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Pantin Beach Teens Surf & Multi Adventures Camp - Ferrol, Galicia. Surf Camps in Spain


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We assure fun, safety and learning from the hand of the double European champion and one of the best surfers that has given this country: Estitxu Estremo. More than 20 years in the global elite to convey all the experience and knowledge of surfing individualized for each student, and all in a privileged environment for the practice of this sport.


Our camp seeks all the time the most appropriate conditions for learning no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced surfer. Our school is located just 2 minutes waking from the beach of Pantin, which is one of the best beaches for surfing in Europe and in less than a radius of 5km you can find different beaches with all kinds of wind and sea conditions, both for beginners and experienced surfers!


Experience the surf, whatever your level! No matter if it´’s your first time or you are an advanced surfer and want to improve your technique with the best professionals and the best beaches!! All this in a family atmosphere 24hrs! Not only you will learn to surf, but you can also enjoy hiking and mountain biking in some amazing places that will not leave you indifferent!!


 There are as well workshops as pilates and yoga for surfing, slack line and indoboard, table tennis, skate ramp, trampoline, volleyball court, projections of video recordings of all sessions of surfing and at the end of each camp BBQ a farewell party with video and photos for each student. Also is the only camp living with a physiotherapist!


The camp is open for children from the age of 10 to everybody who would wish to join us. Groups will be organised according to age and there will be a special week dedicated to children between 10 and 12 years old. The only requirement to come to our camp is to know how to swim!!!


There will be a 24 hours adult supervision. At night there will be monitors in charge of the camp. We provide simple rules of behavior and safety to live together.  If the student break them, he would have to leave the camp without the right to any refund.


We are flexible for inputs and outputs. Day in and day out we recommend entering after 17:00 and leave before 12:00. Therefore if you bring your child as if you need us to do the pick up and drop service. We adapt to your schedule.


The weekly menu will include a balanced diet designed in the effort that you perform every day. Two dishes and dessert at noon and evening and a full breakfast in the morning, you will also have fresh fruit on hand throughout the day.


In our school we seek the highest level of  learning and fun! Our teaching methodology is individualized for each student, grouping students by age and level, taking 5-6 people by monitor.


  • The minimum age to attend our school is 10 years and the minimum requirement is a basic management of aquatic skills, to know how to swim!
  • Each student is required to bring his ID or passport, social security card and if you have a private insurance, the insurance policy.
  • It is mandatory to inform the direction of the surf camp of any medical or specialized diet to conduct the student ( Celiac, Diabetic, asthmatic etc).
  • All the students under 18 must fill in an application duly signed by their parents authorizing them to attend our camp.
  • All our instructors are the best trained in both technical matters and security, all this certified by the FES and FGSURF.
  • The director and principal instructor of the surf camp has a degree in Physical activity and Phisiotherapy and of course, more than 20 years experience teaching surf!
  • Students will be monitored 24 hours a day. All activities will take place in our large enclosed garden. They won´t leave the area except for tours and surfing lessons.
  • We have liability insurance and accident insurance.
  • We have a room with a phisiotherapist for prevention of injury.



Classes will be 2 hours a day in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon depending on weather and sea conditions, and always there will be a monitor for every 5-7 students. Material will be at your disposal all day even if you want a third bath!!


If you have your own equipment, we recommend you to bring it! So we will advise you on your equipment, and if it fits your level, weight and height. We have boards, longboards and SUPs. Your monitor will guide you on the material you may need. You will always have the board that best suits your level, weight and height. The wetsuits are integral O´Neill and Alder 3/2 mm.


  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Pilates work shops
  • Yoga for surfing
  • Slack line
  • Indo board
  • Table tennis
  • Skate ramp
  • Trampoline
  • Volleyball
  • Projections of video recordings of all sessions of surfing
  • BBQ a farewell party with video and photos for each student.



We have to say that we are privileged, as our surf house is very close from the famous beach of Pantin, which is one of the best places in Europe for surfing in Spring and Summer. Here it´s being held for 26 years now one of the competitions of the World Surf Circuit for the ASP World Championship.


As soon as you leave the garden, you find the wooden walkway that takes you to the beach. All this, with the spectacular beauty and surroundings makes our enclave a gift of nature for surfing that can be enjoyed for those who would want to share our experience.


The beach of Pantin is located in the city of Valdoviño, 15km from Ferrol. It is nestled between the towns of Valdoviño (4km) and Cedeira (10km). In just 5km are beaches for all sea and wind conditions, which make the area one of the best places for surfing at any time of year.

Getting Here

By car, bus, train or airplane

BY CAR: If you decide to travel in your own vehicle FERROL is your destination and once you get  there, you have 20kms to the Pantín beach.

FERROL: Bus or train Terminal, nearest to Pantin, only 20 ‘of the camp.

A CORUÑA: Is the airport terminal nearest of Ferrol, 35 minutes from the camp, is the best option for everyone.

SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA: The airport is 1h 15 ‘ from Pantín.

What should I bring

  • Passport or ID
  • Social security card
  • Private medical insurance card, if you have


Do not forget to fill the authorization that we send you via email, duly completed and signed by parents or guardians. It is mandatory to start the activity. If you have any medical treatment do not forget to bring the medication and notify the staff in advance. We handle bed linens and towels.

Clothing and personal items

  • We recommend you to come with a mobile phone to be located.
  • Beach towel
  • Long and short pants
  • Sweat pants
  • Several shirts
  • Swimwear
  • Flip flops
  • Sneakers
  • Sweatshirts
  • Warm sweater coat
  • 1 raincoat
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses


Dates Prices Dates Prices
Camp.1 – June 25th to 1st July 420€ Camp.8 – August 13th to 19th 480€
Camp.2 – July 2nd to 8th 480€ Camp.9 – August 20th to 26th 480€
Camp.3 – July 9th to 25th 480€ Camp.10 – August 27th to Sep. 2nd 480€
Camp.4 – July 16 to 22th 480€ Camp.11 – September 3rd to 9th 420€
Camp.5 – July 23th to 29th 480€ Camp.12 – September 10th to 16th 420€
Camp.6 – July 30th to Aug. 5th 480€ Camp.13 – September 17th to 23rd 420€ 
Camp.7 – August 6th to 12th 480€ Camp.14 – September 24th to 30th 420€

You’ll save 10% in your second camp as well if you bring your friends!


  • 7/6 days all inclusive
  • 5h lessons daily
  • Full sports equipment
  • Full insurance and accident RC
  • Activities: Pilates and yoga for surfing, specific training, skateboarding, tennis, snorkel, shop lifeguard and
  • Excursions (Tours hiking)
  • Farewell party with barbecue
  • English classes
  • Video recording and correction
  • Extra activities ( Ask for prices): Sailing, horse riding, paintball ….


Pick ups/ Drop off  at airports, train stations and buses are not include:

Ferrol: Free 

A Coruña: 30 Euros

Santiago de Compostela: 45 Euros



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