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PINISI SCHOONER Surf Charter - Nusa Tengarra, Komodo Island. Indonesia


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Escape The Crowds – Surf East Indonesia!  The best way to reach little surfed breaks is by a “wavehunting” vessel. In Indonesia’s Nusa Tenggara region, or “Far East” there are just a few boats available. Our Vessel is the young hot alternative surf charter boat for guaranteed fun holidays! Get together your friends and come on board to discover with an experienced surf guide real secret spots! The boat sails and surfs the Nusa Tenggara chain of islands in Eastern Indonesia with emphasis on the islands of Timor, Roti, Savu, Sumba, Sumbawa as well as many other small islands in the vicinity.


  • Empty lineups
  • Isolated Islands
  • Quality reef setups
  • Good variety of breaks for all standards of surfing !
  • Long to short lefts and rights
  • Hollow to fun /hotdog surf
  • No crowds !


Escape The Crowds – Surf East Indonesia Nusssa Tengara islands on board a traditional Pinisi Schooner made or ironwood and teak


Onboard Facilities

  • 2 Zodiacs (Dinghys): Fiberglas 4,50m 40HP & Rubber zodiac 3,80m 25HP will bring you fastest to the waves.
  • TV, DVD, party sound system for free use!
  • Cheap alcoholic drinks
  • Australian surfguide TROY – the best guide you can get!!!
  • 12 or 14 beds.


Boat Building

  • A traditional Pinisi Schooner made of Ironwood and Teakwood
  • 2-mast sailing boat, gaff rig (pinisi system)
  • length over all: 30m
  • length over deck: 24m
  • beam: 6,5m
  • gross tonnage: 73, net tonnage: 58
  • sail area: 270 squaremeter
  • Shipyard: Tanah Beru (Sulawesi/Indonesia)
  • Boat Builder: Haji Abdullah
  • Construction time: April 2003 – April 2004



  • All cabins with toilet/shower and aircondition
  • Springbeds
  • Two doublecabins
  • Two triplecabins
  • One familycabin for 4 people
  • max. 14 passengers
  • Crew of 8: Captain, Mechanic, Cook, Deckhands, Waiter
  • Positions: Bali & Komodo
  • Power: 270 HP, Mitsubishi 8 Cylinder / Average travel speed: 8 knots



  • GPS, Radio, Satphone, Fishfinder
  • 3 Gensets: 27KW, 5KW, 3KW (220V/12V)
  • 220V sockets in each cabin
  • Diving-Compressor Bauer Marina
  • Tanks, Weightbelts, BCD on request
  • 2 Zodiacs: 4,5m 40HP & 3,8m 25HP
  • 2 inflatable live rafts: each 15 Persons
  • 4 Penn fishing rods with all accessories
  • Good sound & light system for parties
  • TV, CD, DVD, Notebook, i-pod for music
  • Towels and beach towels
  • Valuables can be stored in our ship’s safe
  • Excellent food and snacks
  • Fresh water on-deck shower
  • Outdoor sleeping facilities
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Library with english & german books
  • Complete first aid box, just in case.


The vessel sails and surfs the Nusa Tenggara chain of islands in Eastern Indonesia with emphasis on the islands of Timor, Roti, Savu, Sumba, Sumbawa as well as many other small islands in the vicinity. Many are truly “secret spots” & some of the best and least crowded in the world. Over 25 breaks, some world class with Hawaiian power.


Everything from long reef points to super hollow reef provides a variety of surf for everyone, from shortboard rippers to longboarders. In this area the close proximity of the breaks makes checking out the surf easy in our fast dinghys. Many of the breaks are only a short paddle away from the anchorages and easily viewed from the deck.


Depending on the strength of the trade winds we can travel west to Sumba, surfing off the small islands on the way. These surf spots are so remote that there has never been a photo of them published anywhere. Known only to a few hardy explorers the waves we will bring you to are consistent, powerful, and uncrowded!


Nusa Tenggara has surf all year round, generated by powerful Indian Ocean ground swells from the S and SW, but the peak swell period is April-October. From May-September, the dominant winds are the SE trades.


Roti and Outer Islands in particular consist mainly of limestone hills that are starkly barren for most of the year when the SE trade winds blow strong and scour the sky of all moisture. This of course coincides with the southern hemisphere winter swell season. The bluewater waves, constant sunshine, steady offshores, hot sand and palm groves that grace most beaches becomes one of those stereotyped DAYDREAMS COME TO LIFE. Most of the surfers who travel to these islands pinch themselves at moments to see if they are really awake…


Roti Island

  • Nembrala: Roti’s best known surf spot. It is a long left that captures and holds any size swell. Fun under 8 feet, but best from 8 feet and up. Over 10 feet it is one of the best, perfect big wave spots in Indo.
  • T-Lands: a huge left hander
  • + Other good waves in the area (rights & lefts)


Outer Islands

  • Secret Spot #1: hollow left
  • Secret Spot #2: hollow left long/fast down the line
  • Secret Spot #3: perfect hollow right and hollow left
  • Secret Spot #4: fun/semilong righthander with some hollow sections


Sumba island

  • God’s left: A long and barreling lefthander, extremely fast and good, can break for 200 meters + down the reef. A racy and hollow wave 4-12ft+. Experienced surfers only. Easily blown out by SE trades.
  • Wanukaka: A good righthander. When its small there is a fun break close to the beach. When it’s big it lines up well from way outside and is quite a long and challenging wave. Wind protected.
  • Millers Rights: A great righthand reef/point wave that is not too challenging for your average surfer. Picks up a lot of swell and is set in an amazingly beautiful bay with rain forest coming all the way down to the beach.
  • Other breaks depending on conditions and we feel that to name or describe the exact location is unnecessary and leads to overexposure…



Nusa Tenggara


The Nusa Tenggara archipelago, or Lesser Sunda Islands, stretches east of Bali and includes the islands of Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores and Timor


Moluccas & Irian Jaya


The Archipelago of the Moluccas, or Malaku islands, stretches between Timor and New Guinea. Known as the Spice Islands, they comprise nearly 1000 islands and islets, many of them volcanic and covered by lush rainforest.


Irian Jaya is the Indonesian western half of the island of New Guinea, just north of Australia and at the Easternmost end of the Indonesian archipelago. This island of just 1,000 miles long, the world’s second largest island, is covered by dense rainforest and formed low wetlands and a central range culminating at over 16,000 feet, while surrounded by numerous smaller islands and atolls. Politically, the island is divided between the independent state of Papua New Guinea to the east and the Indonesian provinces of Papua and Irian Jaya to the west.




Tropical. Warm waters all year long ! Dry season from June to Septembre – Wet season from October to May

Getting Here

The boat sails from Bali Bali Denpasar International Airport (DPS) Garuda, Singapore, Qantas + major airlines


No need for vaccines. There is no Malaria in Bali. A one month visa is necessary for most countries




Full board, AC cabins with private shower and toilet, soft drinks, mineral water, tea and coffee, towels, land-excursions, use of snorkeling gear, experienced surf guide & European cruise director, transfers to or from the ship. All prices are based on twin sharing.




Airfares, alcoholic beverages, crew gratuities.


NUSA TENGGARA area: Harbour clearance US$ 70 / person.

IRIAN JAYA area: Harbour clearance fees US$ 200 / person.



Itineraries are subject to change without notice due to sea and weather conditions, availability of safe anchorage, government regulations and other factors beyond the company’s control. The cruise director and captain of the MOANA will adjust the program accordingly in the best interest of all.


Prices: Ask us for a quote

The vessel will spend most of 2009 in Komodo Island


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