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Hossegor Surf Hostel - Les Landes, Aquitaine. France


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Welcome to Hossegor Surf Hostel, if you are searching for a nice and cool place to enjoy surfing and meet people around the world you found the good one! If you come alone, with a group of friend or family you will enjoy the beauty of the place.


Hossegor Surf Hostel is only 50 meters far from Capbreton beach, a traditional Villa with lounge and dining room, fully equipped kitchen, a large outdoor chill area with hammocks and sofas to relax, dining area and pool table. In the corner is a bathroom and also an outside shower for after beach time. Private and shared rooms available.


We offer a variety of wetsuit, boards, skateboards, Wifi for free. As well as chilled happy vibes and welcome guests and surfers from all around the world.


Traditional Landais villa

  • Lounge and dining room area
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Large outdoor chill area, with sofas and hammocks to relax
  • Large dining area and a pool table
  • Bathroom with bath, shower, and toilet
  • Outside shower
  • The back gate to the beach and within a minute’s walk you will be at the beach!


  • Free Wetsuits
  • Free Surfboards
  • Free Skateboards
  • Free Wifi


  • Clean and comfortable Private Double Ensuite Room with a large wardrobe
  • 2 large rooms (4 pax) with shared bathroom
  • 1 large room (5pax) with shared bathroom



Hossegor Surf Hostel

  • Free Surfboards 
  • Free Wetsuit
  • Free Skate boards


Silver Coast Surf

France’s Silver Coast is dotted with a string of fabulous surf spots such as Lacanau, Arcachon, Biscarosse, Capbreton, Boucau and Hossegor, annual venue of the WCT Quiksilver Pro. Extending from the Gironde to the Adour estuary, this almost straight ruler on the Atlantic boasts 160 miles of uninterrupted sandy beach, ideal for surfing and bordered by dunes and pine forests. From Easter to All Saint’s Day, the coast has the best potential for surf, with good unridden barrels and the steadiest swell anywhere in Europe.


The surfing quality of the wave is due to the depth and funnel shape of the Bay of Biscay, that rises abruptly in front of the coast, and the numerous small rivers and stream mouths dotting its length shaping good sand breaks. Due to the changing winds and the huge tidal range, the waves can evolve with incredible speed.


The sandbars orientation favor rights, while lefts tend to be very hollow because of the consistent North to South undertow. But the good sandbars can be destroyed by the winter storms and the main surfing problem is the lack of shelter when the sea gets rough.od sandbars can be destroyed by the winter storms and the main surfing problem is the lack of shelter when the sea gets rough.  

Surf Spots

There are waves all year round. Even during the summer when these are small, the area around Hossegor is exposed to the swell which makes surfing possible almost every day. All these spots are beach breaks, so it’s safe to walk within hitting rocks, and waves can break right or left. They are exposed to the same offshore winds: East, Southeast, and Northeast.


Most famous spots

Les Casernes:

Can be ridden until 2m-2m50 (6-7ft)

according to sandbars. Some long rides. Works all  tides.


Le Prevent:

Can be ridden until 2m-2m50 (6-7ft).

Breaks between jetties. Catches less swell than Seignosse or Hossegor. Hollow and short waves. Best at mid tide.


La Piste:

Can be ridden until 2.5m-3m (7-8ft.)

Best at mid tide. Be careful with the blockhaus from WW II


Le Penon:

Can be ridden until 2m-2m50 (6-7ft) according to sandbars.

Works all tides. Some very long rides. The sandbars use to be improved by a small wooden jetty.


La Sud:

Starts at 2m (6 ft) on the over spot.

Works only at low tide


Les Bourdaines:

Can be ridden until 2m-2m50 (6-7ft) according to sandbars.

Some long rides. Works all tides



Can be ridden until 2m-2m50 (6-7ft) according to the sandbars .

Some long rides. Works all tides


La Gravière:

Can be ridden until 2.5m-3m (7-8ft).

Very hollow wave. Tube with monster barrels rideable in clean conditions. Best at mid tide. Only for experts!


La Nord:

Hardcore wave… Starts at 2m (6 ft) and can holds up to 5m (15f).

Far from the shore. Only for experts!


Les Estagnot: Can be ridden until 2.5m-3m (7-8ft), sometimes 4m (12 ft).

Often some long rides. Best at low tide


Les Culs Nuls:

Can hold up to 2.5m-3m (7-8ft). Usually hollow.

Best at mid to low tides. Naturist beach, hence its name which is a pun between “assholes” and “barren asses”



Few steps to the beach, La Vague Cafe/bar, De port Restaurant, Mini market.


Capbreton Market in 2 km.

Hossegor Lake 4 km

Adour River 20 km


Getting Here

  • Biarritz Airport 21.5 km
  • San Sebastián Airport 43.3 km
  • Pau Pyrénées Airport 87.9 km
  • Dax TGV Gare de Train , 40 km.
  • High-speed train from Bordeaux, Paris, and Spain




Open from May to October



30 EUR per person per night



  • Shared room
  • Surfboard & wetsuit
  • Skateboard
  • Shared fully equipped kitchen
  • Wifi



Groups Surf Lessons to be paid upon arrival according to weather conditions.

Around 35 EUR per group session (1.5 hours)



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