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SANSSOUCI surf charters is what you can expect from this purpose built, luxuriously appointed vessel, built to accommodate 14 passengers in the ultimate of airconditioned comfort. The boat boasts a large and luxurious saloon area, comfortable sun deck on the bow, shaded top viewing deck and covered rear deck for you comfort.


The boat boasts a large and luxurious saloon area, comfortable sun deck on the bow, shaded top viewing deck and covered rear deck for you comfort.


There are 2 cabins that have an ensuite in each, a double bed and a single (Pullman) fold up above.There are 2 cabins that have an upper and lower bunk.Then there is the “V” berth with 2 upper and lower bunks. All beds are a good size with lots of length and leg room. Crew and Captain have separate sleeping quarters. Complete & independently controlled sound & video system capable of playing any format : Tape’s, CD, MP3, VCD, DVD, VHS (PAL & NTSC). Karaoke!!!


Contact to the outside world is via Inmarsat Mini M telephone system with a specialized Automatic Marine Aerial allowing 24-hour contact by TELEPHONE or fax, anywhere, any time.


EMAIL- Now with a BGan email service for your convenience. We also recieve swell / weather reports morning and night. Alcholic drinks available to buy onboard.


Built in 1995 in Western Australia under West Australian Departement of Transport Survey to the worldwide USL Code. Built in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) with foam core for strength & durability whilst having excellent sound & temperature shielding qualities.


  • Length 24.4 mtrs
  • Waterline length 22 Mtrs
  • Surveyed length 23.8 mtrs
  • Full speed: 11.5 knots
  • Dinghy: 4.7 metres. yamaha 40 HP


The Captain is Internationally qualified under the *USL Code with many years of experience at sea and the Mentawai Islands. Our Chef is a fully qualified Chef with years of experience. Captain & Chef are West Australian whilst Timotious our Indonesian Crew has 9 years experience onboard. Four very experienced & professional Crew with a total of 24 years of operating in the Mentawai’s and Northern Sumatra to make your trip the best & ultimate boat charter.


While the Mentawais produce some of the most consistent and amazing waves the planet offers, they can also claim to have quite a large variety of breaks.  The countless islands scattered throughout this pristine tropical environment hold vast amounts of sheltered bays, coves and reefs that generate every type of wave imaginable, due in part to the refractive nature of swells which allows them to bend and wrap around any obstacle they encounter.  The high profile spots such as Lances Right, Macaronis, Rags Right, E-Bay, Rifles and Thunders speak for themselves but there are just as many lesser known breaks ranging from fun walls to long peeling barrels.


The majority of the waves in the Mentawais are best suited for the intermediate to advanced surfers but there are several spots which are ideal for beginners, making the Mentawais a destination for anybody who loves to surf. Because the Mentawais sit near the equator they are less affected by the trade winds, so most of the time the winds will be light and variable with plenty of glassy days. Although a few land-based surfcamps have sprouted up in the last few years adjacent to some of the better known breaks, the best way to access so many waves spread out over such a large area is by charter boat. Crowds can be a factor at the top spots, and occasionally you might find yourself sharing a break with another boat. Boats do maintain respect for one another, but with a knowledgeable and experienced captain and such a diversity of breaks you will definitely stumble upon plenty of empty waves for you and your crew.


Best Time To Go


The Mentawais have without a doubt some of the best waves in the world. They also have excellent exposure to the south and southwest swells moving up from the southern Indian Ocean and this means a consistency factor that is unmatched. The main swell season normally begins in late April/May and continues through September/October, with the wave height jumping up a notch from June to September. During this time the waves will stay in the overhead to double overhead range with some occasionally bigger days. That being said, the Mentawais could easily be considered a year round destination, as even during what are considered the slower season months of November thru March/February there is still plenty of surf in the head high range thanks to a very active Indian Ocean that churns out low pressure systems on a regular basis.




Zone: Playgrounds 

  • Hideaways:  A top-to-bottom lefthander that will get very hollow on a low tide.
  • Nokandui:  One of the more difficult waves in the islands. This is a very fast and barreling lefthander that has plenty of critical sections and is not always makeable. Tends to shut down at the end but you’ll spend lots of time in the barrel before you get there.
  • Rifles: A very long, fast and intense righthander and one of the standout waves in the Mentawais when it’s on. When it gets a few feet overhead it turns into a barreling machine and you’ll be racing to make the sections as you fly down the line.
  • 4 Bobs:  A more forgiving righthander that has a quick little barrel on the takeoff.


Zone: Nyang Nyang 

  • Pitstops:  A fun righthander immediately adjacent to E-Bay that ends on a sandy beach.  Nipussi:  Just inside of Bankvaults, this is a fun and rippable righthander  that stays fairly consistent.  Breaks in deep water and finishes close to the beach.
  • E-Bay:  With a stunning backdrop this quick lefthander stands up on the takeoff and has a nice, fast barrel down the line. Not the longest wave but definitely a great option if the swell is on the rise.
  • Bank Vaults: A thumping, shallow righthander that provides plenty of tube time.


Zone: Sipora 

  • Lance’s Left: A consistently lefthander that peels down the point and offers plenty of carvable sections and sometimes a few barrels when it gets big.
  • Lance’s Right:  The famous righthander that starts barreling on the takeoff and doesn’t stop barreling until it reaches the channel. Can be fickle at times as it likes to have all the conditions in its favor before putting on a show. Larger swells can be tricky and the end bowl can be difficult to read at times so stay focused or you might pay your dues on the shallow reef.
  • Telescopes: A sweet lefthander that wraps down the reef with long walls. Not too many sections to navigate and can get really solid on a big swell.


Zone: Pagai 

  • Macaronis: The reigning wave in the Menta
  • wais. This stellar lefthander has a powerful barrel on the take off and then a carvable wall for plenty of maneuvers. It is one of the more lined up waves in the islands and can get shallow while offering tube time along the way.
  • Rags Right: A challenging and hollow righthander that will turn into a smoking wave if the conditions are right.
  • Thunders: A consistent lefthander that likes a lot of size in the swell. The outside has a fast hollow tube before it eases up on the inside section.



The Mentawais are without question one of the best locations on the planet for catching a ridiculous amount of quality waves. In a stunning, tropical location that is at the heart of what we’ve always dreamed, these islands have all the necessary ingredients  that create some of the most perfect waves in the world, the ideal playground for surfers. With excellent exposure to the southern Indian Ocean, the Mentawais offer some of the most consistent surf in the world, welcoming every ounce of swell to unload upon the reefs that protect these beautiful islands.  And there is an endless list to describe these waves: flawless, perfect, clean, powerful, world class –take your pick. Toss in the clear, warm water and the wild beautiful scenery and there is only one conclusion: the Mentawais really do have it all.


The Location


The Mentawais are a chain of lush, tropical islands lying about 100 miles off the west coast of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. They are considered part of the Sumatera Province, of which Padang is the capital, and are separated from Sumatra, Indonesia’s largest and northern most island, by the Mentawai Strait. There are approximately seventy islands, consisting of four major islands and many numerous smaller islands and islets that spread out in a northwest-southeast direction for nearly 200 miles. Siberut is the largest and northern most of these islands and lies just across the Strait from Padang, the launching point for all charter boats heading to this surfing paradise.


The Climate


The Mentawais are basically sitting on the equator and therefore stay hot and humid all year round with very little change in temperature. Temperatures range between 72°- 90° F (22°- 32°C). The water temperature is a steady 80°F(27°C).The Mentawais have a dry season which runs from February to October and a wet season from November to January. This being the tropics rain does occur during the dry season as occasional squalls and storm showers make their way thru this region.

Getting Here

The port city of Padang is launching point for Mentawai surf charters and boat transfers to the resorts.


Padang Airport (PDG) Daily flights to Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (Garuda Airlines)


30-Day visitor visa issued on arrival (EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens).


Price: ASK US FOR PRICES. Special prices for large groups


Includes airport transfers, 11 nights, 3 meals per day. You can do trips of 11 to 14 nights.


Ask us for available dates.

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