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Galicia Beachfront Teens Surf Camp - Razo Beach, La Coruña. Spain


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Born from the passion for surfing of the true local surfers Manuel & Pablo the Galicia Teens Surf Camp has been organizing surf camps since 2004 and welcomed more than 10 000 visitors so far.


One of the best spots in Europe

Razo Beach (La Coruña/ Galicia) is considered one of the best surf spots in Spain if not in Europe. The camps take place at the surf hostel-hotel that also has a surf school. The facilities are in a 2200m² area that has plenty of space for fun lots of activities. In the backyard, you will find a mini ramp, a wood wave skate ramp, a climbing wall and many other things to do. And the best thing is that the house is located on the beachfront only 50m away from the beach.


Safe and healthy environment

The Galicia Teens Surf Camp provides the best summer surf camp for teens in Spain in a safe and healthy environment, around the camp facilities and in the water. Therefore it provides a security camera system that will control all the activities on the premises. Every surf instructor will take care of 6-8 teens plus 5 free time monitors will be supervising the teens 24hours per day. At the beach, the lifeguard service operates around the clock and is coordinating with the team of the Galicia Teens Surf Camp to guarantee the safety of all guests.


The Galicia Teens Surf Camp Family and the passionate team includes well-known surfers such as Gony Zubizarreta and Hector Menéndez, board shapers Jhony Cabianca and professional photographers Sergio Villalba. The camp facilities are constantly renewed to keep it up to date and reliable. The camp has professional surf instructors and monitors, perfect surf conditions and many beside activities like skateboarding, stand up paddling, bodyboarding, slackline, ping pong, barbecues and concerts that will make your stay unforgettable and will make you want to stay longer.

Way to beach surfing - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Surf warm up fun - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Skategirl practicing - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Slackline Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Boy skate mini ramp - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
guitar jam session galicia teens surf camp
water slide fun galicia teens surf camp




The Accommodation

The Surf hostel-hotel belongs to the International Network of Youth Hostels and can host up to 86 people on two floors with a total space of 2200m². Windows towards the beach will give you a spectacular ocean view. At the first floor you will find spacious shared rooms for 4 to 6 people with bunks beds and wardrobes. This area also has Wi-Fi and toilets separated by gender with showers. On the second floor you can find bed rooms for 4 with en-suite bathroom. Boys and Girls will sleep in separated rooms



The Surf School

The Galicia Teens surf school has a covered area with locker rooms, washing and drying zone and hot showers. You will have a wide range of boards (over 100) and the best surfing equipment from well-known brands and Rip Curl wetsuits.


Multi Play Area – Mini Skate Ramp and more

This area provides space for lots of fun activities. The chill-out area is the perfect place to relax in the hammocks or in the garden area. There is a mini skate ramp, a 3-sided football field, a volleyball court and an area for functional training and stretching. There is also an audio-visual room (80m²)  where surf lessons about wave formation, workshops and video correction will be provided so you can improve your skills even quicker.


The Restaurant

At the restaurant you can enjoy a variety of typical Spanish and Galician menus. Enjoy fresh fish and vegetables, tasty Galician meat, pasta and a variety fresh fruits on your plate – all home cooked and designed by a dietician. Of course vegetarian menus are also available.

If you book the full boarding you will enjoy a energetic breakfasts, two-course lunches and dinners with dessert.


The ArtBar – Best Terrace in Galicia

The ArtBar is the restaurant and bar where you can relax and have a club sandwich while enjoying the stunning view of the waves and the Atlantic Ocean from the beautiful sun terraces – one of the best of Galicia. You will meet locals and a lot of new friends from all over Europe.

Front view hostel - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Sakte boards - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
4 bed room 2nd floor - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
View from terrace - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Skateboy uside - Galicia Teens Surf Camp




The Galicia Teens Surf Camp offers courses by age and level for beginners who just started and intermediates who want to improve their skills. The beach where the classes happen has waves for both groups making the condition very favorable for our students to improve.


The surf teaching method has been developed for over 12 years of experience so campers progress quickly while learning in a fun and safe way. All the surf instructors are certified by the Galician Surf Federation. They have a large experience in teaching people how to surf and possess a vast knowledge of the local spots and conditions. Many of them are well known local heroes with several surf championship titles and still compete in the regional and national surf tour.


One surf instructor will advise 6 students in order to pay the necessary attention to the needs of each trainee during the surf lessons so they can have the most fun and take advantage of the best wave and tide conditions of one of the best beaches in Spain, Razo Beach.

In the morning you will have a 2-hour surf class plus 1 hour of free surf while being supervised by the instructors. In the afternoons there will be more free surfing and activities.  All the surf material will be always included.


Surf lesson Beginners includes

  • Specific body warm-up exercises
  • Basic safety rules in the water
  • Paddling technique
  • Take off technique


Surf lesson Intermediate includes

  • The duck dive technique, to pass through the whitewater
  • The peak and currents dynamics
  • Priority rules
  • Right and left, frontside and backside technique


Advanced and introduction for all the other levels to

• Tricks and maneuvers initiation.

• Equipment choice according to your level: wetsuits, surfboards, and accessories.

• Shaping lessons.

• Weather and surf forecast.


Practical surf lessons will take place at the beach where the instructor will stay in the water with you in order to observe your errors and to correct your surf techniques. He/she will give you the necessary bits of advice to let you progress in the fastest way possible. To dynamize the surf lessons there are surfing technical exercises combined with beach games.


The theory surf classes are held at the school installations. They will be fun and enjoyable and you will learn about the safety rules, surf forecast, surf etiquette and much more to let you be initiated in the most versatile and easy way. With the training courses in waves and tides, you will understand the weather forecasts better and with personalized video-analysis, you can watch your mistakes and improve your surf technique much faster.



Surf Spots

Razo Beach has 7 Kilometers of white sand where there is no corner without waves. The best waves are in front of the camp. There’s rocky point break for the most daring. The wave is short but has a potent takeoff and a tube at the start. The rest of the beach has many peaks with lots of fun right and left-handers with soft switches and each day breaking in a different way. The beach at low tide has approximately 400 meters from the shoreline to the dunes and grass borders. Other spots in the area include Malpica, a couple of miles down the coast. The air temperature in summer ranges between 20ºC and 30ºC, while the water temperature ranges between 18ºc and 20ºC.




We guarantee that you will never get bored at Galicia Teens Surf Camp. The list of surf-related and side activities is very long. Barbecues, concerts, and parties are regularly organized during the season. Here are some of the side activities:


  • Stand Up Paddling
  • Urban & Tarp Surfing
  • Body Boarding
  • Standup Paddling
  • Mini Ramp and Longboard Skating:  The Mini ramp is always available on the backyard
  • Slackline
  • Pilates & Stretching to warm-up before every session and improve your body posture and prevent injuries
  • Yoga sessions to train your body and mind.
  • Ping Pong table for never-ending challenges
  • Capoeira to work on your balance and to keep you in shape
  • 3-sided football.
  • Beach volleyball
  • Footvolley
  • Hiking
  • Surf safaris around the Costa da Morte
  • Jam sessions in the afternoons and evenings
  • Water Park/ Paintball (don’t forget to ask about it)
Going in the water - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Volleyball at the beach - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Capoeira - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Beach Football - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Paddle surfing - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Skate gang at Razo Beach - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Little girl skating - Galicia Teens Sruf Camp



Directly located at the beachfront of Razo Beach / North of Spain


Galicia Teens Surf Camp is just 50 meters from Razo Beach. A 7 km long sandy beach, no crowds, and no localism creates a very good vibe in the water and gives enough space to have the best surf experience. The beach is super consistent and offers good waves 360 days on most frequent sea tides.


It is considered as one of the best surf spots in north of Spain and throughout the Atlantic coast of Europe. Razo belongs to the province of A Coruña and the municipality of Carballo which is just 6 miles from the surf spot of Razo. It has over 31,000 inhabitants, a health center, and all the facilities of a town. Carballo is just 20 minutes away from A Coruña, the largest city of the North of Spain (Galicia) and 50 minutes from Santiago de Compostela, two important coastal cities of the country.


Getting Here

There are good low-cost flights that fly to A Coruña or to Santiago de Compostela. Common connecting flights to these cities depart from London and from major Spanish cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. Once landed you can get to the surf camp on your own or with the offered transfer service from Galicia Teens Surf Camp which can pick you up from the airport/ bus or train station of A Coruña or Santiago de Compostella.



Transfer from and to Coruña between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm is included in the package price. Outside these hours 45€ will be charged per person/way.

Transfer from and to Santiago de Compostela are between 9:00 am and 0:00 pm costs 30€ per person/way. Outside these hours 60€ will be charged per person/way.

Cathedral santioago de compostela - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Beach cliffs - Galicia Teens Surf Camp
Surf sun downer - Galicia Teens Surf Camp


Dates & Prices


Camp 1: 21 – 26 June for 398 EUR per person

Camp 2: 27 – 02 July for 444 EUR per person



Camp 3 : 3 July – 9 July for 685 EUR per person

Camp 4: 10 July – 16 July for 685 EUR per person

Camp 5: 17 July – 23 July for 685 EUR per person

Camp 6: 24 July – 30 July for 685 EUR per person



Camp 7 : 1 August – 6 August for 529 EUR per person

Camp 8 : 7 August – 12 August for 529 EUR per person

Camp 9 : 13 August – 18 August for 529 EUR per person

Camp 10: 19 August – 24 August for 529 EUR per person

Camp 11 : 25 August – 30 August for 599 EUR per person



Camp 12 : 1 September – 6 September 424 EUR

Camp 13 : 7 September – 12 September 398 EUR


You can do more than one surf camp and pay the extra day in-between camps 59 EUROS



√ 7 days surf camp
√ 6 nights of accommodation in our beachfront surf hostel
√ 7 days full boarding: breakfast, lunch, and dinner (menu adaptable to vegetarians)
√ 7 days surf lessons, 2 hours daily in the mornings
√ Surfing material available the whole camp: surfboard and wetsuit
√ 2 hours of surf practice in the afternoons
√ 1 hour of surf freely watched by the instructor
√ Activities every afternoon: yoga, stretching, surf training, long skate, beach volley, surf skate in woodware, hiking, tarp surfing, slackline, etc.
√ Wifi / Televisión / Vídeos de surf
√ Accident insurance and R.C
√ The best photos and videos of the camp
√ Bye-bye party
√ Transfers A Coruña-surf camp-A Coruña.
√ Check-in the day included between 9 am and 3 pm and check out day included between 4:30 pm and 10:30 pm


  • Transfers from and to A Coruña (bus station, train station and airport):
    • Pick ups: free in regular schedule (from 9am to 3pm). Outside these hours for 45€ for one person, 30€/person if you are 2 and 25€/person if you are 3 or more.
    • Transports: free in regular schedule (from 2,45pm to 10,30pm). Outside these hours for 45€ for one person, 30€/person if you are 2 and 25€/person if you are 3 or more.
  • Transfers from and to Santiago de Compostela (bus station, train station and airport):
    • Pick ups: for 20€/person in regular schedule (from 9am to 3pm). Outside these hours for 60€ for one person, 40€/person if you are 2 and 30€/person if you are 3 or more.
    • Transports: for 20€/person in regular schedule (from 2,45am to 10,30pm). Outside these hours for 60€ for one person, 40€/person if you are 2 and 30€/person if you are 3 or more.





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