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The Best Christmas Gifts You Should Get For Your Loved Ones

Nomad Surfer's Team wishes you a Merry Christmas.

Now it's your turn to wish your loved ones a magical Christmas with the best Christmas present ever. Whether they are your teens, your friends, your family or your lover, we are here to help you choose the best gift with our special selection of Surf Travel Christmas Gifts.

Explore below!

Get Away (and Surf!) with that Special Someone

Who says romance doesn't go well with surfing? Time to get your surfboard and darling ready for a surf trip on these breathtaking resorts.

1.Kandooma Island Surf Resort, South Male, Maldives

Enjoy the white sands and clear turquoise waters on the Maldives. Book Your Romantic Surf Escape to Maldives

2. Nomads' Tropical Surf Resort Sumbawa, Indonesia

Be part of the privileged and visit one of the best kept secrets and uncrowded spots on the planet. Book Your Next Tropical Dream in Sumbawa

Surf with your Mates

“The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.” Time to go on an exciting surf trip with your best friends, ride the best waves and feel like champions! whether you’re beginners or advanced you can always learn something new in a surf lesson.

Find your coolest options in this selection of Surf Camps.

1. Surf Charter in the Maldives

Sail the atolls of the Maldives looking only for the best surf breaks. Book your Sail & Surf Trip in Maldives

2. Surf Charter in Mentawai

Surf in the Mentawais, one of the most consistent surf destinations. Book your Next Surf Adventure with Your Mates

3. Cabo Ledo Surf Resort, Luanda, Angola

Enjoy the practically virgin coast of Angola and surf 9 of its world-class surf breaks. Book Angola Surf Resort! 

Chill and Surf with the Family

Leave the crowds and build stronger bonds as a family. With multiple activities, every member will have an exciting time. Surfers or non-surfers, it’s simply impossible not to enjoy these destinations. 

Time to relax and enjoy the family-friendly activities offered by our Surf Resorts.

1. Nomads' Tropical Surf Resort Sumbawa, Indonesia

Enjoy the absolute beachfront resort, its facilities, and multiple activities. Book your Next Family Holiday in Sumbawa

2. Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Find yourself at stunning beaches and uncover the nature around you. Book the Dream Family Surf Holiday in Panama

3. Vale Figueiras Surf Camp, Algarve Portugal

A family friendly and comfortable Surfing Holiday, only 5-minute drive from the beach. Book & Chill with your Family in Algarve

Gift the Youth with a Lifetime Adventure

Surfing, learning a new language, discovering fun holiday activities… Your teenager will return with new friends & wonderful memories! Check out our worry-free selection of Teens Camps.

1. Teen Surf Camp in Algarve, Portugal

We've been organising this camp since 2000, it's always been a guaranteed hit amongst parents and their teens. Book the Teen Surf Experience in Algarve

2. Teen Surf Camp, Spain 

Multiple activities await your kids, don't let them miss this lifetime experience in Spain. Secure your Teen a Spot in this Spain Surf Camp

3. Teen Surf Camp Lisbon, Portugal

Your teen will meet new multi-national friends, make the most out of their holidays, and gain unforgettable memories. Book Teen Surf Camp in Lisbon 

4. Teen Surf Camp Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica 

A truly thoughtful experience where your teens will Surf and Rescue Turtles, making a difference in their hearts and in the world. Book this Memorable Teen Experience in Costa Rica Surf Camp

Surprise your Family, Teens, Friends, Lover or anyone you care about with an exciting surfing getaway to any of these amazing destinations!

The memories of this experience will stay forever in their hearts.

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