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Nomad Surfers Algarve Teens Surf Camp - Summer Camp, Algarve. Portugal


Nomad Surfers Algarve Teens Surf Camp - Summer Camp, Algarve Guests overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.8 based on 41 reviews.
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Nomad Surfers has been organizing this 10 day Teens Summer Surfcamp Portugal in the Algarve since 2000. There is a maximum of 55 kids per week and the summer surf camp and is for boys and girls between 12 and 18. The accommodation for the kids is close to Vale Figueiras beach, a nice Surfhouse only 5 minutes from Carrapateira and Aljezur, and 20 minutes north of Sagres.


Surf Courses are split into three levels: total beginners who will learn the easiest way to surf and improve their technique, Intermediate surfers, and advanced surfers. Plenty of activities, prizes, gifts and lots of fun. The children will be spoken to in English, French or Spanish most of the time. We also offer Spanish, Portuguese and English Language classes in the evenings (optional).


The team consists of qualified coaches, who speak several languages and all the elements are combined to provide kids with professional, pleasurable and efficient training. The Team has dedicated their life to surf and has over 15 years of experience in junior training.


A special attraction in the year 2019 is an autographs night with the Surf Champion Afonso Antunes. National champion under 12, 14, 16 and 18 age category. European champion under 14 age category. Champion RipCurl Grom Search 2019, 5th on the word Junior Surfing Championship.


Private property of 10,000 square meters in the Natural park of Alentejo. Friendly and Safe Summer Surf camp Portugal accommodating up to fifty-five teenagers. The Surfcamp consists of the main building with a big dining area and an outside area where our guest can relax or play.


Outdoor Area

  • Swimming pool
  • Skate Ramp
  • Chill out area

Spacious living room

  • Internet access
  • A library full of books and surf magazines
  • Billiard
  • Large screen TV with a wide selection of movies and surf DVD’s


  • Separate dorms for boys and for girls.
  • Rooms can be of 3, 4, 6 or 8 people.
  • Prices include accommodation in shared dorms.
  • Private rooms are optional. To have your private Twin or triple room you need to book two or three people in the same booking. Limited vacancies.


Professional Chef with more than 20 years experience in the best restaurants in the Algarve. The food is abundant and delicious. If a kid doesn’t like the food for any particular reasons we will make sure to cook him or her something else something of their taste.


Breakfast: Served at the surf camp, a delicious breakfasts buffet with freshly squeezed orange juice, fruit, ham, bacon, cheese, cereal, etc.Vegetables and fruits: Salad, tomatoes and more. It’s amazing!


Lunch: Picnic Lunches are given to each kid to take to the beach. Sandwiches, fruit, chocolate, drinks, water.


Dinner: Dinners are provided at the nearby restaurant or cooked by our local chef at the Surfcamp.


We are a flexible surf camp and our main objective is that children have a great time and feel at home, or better!

For Parents

We have dedicated many years to the practice and teaching of surfing as qualified instructors, so Nomad Surfers created the Summer Surf Camp Portugal in 2000 with great enthusiasm, specializing in minors. We know the responsibility that this entails, that is why the boys/girls will be controlled at all the times both in the surf lessons and activities extras we developed for their free time, and also at all times by our monitors, and will be always accompanied by teachers graduates. They will be surfing, doing sports and having fun but with the maximum security for them.



Surf School and Coaching

This surf school in the Algarve is one of the best in Portugal and renowned for training junior surfers. The Summer Surfcamp Courses are split into four levels:


Level 1 for beginners

1st and 2nd Day.

Morning: Introduction to waves without surfboards, introduction with the surfboard always laying down. Afternoon: Practice balance, Timing, exercises to get up on the board in and out of the water.


3rd and 4th Day.

Morning: Review the last part of the first days. Afternoon: Stand Up and Balance position.


5th and 6th Day.

Morning: Review the last part. Afternoon: Exercises of weight change from front leg to back leg, walking on board.


7th and 8th Day.

Morning: Review the last part. Afternoon: Learn to turn left, learn to turn right.


9th and 10th Day.

Put in practice all the exercises you have learned all week.


Level 2 for Intermediate surfers

Evaluation of each person to know in which level he or she has and which points to work on.



✔ Exercises on Streetboardz. Skateboards with front trucks that move laterally and specially designed to train rail to rail surfing.

✔ Paddling,

✔ Sitting on the board,

✔ Turning direction while sitting

✔ Explosive paddling,

✔ Paddle to the outside,

✔ Techniques to pass the waves while paddling out (Eskimo roll, etc),

✔ Catching green waves with the help of the coach pushing,

✔ Timing and reading of waves to know in which direction to paddle and when to get up.

✔ Surf green waves going left, surf green waves going right.

✔ Video analysis.

Level 3 for advanced surfers

Evaluation of each surfer to know exactly which level he or she has and which points to work on.



✔ Introduction to shortboards.

✔ Duck dives,

✔ Bottom turns,

✔ Turn on the top (re-entry),

✔ Trimming,

✔ Understanding tides and currents

✔ Introduction to reefs,

✔ Getting in and out of the water,

✔ Reading swell charts

✔ Surfaris to secret spots.


The coach will be video recording and will correct you with an analysis at the beach and also at the surfcamp.

A Typical Day

09:00 – Breakfast

09:45 – Vans to the beach

10:30 – 13:00 Training

13:00 – 15:00 Lunch

15:00 – 17:00 Training

18:30 Back at the Surf Camp (Horse ride, Shaping class, Video, shower, relax, play, or other activities.) Language course (optional)

20:30 Dinner

22:00 Videos

Other Activities


  • Surfboard Shaping Workshop: Surfboard construction workshop. Once a week we have a workshop where we teach the kids how to shape, sand, and glass surfboards. We do the same process but in miniature surfboards which they can take with them as key chains.


  • Beach Clean Up: In between surf sessions, we will do a beach clean up, where the teenagers will have a glove to collect as much garbage as possible at the beach where we practice surfing. Every day the pollutions of the oceans and all the environment are getting worse, we need to do our part and spread good practice to more and more people, we can not give up.


  • Yoga sessions few days a week.
  • Barbecue party at the camp.
  • Touristic excursions.
  • Nature Run once a week.
  • Beach Volleyball Competition.
  • Other fun activities at the beach
  • OPTIONAL Activities ( Waterpark 19 EUR, Kayak 20 EUR, etc)


Horse riding

Close by to the property there is stables with horses, cows, pigs, dogs, and our orchard. Some weeks we also take our kids horseback riding. 2 hour classes for total beginners or advanced riders. Kids will be surfing, doing sports and having fun but with the maximum security for them.


Language Courses

Summer Surfcamp Portugal offers optional Spanish and English Language courses. The classes are only one hour per day for five days from Monday to Friday in the morning before the surf lessons or in the afternoon so no one will miss out on any surfing. The classes are fun and most of the time they will be taught in the open air (Beach, fields, with the animals at the nearby farms, etc).




We are 30 minutes north of Sagres. The Surfhouse is ideally located between nature and the wild Vale Figueiras Beach or Arrifana Beach where the surf courses take place. (hills, birds, cows and sheep). No houses, bars, or anywhere to walk to, apart from the beach. We have everything we need to keep our guest entertained at the camp.


The Algarve is situated on the southern most part of Portugal, stretching along the Atlantic between the Spanish border and Cabo Sao Vicente, Europe’s south western most point, enjoys a privileged climate all year round, in brightly coloured and fertile surroundings covered with orange, fig and almond groves. The southern coastline is formed by a long stretch of fabulous beaches, only broken up by impressive reddish cliffs. The west coast is wilder and the sea rougher, with a string of solitary coves and beaches accessed through dirt tracks.


  • 30 km. N of Sagres
  • 30 km. NW of Lagos
  • 110 km. from Faro
  • 275 km. S of Lisbon (Portugal)
  • 300 km. W of Sevilla (Spain)

Getting Here

Flying to Faro (FAO)

Direct Flights from major all European cities.


SPAIN: Direct flight Madrid to Faro. Iberia

ITALY: 1 Conextion Milan to Faro. Easyjet / Ryanair / Veiling

FRANCE: Direct flight to Faro – Easyjet/Transavia /Ryanair

GERMANY: Ryanair /Tui Fly/Munich Transavia / air Berlin




We offer Transfers to/ from Faro international airport, Lisbon International Airport, Sevilla Train station, Lagos train and bus stations.



By Train or Bus

You can also take a train from Madrid. Children can get the AVE Train form Madrid to Sevilla and then we can pick them up at Sevilla train station.


Closest Train/Bus Station is LAGOS, 30 km.


What to bring

What to bring - Checklist

We have prepared a checklist to make sure your kid has everything he/she needs to have an awesome time at the camp!


✔ Underwear for 10 days

✔ Socks for closed shoes

✔ Summer t-shirts and shorts

✔ Long pants and sweater

✔ A raincoat

✔ Sports Shoes for Skate classes

✔ Flipflops/ Sandals

✔ Swimsuit / bikini

✔ Beach towel

✔ Small backpack to carry things to the beach

✔ Pijamas

✔ Toiletry kit (Toothpaste and toothbrush, champoo, gel, etc.)

✔ Hat or visor

✔ Sunscreen

✔ The mobile phone is optional, the idea is that are disconnected from the electronics.

✔ Pocket money (all meals are included but it is good to have a little extra money to buy one dinner, some ice cream or drink on the beach or during excursions, or extra optional activities).



Camp 121 June - 1 July10795 EUR
Camp 21 - 11 July 10850 EUR
Camp 311 - 21 July 10850 EUR
Camp 421 - 31 July 10850 EUR



✔ Shared room Accommodation at Surf House

✔ Full Board (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

✔ 1 dinner at the best local Restaurant (not included)

✔ Surf Classes and all necessary equipment

✔ English or Spanish Language classes (optional)

✔ Lagos Pick up and drop off. Train/Bus station

✔ Faro Airport Pick up and drop off

✔ Lisbon or Sevilla Airport transfers (Extra cost)

✔ Other activities. (horseback riding, Surfboard workshop, games, etc)

✔ Yoga

✔ 1 Nomad T-Shirt


Extra optional activities. Karting, Kayaks, Water park, etc. (not included)


Language Classes

8 days of English Language classes 155 EUR. The classes are only 1 hour long. The objective is that children learn at least a handful of few important phrases of words per day.



Official Dates

Faro Airport Pick up – FREE (pickups and drop-offs from 9 am to 8 pm)

Lisbon Airport Pick up – 100 EUR per person per way (pickups and drop-offs from 10 am to 8 pm)

Sevilla Airport Pick up – 100 EUR per person per way (available for groups only)


Another date

Faro Airport Pick up – 120 EUR per car per way


Check-in and Check-out times

The Surfcamp for children in the Algarve starts in the afternoon. Check-in after 5 PM and surf classes on the following morning. On check out day, the departures in the mornings, although we can drop off at a later time if necessary.



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