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Moliets Plage Surf Camp - Moliets Et Maa, Les Landes. France


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Our Surf Camp is situated at beautiful Moliets Plage in south-western France, our camp is a shining example of what makes a truly special surfing holiday experience. 


Come to a full-service surf camp in the true sense, featuring top-notch facilities at an unbeatable price.


You will have the opportunity to experience nature, relax in comfortable accommodation, enjoy a buzzing social life, fresh home-cooked food, surf lessons from qualified instructors and a range of activities, including skateboarding, live music, yoga, film nights, ping pong and volleyball  — all in impeccable style.


Because there is no reason to sacrifice comfort and luxury if you want to enjoy the great experience of outdoor holidays in harmony and contact with nature.

Glamping is a new and growing trend from the last decade, a fusion of glamour and camping. It is a perfect concept for those who love the positive points of camping and outdoor lifestyles but want to forget all those negatives aspects and enjoy complete comfort.

We invite you to try this new concept of camping in our double bed glamorous tents. Furnished and decorated with a cozy and pleasant taste, out of recycled materials and equipped with a very comfortable mattress.

  • Cozy and comfortable furnished tents with lighting and power.
  • All bedding included. No need to bring a sleeping bag or duvet. 
  • Perfect for couples: a romantic and private retreat.
  • Choose when to relax or join the vibrating life of the camp.
  • Includes a nice welcome present: bottle of wine.


Surfing Lesson

You can be assured of safety and comfort in the water; this is down to the fact that we provide one instructor per eight students. Our instructors will be in the water helping you out, so you will be able to take advantage of the personal attention our instructors will give you.

Your instructor will also be the same all week long, meaning you will be able to forge a relationship that will help get the best out of your lessons!

Our surf instructors are the reason why we stand out from all the rest. All our instructors have a surf instructor license, and most importantly surfing is their biggest passion – they love surfing, and crucially, they love teaching how to surf.

This mean that they will make a big effort to make sure you appreciate the surf as much as they do, all the while being safe. We guarantee you are going to love your surf instructor, the surfing experience, all the team and every second you will be with us.

You will receive a minimum of 10 hours per week, 15 hours if you book intensive course, no more than 2 lessons of 90 minutes per day, this makes the best option if you are really interested in learning how to surf.

Of course in our surf camp in Moliets, France we have the best equipment, which you can use even after the surfing lessons, all for free.

Add Surf lessons to your activity package

Yoga Lessons

Relax and replenish your mind and body through yoga.

Yoga is a commonly known generic term for its physical, mental, and spiritual discipline which origins lie in ancient India.

One of the really good things about yoga applied to surf is that yoga is a perfect complement for such an all around athletic sport.

You will stretch and do positions that will help your body compensate for the exertion from surfing.

Weekly Activities

Your happiness and to give you an unforgettable experience is our goal. For that reason we organize innumerable activities for you to enjoy.


This is an optional trip, but we highly recommend you to join this trip and discover this wonderful Spanish city, taste the awesome Basque cuisine, have a walk along the boardwalk, visit the city monuments, enjoy the landscapes, and discover the nightlife of San Sebastian. The trip is not included in the surf camp price.


After a few days in the camp it’s time to see who has improved the most playing beach volley, join our volley tournament, good fun guaranteed!  


Improve your reflex and challenge the other campers to a match, our surf camp has its own ping-pong table. Join the surf camp tournament, or just play during your free time.


After dinner we will show a great movie in the chill out tent. Join us and have a relaxed evening kicking back with our special movie selection.  


Be creative and make some crazy costumes up to fit in to our awesome themed parties.

Learn how to move and loosen your hips during our mojito party.

Show your singing skills or break some eardrums in our karaoke nights.


We try to organize as many live music concerts as possible. We love music and that’s why we support many independents artists that come to our camp in pursuit of having a great time sharing the positive vibes.


The Equipment

The camp has all of the professional equipment you will need in order to take maximum advantage of your surf lessons. Furthermore, we have all the equipment necessary to enjoy to the fullest all your summer days in the surf camp.

Is not just about surf, it is much more, it is about a life philosophy, about enjoying every second of your life through sport, sun, beach, relaxing, yoga, comfort, etc.

And in order to achieve this we provide you with a great selection of equipment that will maximize your surf camp experience, completing your holidays in a way of quality.  




Moliets is a town and famous beach resort, a part of the extensive Atlantic Coast of south-west France which is known as Cote d’Argent. This area is a cradle of excellent surf camps in Europe, and it is no wonder that we have chosen this as a location for their superb facilities.

Moliets Surf Camp South West of France nestled in-between the resorts of Soorts-Hossegor to the south and Mimizan to the north, Moliets are bedecked with charming features, with more than 200km of white sandy beach hugged by the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by the alluring landscapes that dominate the south of France.

Our surf camp is located in one of the best camping spots in Moliets – Les Cigales, only a five minute by walk from the beach. Also in the vicinity is the protected forest in the Landes area, you are also only a few minutes walk from the wonderful Moliets Lake, a magic place perfect for relaxing and admiring the nature’s awe-inspiring beauty.

The Moliets beach has the perfect waves for surfing and learning how to surf, Moliets thrives with life, where young people from all over Europe come to enjoy the beach, the nature, the waves, the party and the environment.

Moliets is definitely a perfect place to spend the summer holidays, where you will enjoy the Sun, beaches, waves, sport, youth, beauties, surf, and specially the great environment.

For those who love the night life, there is amazing nightclubs full of life and restaurants all around.

Getting Here


Traveling by plane is always a good choice, safe and fast, and if we are lucky and can find a good flight, is also an economic way to travel, find a flight from your home city to one of the nearest airports, and you can contact us to hire our economic shuttle service, we will pick you up at the airport and drive you to the surf camp. Find your best option in: Trabber or Skyscanner.

    Biarritz airport is the nearest airport to the surf camp, approximately 1 hour from the surf camp, from there you can use our pick-up service for just 35€ per person/way.

    Bordeaux airport is also a good choice, it is located approximately 2 hours from the surf camp, at your arrival at Bordeaux airport you can take the direct shuttle to the train station (, and from there you can take a train to Dax ( We have a pick-up service from Dax, the price is 10€ per person/way or you can take a public bus from Dax train station to Moliets.

    *We also offer a pick-up service from Bordeaux if you prefer, the price is 50€ per person/way.


    San Sebastian airport is located approximately one and a half hours from the surf camp. On Saturdays, you can book our economic shuttle service for 45€ per person/way.


Traveling by train is also a good option, specially in mid-distance trips. The nearest train station to the surf camp is Dax, located approx. 40 minutes from the surf camp, you can book our economic shuttle service from Dax to our surf camp for 15€ per person/way. We can also pick you up from any other nearby train stations, like Biarritz or San Sebastian.

There are several websites where you can look for the best options for your trip, for instance, Rail Europe , once you have arrived in France, we recommend you to use the SNFC web page.


You can travel to Bordeaux from most of the bigger European cities, then you can take a train from Bordeaux to Dax, we have a pick-up service from there for 10€ per person/way.

You can check prices and options for your bus trip to Bordeaux in the Eurolines web page.


If you have your own car, is also a good option to get to our surf camp by car, once in Moliets, there is a lot of free-parking areas where you can safely leave your car for a week or two. Check in Via Michelín web the best roads to get to our surf camp, you can also check the distance, the approx. time you will spend and the approx. price your car trip will cost. Remember, the destination is: 40660 Moliets-Plage, Moliets-et-Maa, France.


The Surf Bus is also an excellent option to get to our surf camp, this is a special bus service travelling from Belgium and Netherlands to our surf camp in Moliets. The buses depart on Friday and you will be dropped at our surf camp on Saturday, and the bus will pick you up the last Saturday of your stay for the way back home. This service is available from 30 June 2017 and the last return trip leaves the camp on the 02 September 2017. Check the cities and prices below:


The cities in Belgium with departure to our surf camp in Moliets are: Antwerp and Gent.  The round trip ticket price is 130€ per person. You can book it directly together with your surf camp: Book now.

Surf Bus From/To Departure Location Round trip price (both ways)
Antwerp Afslag 3 Borgenhout bij Scandic Hotel 130€
Gent 9050 Gentbrugge, Sporthal Driebeek Driebeekstraat 42 130€

*** The departure details will be confirmed before your trip


The surf bus from the Netherlands departs from four cities: Amsterdam, Breda, Den Bosch and Utrecht.  The round trip ticket price is 130€ per person. You can book it directly together with your surf camp: Book now.

Surf Bus From/To Departure Location Round trip price (both ways)
Amsterdam Europaboulevard P 18 (Buitenveldert Oost) 130€
Breda Transferium aan de A 16 ( adres:Bagven Park) 130€
Den Bosch 5232 AB Den Bosch, Station Oost Bruistensingel bij Bushalte 130€
Utrecht 3541 MV Utrecht, J.C. Verthorenpas 100 P+R Muziektheater Leidsche Rijn langs (A2) 130€

*** The departure details will be confirmed before your trip



This is a service just to make your way to Moliets Plage Surf Camp easier. We could pick you up from one of the airports nearby and take you back at your departure. As we don’t have a huge fleet and there may be traffic or other issues, don’t depend on us, even when we try our best we may be delayed for up to a couple of hours.

You can find information about how to get to Moliets Plage Surf Camp in the following link. If you need it we can gladly advise you the best and cheapest way to arrive to the surf camp: contact us

Destination Price / trip and person Saturday Rest of the days
From destination From camp
Dax train station 15€ Flexible: pick up/drop off from 8:00 to 22:00 (grouped by similar arrival times)
Biarritz airport 35€ 10:00 | 16:00 | 21:00 6:00 | 12:00 | 18:00 Flexible: pick up/drop off from 8:00 to 22:00 (grouped by similar arrival times)
St Sebastian bus or train station / airport
**Only available in July and August
45€ 9:00 | 15:00 | 20:00 6:00 | 12:00 | 18:00 Not available
Bordeaux airport 50€ 9:30 | 16:30 | 21:00 4:30 | 12:30 | 18:00 Not available



At Moliets Surf Camp, the price includes accommodation in bell tents, full board (breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner), free access to all our surf and camp equipment, camp activities and a lot of surprises.

Glamping tents
Starting Week   1 person 2 people
26/05/2018   429€ 658€
02/06/2018   429€ 658€
09/06/2018   469€ 738€
16/06/2018   469€ 738€
23/06/2018   469€ 738€
30/06/2018   499€ 798€
07/07/2018   499€ 798€
14/07/2018   499€ 798€
21/07/2018   519€ 838€
28/07/2018   519€ 838€
04/08/2018   519€ 838€
11/08/2018   519€ 838€
18/08/2018   519€ 838€
25/08/2018   499€ 798€
01/09/2018   499€ 798€
08/09/2018   469€ 738€
15/09/2018   429€ 658€



Prices per week
  Normal Intensive
Surf 115€/10 hours 140€/15 hours
Yoga  30€/3 lessons  45€/5 lessons
Trip to San Sebastian 25€



This is a service just to make easier your way to our camp. We could go to pick you up from the airports nearby and back at your departure. As we don’t have a huge fleet and traffic or other issues don’t depend on us, even when we try our best it may be delayed up to a couple of hours.



Surf Bus From/To Round trip price (both ways)
Amsterdam / Antwerp / Breda / Den Bosch / Gent / Utrecht 130€

*** We will book it for you once your booking is confirmed and send you the bus tickets and further information by mail. This service is available from July 6th and the last return trip is on the 1st of September.



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