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Azores Surf House - Pópulo Beach, São Miguel Island. Portugal


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The Cosy house is located at São Miguel Island, it is the biggest island of the Azores and more than half of the Azorean population occupies the area, part of the Eastern Group of the Archipelago.


You will find everything you need in such a privileged nature, great opportunities for outdoor sports, culture and also to just seat back, relax and enjoy the beauty. Beach, mountain and city, all in one!


Friendly family atmosphere, João is the owner and also the neighbor so everything you need you won´t have problem to find him, families are more than welcome to share the garden, as João and his wife have 3 little kids and 2 friendly dogs, playing around.


As you walk in you will see both houses, there is a gate the gives the privacy you want, the only part you will share is the garden, with a table for sunny days, trampoline, slides, toys, kids and dogs, immerse in a family atmosphere.



  • 2 bedrooms with double bed
  • 1 bedroom with a Bunk bed
  • Option to have a baby bed



  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Countertop
  • Bathroom with toilet and shower
  • Outside shared garden with full ocean view
  • Fireplace for cozy winter nights



  • Sheets and towels included
  • Good Wi-fi available



  • No Tv, you won´t have time for it!
  • Smokers are welcome, but not allowed to smoke in the house
  • You must be dog friendly



Network of Walks Classified by the Regional Government of the Azores, guaranteeing safety and reassurance to walkers.


Whale watching

 More than 20 different types of cetaceans can be spotted in the Azores, among resident and migrant species, common or rare. This is an an ecosystem with unique characteristics. With majestic whales and friendly dolphins, the blue Atlantic Ocean becomes even more magic around these nine islands.



Only peace and nature. Green mixed with colorful flowers, three courses available in the archipelago that you can play in any season of the year. Suitable from beginners to professionals. In pasture golf, swings are shown to the local population amidst pastures and agricultural fields. A type of golf with similar rules, but with the label of pure fun and socialising around a sport.



The genesis of the Azores is found upon 1766 volcanoes, nine of which are still active. Underground, almost three hundred volcanic cavities, including caves, ravines and cracks, have been surveyed. The landscape is filled with dry calderas, craters lakes, fumaroles and thermal water springs. In the sea, there are submarine geothermal springs.


Scuba Diving

Diving day and night, in sandy, rocky or mixed seabeds, in caves or shipwrecks…from beginners to professionals, and the adventure may start with simple snorkelling in order to leisurely enjoy the abundant marine life of the archipelago’s crystal clear waters. On the other hand, diving in an ocean bank is a guarantee for an adrenalin rush and for memories that will persist in our mind.


Bike Tours/MTB Rides

The islands boast a plethora of trails ideal for all levels, as well as an array of fascinating nature and unusual volcanic terrain.

From ultra-technical single tracks which connect mountains, beaches and fajãs to roads surrounding lakes and mountain ranges which flourish with native fauna and flora, the Azorean islands offer a mountain biking experience for every taste and skill level.


Health and Well being

There are various springs of natural carbonic water, waterfalls and iron water pools, which have been used since the sixteenth century.  The highlight goes to the thermal baths Termas da Ferraria and the iron water pools in Furnas, on the island of São Miguel.



The Azores are located in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The region is composed of nine volcanic islands, three of which provide excellent canyoning conditions and São Miguel offer a vast supply of beautiful canyoning options and itineraries.



Besides the Azores bullfinch (Pyrrhula murina), one of the rarest birds in Europe and endemic to a small area of  São Miguel Island, the Azores have also the most important nesting populations in the world of Cory’s Shearwaters (Calonectris Diomedia borealis), and Rosy Tern (Sterna dougallii). The archipelago boasts approximately 30 breeding species. The number of occasional species already observed and recorded in the archipelago, is approaching the 400, including some extremely rare for the Western Palearctic.


Wave Sports

Given its geographical location, the Azores Archipelago is an excellent region for the practice of wave sports. The morphology of the different islands enable surfing, bodyboarding, SUP, windsurfing in various contexts, beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks.



Big Game Fishing

Enormous blue and white marlins swim in this part of the Atlantic, as well as dolphin-fishes and Atlantic bluefin tunas, among other species of tuna. Between the islands of the triangle (Faial, Pico and São Jorge), the challenge is always on, even though any of the remaining islands can be a point of departure for high quantity and quality fishing outings.



On a sailboat or a motorboat, you will quickly understand the mystique of navigating in the Azores seas. When navigating around the coastline of an island, it is possible to see the green landscape descending towards the crystalline-clear waters of the ocean. Beaches and sheltered inlets invite you to stop and dive in their waters. It is easy to ass up nautical miles as you travel between the wonders of these nine islands. Dolphins accompany you in the island crossings, as they did more than 500 years ago with the discoverers of this paradise. The horizon is the limit that stands above the ocean blue.


Canoeing / Kayaking

These sports can be practised in the Azores both in internal waters on open sea. Whether one exploits the escarpments that surround the lakes that filled the volcanic calderas or rows around the small islets to watch sea birds or even to visit caves, all these activities involve a total physical and emotional involvement with the Azorean landscape.



The Azores are deemed a singular paragliding destination, providing several spots, as well as takeoff and landing areas. It is possible to paraglide all year round, but the summer months are the best. Technical cross country flights allow you to fly over the volcanic craters, beaches and cliffs, offer very entertaining flights.


Horse Rides

Those who love horses will discover a riding haven in the Azores, an archipelago home to many well-trained Lusitano and Cruzado Portuguese horses. These islands offer breath-taking landscapes and views over the Atlantic Ocean, paired with colourful gardens and green pastures. You’ll find a wide variety of short and multi-day long trails.


Cultural Centers

Exhibitions, Sea Art and science center, theather, park´s shops, arts centers, auditoriums, libraries, cultural events.




The Cosy house is located at São Miguel Island, it is the biggest island of the Azores and more than half of the Azorean population occupies the area, part of the Eastern Group of the Archipelago.


You will find everything you need in such a privileged nature, great opportunities for outdoor sports, culture and also to just seat back, relax and enjoy the beauty. Beach, mountain and city, all in one!


Feel at home with Pópulo Beach at 5 minutes walking distance. The house is located 15 minutes from the airport, 10 from Ponta Delgada City and 15 minutes from the north shore. Enjoy the great atmosphere and privacy.


Getting Here

To only way you can get here is flying, we suggest SATA airlines if you are bringing any sport equipment as they will no charge you extra for that, what the other companies normally do, but here goes some of them:


  • Açores Airlines
  • TAP
  • Air Berlin
  • Primera Air
  • TUI
  • Easy Jet
  • Ryanair


As soon as you get to the The João Paulo II Airport (code IATA : PDL, code ICAO : LPPD) also called Ponta Delgada Airport or popularly known as Nordela Airport that is located in the town of Grass in the city of Ponta Delgada , Sao Miguel Island, we suggest to get a rental car so you have freedom to go around and see everything the Island provide.


If you are not a fan of driving, you can also get a taxi, the house is only 15 minutes far from the airport.


The whole house fits 6, we suggest to be maximum 4 adults as the house has only one bathroom!




Low Season



Mid Season


Oct, Carnaval)

High Season

(Jul-Aug-Sep, Easter

Christmas, new years)

4 Adults + 2 children  490€  630€  770€
2 Adults + 2 children  420€  560€  700€
4 Adults 455€  595€  735€
2 Adults 385€  525€  665€