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Lisbon Teens Surf Camp - Nomad Summer Camp, Lisbon. Portugal


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Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon

Nomad Surfers organizes probably the most Multi-national Surf Camp for Teenagers in Europe.


The Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon is located in Costa Caparica Beach, 100 meters from the beach and only 20 minutes from Lisbon International Airport. It is one of many vacation spots in central Portugal which is noted for its beauty and tourist possibilities.


Our Teens camp is right beside the beach with a very long sandy beach, safe and perfect beach breaks; it’s an idyllic place for the practice and learning of Surfing. Hosting teens with ages of 12-18 years old from Russia, Italy, UK, France, Switzerland, Belgium, USA, Canada, Spain, and other countries every year. 


All activities are done in English, but staff also help in Portuguese, Spanish and French when needed. Accommodation in shared room organized by gender and ages or full privacy in twin rooms with shared big bathroom with separate showers in a hostel with swimming pool, big green area, chill WiFi area, ping pong table, TV and dinings rooms.


Most of the days we wake up to have a healthy breakfast, walk to the beach, morning surfing session, warm shower while the lunch is getting ready at our beachfront restaurant (nobody leaves the table hungry), free time for digestion on the beach or at the school’s game room, followed by one more surf session, quick shower for an afternoon snack. Walk back to the camp, shower time, dinner and evening activities such as movie night, sunset walks, slack line, parties, pool activities, ball games, skate night.


There is also an excursion day on every 10 days camp for the city tour, paintball, horse riding or any extra activity the group decide to do.


Another Nomad Surfers best choice! You will never forget this experience!



Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon

The teens are supervised by our staff 24 hours with medical assistance (first aids). The Surf camp entrance is closed during the night.


Every package includes meals, shared accommodation (full privacy in twin rooms also available), two surf lessons per day and of course, the right to enjoy all the facilities that are included in the Surf camp (swimming pool, tennis court, ping pong table, free wifi, etc). All our camps are mixed although the bedrooms distribution is by gender and age (12-18 years old).


We encourage the parents to provide some pocket money for vending machine at the accommodation, supermarket, lunch, and dinner on excursion day, ice-creams, t-shirts, drinks, or extra activities not included, etc. They will also need money for the first day as dinner only is included and last day as breakfast only is included.



No one will be left hungry!!


At the Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon, the strong breakfast consists of fruits, orange juice, toasts, whole grain bread, jams, honey, milk, coffee, chocolate milk, ham, cheese, muesli, and corn flakes.


Lunches are served in a restaurant in front of the beach with everything the teens deserve, starter, main course, dessert, water, and juice. After surf snack in between the second surf session and afternoon activities, sandwich, fruit, and juice.


Dinners are varied and include all the necessary nutrition for teenagers this age. A starter or soup, main course, and dessert. Juices and water also included. We cater for Celiacs or Vegetarian teens as well. A fully equipped kitchen is also available.


For Parents

Nomad Surfers have dedicated many years to the practice and teaching of surfing as qualified instructors, and we organized our first Teens Surf Camp in 1998 with great enthusiasm, specializing in minors. We know the responsibility that this entails, that is why at Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon the boys/girls will be controlled at all the times, in the surf lessons, extra activities and free time by our monitors, and will be always accompanied by teachers graduates, surfing, sports and recreation with the maximum security for them.


Our teens will sleep with monitors with experience in sports activities and outdoor games. They will be responsible for checking that the teens meet the standards of Surf Camp and make extra activities in the evenings. To you, parents which always concerned about is the safety of their children. Your children are monitored 24 hours per day by qualified instructors with a system of internal rules which must be followed.



The camp fees cover basic first aid care provided by our staff. Should your child require special care, medication or hospitalization, you will be fully responsible for all the costs incurred.



Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon

Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon runs for 10 days, the day of arrival and departure is free of Surf, as everybody has different flight times, although teens can surf if they have their own material and if they stay for two different dates (20 or 30 days). The Surf Center is 20 minutes walking and 5 minutes by car from the accommodation.



Every surf day they will practice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, for how long depends on the conditions, our goal is to have at least 3 hours per day. The other activities are focused to enhance your qualities for sport, improve your fitness and above all to have fun and live Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon, the best experience of your life!!


All material is included, we have 6 teens per instructor, from beginners to experts:




✔ Evaluation of each person to know in which level he or she has and which points to work on.

✔ Introduction to waves without surfboards

✔ Introduction with the surfboard always laying down.

✔ Practice balance and Timing

✔ Paddling

✔ Exercises to get up on the board in and out of the water. 

✔ Stand Up and Balance position.

✔ Exercises of weight change from front leg to back leg

✔ Sitting on the board

✔ Walking on board

✔ Learn to turn left and learn to turn right.



✔ Evaluation of each person to know in which level he or she has and which points to work on.

✔ Turning direction while sitting

✔ Explosive paddling

✔ Paddle to the outside

✔ Techniques to pass the waves while paddling out (Eskimo roll, etc)

✔ Catching green waves with the help of the coach pushing

✔ Timing and reading of waves to know in which direction to paddle and when to get up

✔ Surf green waves going left, surf green waves going right. 

✔ Theory (Priority rules, Safety procedures, currents and tides)

✔ Video analysis.

✔ Exercises on Streetboardz. Skateboards with front trucks that move laterally and specially designed to train rail to rail surfing.

Other Activities

Functional Training for surfing: Additional physical exercises to improve your Stamina, Balance, coordination, Timing, Physical condition and obviously your surfing.

 Stretching: Specific and fundamental Stretching exercises to help you perform radical surfing maneuvers and basic and avoid injuries.

Streetboardz: We will train you to carve rail to rail on our recently acquired Streetboardz which are longboard skateboards with a front truck that moves sideways to simulate the turns of a surfboard or snowboard. There is a skate circuit walking distance.

Tennis: We encourage you to bring your tennis rackets and balls as the center has a tennis court (Tennis court rental 5 EUR per hour)

Green space for various games: There is a huge beautiful green space to play at the actual surf camp.

Beach Volleyball

Soccer on the beach



Ping Pong: The rivalry among students, especially monitors is epic!!

Movie nights


Visit Surfboard factory: We will visit a local surf factory.

Parties: Not everything will be training…! We do barbecues, DJ, and nightly jam sessions. Bring your instruments.


Optional Activities/Extra Cost

You have the option to do attend other extra activities. Each will have an extra cost which will be paid upon arrival.

Paintball: Only 30 meters from the surfcamp. (not included in the price).

Tree Obstacle Circuits: Obstacles circuits of different levels of difficulty (fully secured with harness).



 Kitesurf (minimum age 14 and at least 45kg)

Kayak: Kayak riding in the ocean or lake.

Horse back riding

Bicycle Rides


Hipotrip: Tour through across the Tejo River onboard an amphibious vehicle.

Sail boat excursion

Shopping center

A Typical day at Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon

10am to 5pmBeach Time (Surf lessons, lunch, extra activities)
5pm to 8pmWalk back to the camp, shower, free time
9pm to 11pmEvening Activities
11pmQuiet Time

Evening Activities

DAY 1 – Welcoming

DAY 2 – Pop Corn Night

DAY 3 – City tour Costa da Caparica (Amusement Park)

DAY 4 – Dj Costume Party

DAY 5 – Video Correction

DAY 6 – Pizza Day

DAY 7 – Skate/bike night

DAY 8 – Slake line/ Pool Party

DAY 9 – Lisbon Tour (meals, and activities not included)

DAY 10 – Farewell Hawaiian Beach Party


*Schedule subject to change according to teens’ interests and weather conditions.




Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon is only 20 minutes from Lisbon downtown and airport. With an extension of 13 km of sandy beaches surrounded by the nature reserves of Costa da Caparica Fossil Cliff and Mêdos National Woods, Almada also has in its historic centres countless places worth to visit, such as the Zagallos Manor House, in Sobreda or the Contemporary Art Centre at Casa da Cerca, in Old Almada, among many other suggestions. Only 10 min walking to the beach, 5 minutes to restaurants, bakery and supermarkets.

Getting Here


You don’t have to worry about getting to the Surf School Teens Camp Lisbon. We will designate a responsible for pick ups and drop offs at Lisbon Area. You just need to provide us the information about the schedule of arrival and departure and we will organize the transfer at Lisbon International airport, train or bus station.


Your child will often be one of many children arriving at the airport or train station to be escorted to camp. Whilst our representatives will always try to arrange for onward transport to camp with the minimum of delay, it should be understood that your child may be required to wait at the airport or train station for up to two hours before he/she commences the onward journey, due to flight delays affecting other children and/or difficult traffic conditions.


Upon arrival at the destination airport or train station, your child should look for a Camps representative, who will be displaying a Camps sign. Airports and train stations can be quite crowded and hectic, you should instruct your child to wait at the airport’s or train station’s information desk should he/she not locate our representative on arrival.

By Air Plane

There is a lot of airline companies operating at Lisbon Portela Airport, providing both business class and low cost flights to tourists around the world. About 40 airline companies, of which the most notable are Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Finnair, Easy Jet, Air France, Blue Air, British Airways and Brussels Airlines. These companies ensure the connection between Lisbon (and, by extension, Portugal) and virtually all corners of the world, linking the capital to destinations like Amsterdam and Paris, Madrid and Rome, London and Moscow, the Canary Islands, Bucharest, Philadelphia, Tunis, Tel Aviv, Cairo and so on.


If you want minor escort service, make sure you organize it with the airline before you buy the ticket. You will Need to provide our manager ´s document and contact number.

By train

In terms of railway transport, the tourist and commercial platform of Lisbon is serviced by four main train stations: the Santa Apolonia (Estacao da Santa Apolonia), the so-called Rossio (Estacao do Rossio), Barreiro (Estacao do Barreiro) and Cais do Sodre (Estacao do Cais do Sodre).


The Santa Apolonia Train Station (Estacao da Santa Apolonia) is the largest of all, is located in the vicinity of the Alfama district. It is the main terminal for trains which ensure the connection between Lisbon and north and east Portugal, as well as between Lisbon and international destinations like Madrid and Paris.

By bus

Rede Nacional Expressos

In terms of bus connections, Lisbon is fairly well linked to virtually the entire Portugal by means of the bus lines made available by the so-called Rede Nacional de Expressos. The main bus station in Lisbon, at least as far as domestic bus trips are concerned, is Rodoviaria da Sete Rios (Sete Rios Bus Station).



For international bus connections between Lisbon and other European destinations, Eurolines seems to provide the most extensive offers.


Some might find it rewarding to get to Lisbon by car. This is, without a doubt, one of the most time-consuming manners of traveling to the capital of Portugal, first of all, due to the city’s geographical location on the west coast of the country, and secondly, because the first step of getting to Portugal is to cross Spain. The border between the two countries is pegged out by 15 checkpoints, so the alternatives are fairly reasonable, as far as their diversity is concerned. The border crossing process is also said to be, as a rule, quite smooth.

Passaport and Visas

Please ensure that your child has a valid passport and appropriate visas for all the countries he/she will be visiting. No refunds will be made when a child is unable to start camp due to delays in obtaining appropriate passports or visas. All children must have either a passport or other valid identification for copy at the camp office for the duration of the camp.

What to bring

✔ Underwear for each day

✔ Socks for closed shoes

✔ Summer t-shirts and shorts

✔ Long pants and sweater

✔ A raincoat

✔ Sports Shoes for Skate classes

✔ Flipflops/ Sandals

✔ Swimsuit / bikini

✔ 2 towels (beach + shower)

✔ Small backpack to carry things to the beach

✔ Pijamas

✔ Toiletry kit (Towel, Toothpaste and toothbrush, champoo, gel, etc.)

✔ Hat or visor

✔ Sunscreen lotion

✔ The mobile phone is optional, the idea is that are disconnected from the electronics.

✔ Pocket money  (all diets are included but should bring extra money to buy one dinner, vending machine in the accommodation, supermarket, some ice cream and drink on the beach or during excursions, or extra optional activities)

✔ Small padlock

✔ Clothes for Fantasy and Hawaiian Parties


Surf-School-Teens-Camp-Lisbon-caparica cliff


Price per person

Suggested dates


Shared Room

Twin Room

Camp 2 11 – 21 July 10 FULLY BOOKED FULLY BOOKED
Camp 3 21 – 31 July 10 795 EUR 850 EUR

Packages include

✔ 10 nights Accommodation separated by gender in a shared room (4 to 8 beds) or twin room.

✔ Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snack (Sandwich+Drink), Dinner. (Healthy meals to get the energy they’ll need during the surf sessions).

✔ 8 days surf lessons (2 surf sessions of 2 hours, depending on weather conditions)

✔ All surfing equipment included

✔ Huge selection of surfboards

✔ Stretching and warm-up Sessions

✔ Other activities such a swimming pool, ping pong, board workshop, surf factory tour, ball games, pool party, beach party, amusement park transport, movie night, video correction night, sunset walk, Skate night, pizza night, hamburger night.

✔ Television / wifi

✔ Free Airport transfer on days: 1, 11, 21, 31 (between 8am – 8pm)



Photo and Video package: 100 EUR per person including a selection of the best photos and videos taken of the week surfing. It will be the best memory for your Instagram and Facebook!

Lisbon Airport Transfers on other days: Transfers from/to Lisbon Airport, Bus or Train station: 50 EUR per person per way

Kite Surf Pack: 4 days 440 EUR per person (Includes transportation + 8 hours of private kitesurf lessons)

Lisbon excursion: It depends, we advise around 50 EUR per person (one activity, lunch and dinner)

Tennis Court: from 4 EUR per hour


Important Information

Free arrival transfers July 1st, 11th and 21st from 8 am to 8 pm. 

Free departure transfers July 11th, 21st and 31st from 8 am to 8 pm.

Arrival day includes dinner only, in case of earlier arrival, please bring extra pocket money for meals.

Departure day includes breakfast only, in case of late departure, please bring extra pocket money for meals.




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