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Boa Beach Villa Surf - Bo'a, Nembrala. Indonesia


Bo'a Vida Rote Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Bo’a Vida is a small eco-hideaway where adventure, surf and nature lovers can explore and get a taste of true island living. Bo’a Vida’s suites are accompanied by a cliff side Restaurant and a private cove for a hideaway beach swim. The tranquility and spectacular views are one of a kind. With only three rooms, we try to keep your experience with us as personal as possible.


We are open from March until November and we can accommodate a total of 8 people at the same time. 


Our guests can enjoy romantic walks to deserted beaches just from the. doorstep of your house, and swim at beautiful tide pools underneath caves. Surfing Bo’a wave, fishing, snorkel, sailing and kayak around the mangroves are a wonderful way to explore Rote. Pilates, Yoga and messages are available on site.


The main advantage of our beachside is that you always have a place to swim, even at the lowest tides of the month, which is rare on this coast. 


At Bo’a Vida, we value the local environment and highly respect nature. As a result, we built and furnished this eco hotel from local materials with the help of local craftsmen. We also created hydro-gardens to be able to reuse water and preserve this source as much as possible. We are also very proud to be 100% solar powered.



“A very secluded and romantic getaway in Rote Island, only 10 minutes scooter ride from the small village of Nembrala. There is a right hander right in front of the Resort and you are able to check the waves while laying in your bed. The right hander wave, called Bo’a, works from March until December, however March, April; May, June, September, October, November and December works at it best since it’s better with NE winds. You can still surf the break during dry season in the mornings before the SE trade winds gets too strong. We recommend this place for couples or close friends that are looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation close to good surf spots and empty white sand beaches. The food offered is amazing, everything is home made and very healthy. Everyone staying in the accommodation are having dinner together at a big table right in front of the ocean. The staff is really friendly and takes good care of you. Staying in this place feels like staying at home, but with all the luxury you need.”



There are three different bedrooms available at Rote Beach Surf Villa. Two bedrooms are located in Rumah Pantai and one is located in Rumah Lontar. Both of the houses are made out of wood with open aired bedrooms giving you a good night sleep with the sound of the ocean. 


Rumah Pantai

Rumah Pantai is set on top of Bo’a Beach, it consists of two bedrooms with King size beds, each with their own bathroom and cozy terraces overlooking the ocean. The rooms offer you a perfect view of the Bo’a surf break.


Rumah Paintai can be rented as a whole which is perfect for families or a group of friends. It can also be rented separated. The main living room is open air cooled by the fresh sea breeze, adjacent to the dining area with panoramic views to the ocean and Bo’a’s wave. Here you will be able to enjoy meals prepared by our staff to your taste or simply kick back and relax while taking in the unique vibe of the beautiful Indian Ocean.


In order to access Bo’a Beach or the cove you just have to open the beach gate. We have a open living that can be used by the both houses of the property for chilling, yoga and dining.


Mezzanine Room: This room has a King Size on the top floor and two single beds on the ground floor.


Attic Room: This room has a Kingsize Bed with a cozy terrace to stargaze at night. There is also an own toilet.



Rumah Lontar is a one bedroom bungalow on stills, positioned right on top of the cove. It is open to the elements with a king size bed and a veranda upstairs, an outdoor bathroom with a living room and deck space downstairs, all overlooking the ocean.

Rumah Lontar gives you the feeling of being right on top of the ocean, where you will enjoy the freshness of the passing breeze and completely relax listening to the steady sound of the sea.

In order to access Bo’a Beach or the cove, you just have to open the beach gate since we are just on top of the beach.



At Rote Beach Surf Villa we aim to provide our guests a fresh, balanced and healthy menu. We try to source as many of our products organically and local as possible. For lunch and dinner our guests can expect a varied choice of international and traditional Indonesian meals, with a big mediterranean influence in style of cooking and use of ingredients.


As we are in a remote area and we want to ensure maximum comfort of our guests, we will take care of their meals and money will be collected on arrival. The price per person per night for full board is 22 USD a night. 


We have a open living room just on the cliff overlooking the wave that can be used by the both houses. 




Start the day with an early surf or pilates session, have breakfast from 6:30 onwards. Enjoy coconut water, fruits, homemade granola, best smoothies bowls on the island, or eggs and homemade wholegrain bread to start the day with energy. You can either discover the island by your own or we can organize for you different sightseeing excursions. Lunch is served at 13:00 pm. In the afternoon guests usually relax, read a book and enjoy the peace that this magical island has to offer.
After you can either go back in the water and surf with breathtaking sunsets or have long walks on Bo’a beach and neighbour deserted beaches.
Have a drink at the couch on top of the ocean or pamper yourself with a massage just before a beautiful dinner to make your day even more amazing 🙂



Bo’a: Surf the world class wave of Bo’a right in front of Rote Beach Surf Villa, a gem still to be discovered by most. Therefore you will usually have an average of only 6 surfers to share the wave with throughout the whole year. A wave of many moods, Bo’a can deliver long powerful barreling waves one day and the next day fun long rippable walls. A high performance wave suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers.


A high performance wave suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers at low to mid tide.

At mid to high tide it can be suitable for begginers as well. Is a wave easy to paddle to as it is very close from the beach.


The water in Bo’a is never cold, you can surf with a lycra all year around. July, August and September are the chilliest months, if you suffer from cold easily, you can bring a 1 to 2 mm lycra.


A wave of many moods, Bo’a can deliver long powerful barreling waves one day and the next day fun long rippable walls. A high performance wave suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers.


Dana: Couple of barreling left and right hand waves that work on the right conditions. Fickle, but worthwhile.


Nembrala: Very long left hand walls are the norm of the day, working from 2ft to 20ft. Nembrala is the wave Rote is known for and a great place to get the longest rides of your life. Nembrala is a wave for everybody.


Oeseli: Multi section barreling left hander and a typical example of a classic indo reef. It needs a big swell to work, but a sight to behold.  


Do’o: Intense righthand point off the southern tip of the uninhabited Do’o Island.


There are more waves in the area just waiting to be discovered on the right conditions. Transfer from and to the airport or harbour is complementary.



Pilates: Give yourself a treat by starting your day with a pilates session. Addressed to both, your mind and body, pilates helps you to reeducate your posture, movement and alignment. Within just a few pilates sessions you will be able to reduce tensions and bad habits that interfere the body mechanisms.


Massage: Pamper yourself with the healing hands of our spa therapist. Our aim is to give you the treatment that you require and to make you feel rejuvenated.


Surf : There are surf instructors on the island, the instructors speak english and Indonesian. You can either book one or two sessions a day. The surf instructors provide you with surf boards and longboards if needed.


Fishing: The waterways, bays and nearby islands offer an excellent fishing adventure and anglers will appreciate a wide variety of species. Dog Tooth Tuna, Wahoo, Giant and Bluefin Trivially, Barracuda, Spanish Mackerell and many others will provide enjoyment to novice as well as experienced anglers.


Kayaking: Explore one of Indonesia’s exciting and beautiful yet endangered ecosystems and kayak your way through the mangroves.


Walk: Do a beautiful walk to the deserted beaches just around the corner. The purpose is to reach the tide pools where you can have a swim under a cave in the most calming environment.


Inland tours: Stop at one of the various secluded hidden beaches on the way to have a swim and cool down, or explore traditional villages to catch a bit of the laid back Rotenese way of living.


Cultural excursions: See traditional textile weaving and silver smiths on the island of N’dao


It’s also possible to dive, snorkel and do sailing tours. 




Getting Here

There are two flights a day from Kupang to Rote Island and vice versa, operated by Wings Air.

You can buy the domestic plane tickets trough the websites: or


If you are travelling with surfboards bigger than 6,2 feet, we recommend you to book the flight operated by Wings Air. There is a policy in Kupang airport that no boards longer than 6,2 feet can be checked in the Kupang – Rote flight. If you book the Wings Air flight Denpasar – Rote, they will check your boards in Bali and you will collect them in Rote. This flight makes a 35 minute stop in Kupang, however you do not have to leave the plane.

Wings Airline – Flight departs Denpasar, Bali (DPS) at 11.25 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 14.35 pm.

Wings Airline – Flight departs Kupang (KOE) at 15.10 pm and arrives in Ba’a Rote Island (RTI) at 15.40 pm.

If you are travelling with no boards, or smaller boards than 6,2 feet, you also have the option of travelling with the Garuda flight.

Garuda Airline – Flight departs Denpasar, Bali (DPS) at 10.55 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 12.50 am.

If you are taking another airline which is not the ones above, please make sure that the flight from Denpasar to Kupang arrives before 13.30 pm, to have sufficient time to connect.


Lion Air – Flight departs at 05.00 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 10.00 am.

Batik Air  Flight departs at 08.40 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 12.40 am.

Wings Air – The afternoon flight departs Kupang (KOE) at 15.10 and arrives Ba’a, Rote Island (RTI) at 15.40 pm.


Wings Air gives 10kg baggage allowance and two small pieces hand luggage. Extra weight is 14.500IDR per kg (1.10USD).

Surfboards are charged 200.000IDR (16USD) per surfboard, but be aware they have size restrictions, if your board is bigger than 6,2 feet, it might be not allowed on the plane and they will send it with the ferry.

Garuda does not charge for surfboards domestically as long as it is within your 20 kg luggage allowance.


Rote (RTI) – Flight departs Rote (RTI) at 7:30 am and arrives in Kupang (KOE) at 7.55 am.

In the airport of Rote, they are not so strict with the surfboards policy. We will always try to help you checking the boards on the plane, however if by any chance you are not allowed, we can send the boards on the ferry for you and you will be able to pick them up in Kupang.

Kupang (KOE) to Bali (DPS) – We recommend you to take the afternoon flight operated by Lion Air. We suggest this flight, as we believe is the safest option. In case there would be a cancellation of the morning flight from Rote to Kupang, you would still have enough time to catch the morning ferry.

Lion Air – Flight departing 15.00 pm

Kupang (KOE) to Jakarta (CGK) – We recommend you the following two flights for the same reason as mentioned above; it gives you enough time to travel with the fast ferry, in case there would be any flight cancellation.

Lion Air – Flight departing 15.05 pm

Garuda – Flight departing at 16.50 pm

We always recommend our guests to travel with travel insurance as in Indonesia we are weather dependant.

Additionally we advise our guests to leave a minimum of 24 hours time to catch their onward international flights, to have enough time to reach Bali, Jakarta or Surabaya for your onward flight.



With 3 homemade meals a day 110 $USD
Half board 90 $USD

If you choose the full board option you can have your lunch at our hip Café Indika Rote, located in Nembrala (10 minutes with scooter from the accommodation). 



Kayak Tours: 500.000 IDR ( for 2-3 people)

Sailing trips: 500,000 IDR per person

Massage: 250,000 IDR 

Surf lesson: 300,000 IDR per person 

Yoga or Pilates private lessons (one or two people) 400,000 IDR per person

Yoga or Pilates for three or more 

300,000 IDR



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