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Oyambre Beach Surf Camp - Ruiloba, Cantabria. Surf Camps in Spain


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Our Surf Camp offers you a dreamland place where you can rest, stay healthy, try new and exciting sports and contribute to a more sustainable way of life, all while connecting your soul to the earth, because life is all about Happiness.


We offer you the opportunity to live the real glamping experience staying in one of our exclusive fully equipped bell tents. Get lost in its comfort, and feel the positive atmosphere of this beautiful space that integrates design with nature.


Come and enjoy the splendor that this land has to offer. Get closer to nature and feel part of it. It’s time to breath fresh air in an environment full of magic, Surf, active and healthy lifestyle, comfort, and fun.


Our surf camp is located in the campsite “El Helguero”, one of the most beautiful areas of Cantabria, a privileged and strategic location that will allow you to discover the magic of Cantabria, few kilometers away from Comillas, one of the nicest towns in Spain, famous for its streets and architecture, as well as for Gaudi´s “Capricho” one of the first masterpieces of the famous Spanish architect.


Sweet dreams come from sleeping well. In Oyambre Beach Glamping Surf Camp Spain we think a good rest is an important part of having a great surf camp experience. We provide our participants with comfortable, fancy tents and high quality mattresses.


Glamping tent

Because there is no reason to sacrifice comfort and luxury if you want to enjoy the great experience of outdoor holidays in harmony and contact with nature.


Glamping is a new and growing trend from the last decade, a fusion of glamour and camping. It is a perfect concept for those who love the positive points of camping and outdoors lifestyles but forgetting all those negatives aspects and enjoying a complete comfort.


We invite you to try this new concept of camping in our double bed glamorous tents. Furnished and decorated with a cozy and pleasant taste, out of recycled materials and equipped with a very comfortable mattress.


  • Cozy and comfortable furnished tents with bedding, lighting and power. 
  • A unique and exclusive design integrated with nature.
  • Perfect for couples: a romantic and private retreat.
  • A fancy eco-friendy space.
  • Includes a nice welcome present: bottle of wine.


Shared Glamping tent

If you are traveling with a group of friends or alone and you are looking to have an amazing time, get to know new people from all over the world, and you don’t want to spend that much on a glamping tent for yourself, we offer you a more economic option. These tents has exactly the same quality as the glampìng tents but in this occasion, to make it cheaper, you will share the tent with at most two more people. Choosing this option doesn’t mean losing comfort, but sharing your experience with adventurers like you. These tents are made for eight people, so having enough room won’t be a problem.


  • Cozy and comfortable furnished tents with lighting and power.
  • Perfect choice for groups or solo travelers
  • Be part of the surf camp life and don’t miss anything.
  • Bedding included, travel lighter.


Surfing Lessons

You can be assured of safety and comfort in the water; this is down to the fact that we provide one instructor per eight students. Our instructors will be in the water helping you out, so you will be able to take advantage of the personal attention our instructors will give you. Your instructor will also be the same all week long, meaning you will be able to forge a relationship that will help get the best out of your lessons!


Our surf instructors are the reason why we stand out from all the rest. All our instructors have a surf instructor license, and most importantly surfing is their biggest passion – they love surfing, and crucially, they love teaching how to surf. This mean that they will make a big effort to make sure you appreciate the surf as much as they do, all the while being safe.


We guarantee you are going to love your surf instructor, the surfing experience, all the team and every second you will be with us. You will receive a minimum of 10 hours per week, 15 hours if you book intensive course, no more than 2 lessons of 90 minutes per day, this makes the best option if you are really interested in learning how to surf. We have the best equipment, which you can use even after the surfing lessons, all for free.


Surf Levels

Suitable for first-time surfers or those who surf a few times before and wish to get the right technique from the beginning in order to progress faster


– Comfortable with the basics of surfing
– Able to catch, balance and stand regularly and comfortably on broken waves without assistance
– Able to catch the occasional green small waves if the conditions let us do it

– Good board control and balancing skills
– Can perform front & backside turns
– Timing & take off not consistent
– Good fitness & swimming skills


Yoga Lessons

Relax and replenish your mind and body through yoga. Yoga is a commonly known generic term for its physical, mental, and spiritual discipline which origins lie in ancient India. One of the really good things about yoga applied to surf is that yoga is a perfect complement for such an all around athletic sport. You will stretch and do positions that will help your body compensate for the exertion from surfing.



Tired after an exhausting day of surfing? Try now with our new massage service and relax your body and mind. Fall in the hands of a professional massage therapist and get your muscles ready again for the next day adventures.



Because of the natural beauty and the landscapes of the surf camp and surroundings, with views to “Los Picos de Europa” mountains, huge green fields and extended beaches, surrounded by clean and fresh air, it’s the perfect environment to do outdoor activities.



This is a special day, get ready to have an amazing time visiting the beautiful village of Comillas which is surrounded by an extraordinary natural landscape and contains a majestic architectural collection. Enjoy its gastronomic culture where we will try delicious seafood and great wines in the most authentic neighbourhoods. This is an optional trip, but we highly recommend you to join this trip and discover this wonderful place. The price is 25€ per person.  



After a few days in the camp it’s time to see who has improved the most playing beach volley, join our volley tournament, good fun guaranteed!  



Improve your reflex and challenge the other campers to a match, our surf camp has its own ping-pong table. Join the surf camp tournament, or just play during your free time.  



After dinner we will show a great movie in the chill out tent. Join us and have a relaxed evening kicking back with our special movie selection.  



We try to organize as many live music concerts as possible. We love music and that’s why we support many independents artists that come to our camp in pursuit of having a great time sharing the positive vibes. 


The camp has all of the professional equipment you will need in order to take maximum advantage of your surf lessons. Furthermore, we have all the equipment necessary to enjoy to the fullest all your summer days in the surf camp. Is not just about surf, it is much more, it is about a life philosophy, about enjoying every second of your life through sport, sun, beach, relaxing, yoga, comfort, etc. And in order to achieve this we provide you with a great selection of equipment that will maximize your surf camp experience, completing your holidays in a way of quality. 





Oyambre Beach Glamping Camp is located on the north coast of Spain. A privileged location for its greenery and beautiful beaches. Come and enjoy the splendour that this land has to offer. Get closer to nature and feel part of it. It’s time to breath fresh air in an environment full of magic, SURF, active and healthy lifestyle, comfort, and fun.


There is a restaurant in the camping area, Playa de la Rabia is 15 min drive, you can also use a bike to explore the village.

Getting Here



Traveling by plane is always a good choice. Safe, fast, and if we are lucky and can find a good flight, is also an economic way to travel. Find a flight from your home city to one of the nearest airports, and you can contact us to hire our economic shuttle service where we will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the surf camp. Find your best option in: Trabber or Skyscanner.

    • SANTANDER AIRPORT (SDR):Santander airport is the nearest airport to the, approximately 40 minutes away. From there you can use our pick-up service for just 25€ per person/way.

You also can take the direct shuttle from the airport to the bus station, every 30 min there is a new shuttle connecting the airport with the city of Santander, and from there you can take the bus with destination to San Vicente de la Barquera, and get down at Ruiloba or Comillas and we will pick you up from there free of charge. You can check times and information about the buses at

    • BILBAO AIRPORT (BIO): Bilbao airport is the second option, it is located approximately 1 hour 30 min by car from the. We can pick you up from there for 40€ per person per way.


From all around Europe you can fly to the main Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao. From any of these Spanish cities, you can easily get a direct bus to Santander, Cantabria. Finally take the bus from Santander to Comillas, where we will pick you up.

From Madrid you can find direct buses to Comillas.

We recommend using ALSA if you are coming from Madrid, Barcelona or Bilbao.

For connections from Santander to Comillas check out


If you have your own car, it is also a good option to get to our surf camp by car, we will send you GPS coordination at you booking confirmation voucher.



Only available from Saturday to Saturday


529 EUR per person per week Glamping private furnished tent with a wooden floor, double bed, the power to charge your devices and an exclusive & fancy decoration to make you feel like in a dream surrounded with an inspiring natural environment.

359 EUR per person per week in a shared tent, based around the heart of the surf camp, is a perfect choice for groups or solo travellers; your place if you are looking for fun, party, people and a good mood. 



√ 7 nights accommodation

√ Full board (breakfast, lunch box, dinner)

√ Free access to all our surf and camp equipment

√ Camp activities and a lot of surprises.


Additionally, configure your package with activities: 

prices per person per week


Surf Course Level 0 and Level 1 : 5 hours for 60€ or 10 hours for 120€ or 15 hours for 150€
Surf Course Level 2 : 10 hours for 170€ or 15 hours for 200€
Yoga : 3 lessons for 30€ or 5 lessons for 45€


This is a service just to make easier your way to Oyambre Beach Glamping Surf Camp Spain . We could go to pick you up from the airports nearby and back at your departure. As we don’t have a huge fleet and traffic or other issues don’t depend on us, even when we try our best it may be delayed up to a couple of hours.


Santander 25 EUR per way per person

Bilbao 40 EUR per way per peron


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