximum is 80 people for Surf Resort (our usual capacity is 160 people).

– The quantity of the people, sharing the same room, is limited. In the dorm of 8 spaces we will accommodate 4 persons (5 persons maximum). In the dorm of 6 spaces we will accommodate 3 persons (4 persons maximum).

– The groups for surf lessons are limited, less people per surf coach.

– The surf equipment stays assigned to a person during the whole stay. We disinfect the surf boards and wetsuits accordingly.

North Spain Teens Camp House
North Spain Teens Camp house
North Spain Teens Camp dining table
North Spain Teens Camp shared room
North Spain Teens Camp 4 beds shared room
North Spain Teens Camp shared bathroom


North Spain Surf Camp – Nomad Summer Surf Camps


Surf Activities

  • 4 hours per day ( 2h in the morning + 2h in the afternoon)
  • Surf lessons for all levels: it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an improver, we’ll help you meet your goals.
  • We teach our students how to surf and everything about the surfing world
  • You will build up your knowledge and independence so you can later surf with confidence on your own.
  • Safety aspects and rules, your safety is the priority!
  • For the advanced surfers who are looking to improve their surfing skills, we adjust the coaching sessions to your level; practicing turns, commentating on the different maneuvers and rectifying mistakes; refining your technique at the same time.
  • We separate groups by age and ability, ensuring that you’ll surf with people of a similar level. Always under the continuous supervision and advice of the most experienced instructors.



North Spain Surf camp’s Instructors have a lot of experience with minors and Surfing, they are all licensed by F.E.S. (Federación Española de Surf) and have traveled all over the world to transmit all possible knowledge about Surfing. They know the beach very well and have at least a decade of experience in surfing. Our instructors are fully qualified and experts in lifesaving.


We guarantee personalized instruction with no more than 6 students per instructor and we have over 150 surfboards of all sizes, which gives you the ability to keep trying different models and sizes of surfboards, so that when you go to buy your board know which one best suits your surfing. It is the advantage of having tried several and knows how you feel in it: Epoxy boards, bodyboards, and all sizes fins, SUP material, soft boards and the best in O’Neill wetsuits (summer-spring-winter).


English and Spanish Language Courses

For children between 10-18 years old who wish to learn or improve their English during the stay, offered by a certified English teacher that works all year long in Private School in London. The courses are having a lot of acceptance and very good results because the children learn in a relaxed environment and our programming focuses more on different areas non covered during the school.  Two hours daily of theory class. 

IMPORTANT: This camp no longer offers Language lessons. If you are looking for a surf camp in Spain with Spanish or English Language lessons please contact us


Other Activities

The other activities are focused to enhance your qualities for sport, improve your fitness and above all have fun and live in this surf camp the best experience of your life!!!


check it out

  •  VISIT WORKSHOP FULL & CAS SURFBOARD FACTORY Learn how to shape a surfboard of the hand of one of the greatest shapers and super nice person, Hugo Lopez
  • SURF VIDEOS We have one of the best surf video libraries!  Watch music videos whenever you want during your stay.
  • LECTURES AND CONFERENCES BY PRO- SURFERS During each Surf Camp there will be a visit from a pro-surfer who will convey to you his knowledge and views on the surf. In previous years we have been visited by pros like – surfers like Rob Machado, Kepa Acero, Manu Portet… and many more
  • FUNCTIONAL TRAINING FOR SURFING We will make certain additional physical activities which improve your surfing 
  • STRETCHING  Specific and fundamental exercises to help you achieve a good surfing level and avoid injury
  • FITBALL EXERCISES ( PILATES BALL ) Enjoy the advantages offered by this discipline and increase your flexibility.
  • BALANCE EXERCISES For these exercises we have ample material Indoboard, also the free use and LONG SKATEBOARDS
  • PILATES EXERCISES Especially suitable for surfing
  • YOGA EXERCISES Body and mind are united. The practice of Yoga wakes your attention, reflection and critical concentration for the Surf
  • BEACH VOLLEYBALL Beach Volleyball team competitions
  • SOCCER ON BEACH BOWLS CHAMPIONSHIPS if you thought it was an old sport, I challenge you to a game!
  • LONG SKATE / SKATEBOARD Available Skate circuit close to the Beach
  • PING PONG Both at the surf camp as well as at the surf school we have ping- pong .. the rivalry among students, especially monitors have been epic!!
  • VISITS AND EXCURSIONS Surfing is a natural lifestyle.
  • WALKS IN THE NATURAL RESERVE  + ENVIRONMENTAL TALKS Enjoy unique landscapes with incredible biodiversity.
  • VISITS WITH FOREST PARK IN SANTANDER TIROLINAS for extra price. The fun is guaranteed!
  • PARTY Not everything will be training…! We do barbecues on the beach, DJ and nightly jam sessions. Sure you won’t miss any!



  • At our summer surf camp, we teach our students how to surf and everything about the surfing world, this way we build up your knowledge and independence so you can later surf with confidence on your own.
  • During the classes, we give you the information needed to understand the culture, history, philosophy, and rules of surfing, so our students can go surfing at any beach knowing how to respect other surfers.
  • We teach meteorology classes as well as the most common different behaviors of the sea (currents, wave formation, different types of surf, wind, etc), and to love and respect the surrounding environment and nature.



North Spain Teens Camp surf session
North Spain Teens Camp water splash fun
North Spain Teens Camp Bonfire
North Spain Teens Camp warm up



Our surf camp is right beside Berria beach (20 meters from the sand) and overlooks one of the best point breaks, with more than 2km of white sand and perfect beach breaks; it’s an idyllic place for the practice and learning of surfing. Our beach is the backdrop for many surfing competitions, due to its long and easy waves that allow you to perform all kinds of maneuvers.


It receives waves all year round and is considered a swell-magnet beach. It’s one of the most consistent beaches in Spain as a result of its orientation to the open sea. If there’re no waves here you are unlikely to find them anywhere else on the Spanish north coast.


Santona is just 5 min drive with all conveniences such as supermarkets, petrol stations, banks, restaurants, and bars.


  • Bilbao Airport is 1 hour far by car
  • Santander is 30 min drive
  • San Sebastion 2 hrs drive
  • Biarritz 2h30 drive

Getting Here

We offer transfers from Bilbao airport or station as well as  Santander Airport for an extra cost.



•    Underwear for 7 days

•    Socks for closed shoes

•    Shirts and pants of summer

•    Long pants and sweater

•    a raincoat

•    Sports Shoes Skate classes

•   Flipflops / Sandals

•    Swimsuit/bikini

•    Beach towel

•    Small backpack to carry things to the beach

•    pajamas

•    Toiletry kit (pasta and toothbrush, shampoo, gel, etc.)

•    Hat or visor

•    Sunscreen

•    The mobile phone is optional, the idea is to disconnect from the electronics.

•    Pocket money is optional (all diets are included but can bring something loose to buy some ice cream or drink on the beach or during excursions)

North Spain Teens Camp surrounding area
North Spain Teens Camp clear water
North Spain Teens Camp beach
North Spain Teens Camp wave breaking
North Spain Teens Camp cristal water


Fixed Dates


JUNE: 6 days, 5 nights

12/06 to 17/06 for 499 EUR per person

18/06 to 23/06 for 499 EUR per person

24/06 to 29/06 for 499 EUR per person


JULY: 8 days, 7nights

30/06 to 07/07 for 795 EUR per person 

08/07 to 15/07 for 795 EUR per person 

16/07 to 23/07 for 795 EUR per person 

24/07 to 31/07 for 795 EUR per person 

15 nights 1680 EUR per person

23 nights 2665 EUR per person


AUGUST: 6 days, 5 nights

01/08 to 06/08 for 699 EUR per person

07/08 to 12/08 for 699 EUR per person

13/08 to 18/08 for 699 EUR per person

19/08 to 24/08 for 699 EUR per person

25/08 to 30/08 for 699 EUR per person


SEPTEMBER: 6 days, 5 nights

01/09 to 06/09 for 430 EUR per person

07/09 to 12/09 for 430 EUR per person

13/09 to 18/09 for 430 EUR per person

19/09 to 24/09 for 430 EUR per person

25/09 to 30/09 for 430 EUR per person


You can attend more than 1 camp.

Extra night = 90€




✔ Daily Surf course ( 2 lessons of 2 hours per day)

✔ Accommodation in full board (Breakfast, lunch and dinner)

✔ Parallel activities: Yoga, Volleyball, Skate, long-skate routine, video analysis of the morning session, workshop meteorology, ping-pong, video projection Surf, … environmental walks through the nature reserve Santoña beach games with monitors time, or more movement activities. students will not have time to get bored.

✔ The material during the surf lessons (Wetsuit and Surfboard)

✔ Television/ wifi

✔ Insurance

✔ Stretching and warm-up Sessions

✔ Plan progression and custom training

✔ Rooms are triple or quadruple separated by gender



Airport Transfers

The Surfcamp is situated 53 km from Santander and 85 km from Bilbao.


Bilbao: 35 EUR per person & way

Santander: 30 EUR per person & way



Spanish or English Language Lessons

We work with a maximum of 5 students per teacher, the courses are having a lot of acceptance and very good results because the children learn in a relaxed environment and our programming focuses more on different areas non covered during the school.  Two hours daily of theory class.


7 lessons of 2 hours: 140 EUR per person

5 lessons of 2 hours: 100 EUR per person


IMPORTANT: This camp no longer offers Language lessons. If you are looking for a surf camp in Spain with Spanish or English Language lessons please contact us



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