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The aloita is a beautifully crafted surf charter boat specially build for surf trips. It’s the only charter on the Mentawai that include the photo service, you will go back home with more than 1.000 shots, this service is charge separately in other charters and cost 300 U$.


The standard trip duration includes 11 days of surfing – 12 nights on the boat overall. Aloita is a 70′ x 15′ Hardwood boat, custom-built in 2002. It is fitted with all the amenities of home, including full air conditioning, TV, Hard Drive with tons of movies, stereo, fridge, freezer, radar, depth sounder, GPS, VHF/HF radio, 220V generator, life jackets, flares, EPIRB, first-aid kit, tender and outboard. Aloita’s crew are one of the most experienced crews operating more than 68 years in Mentawai.


Aloita has a cruising speed of 9 – 10 knots and is powered by two 180 HP engines perfectly suited to attain its optimal hull speed. 2 engines equal much greater safety at sea, as well as increased speed. The staff on the Aloita includes the captain, a mechanic, a great chef, a deck hand, and a highly qualified surf guide who is a professional photographer who will be taking professional shots during the trip.


By request, the Aloita is also available to take trips up to Telos.  


Aloita is a 70′ × 15′ custom built hard wood boat. The Aloita is outfitted with all the amenities of home including full air conditioning, LED TV, Play Station 3, hard drive with hundreds of movies and surf videos, iPod ready amplifier, indoor and stereo speakers, fridge, freezer, radar, depth sounder, GPS, VHF/HF radio, satellite phone, 2 × 220V 20 kVA generators, life jackets, flares, EPIRB, 20 persons life raft, first aid kit, tender and outboard, a generous living room with sofas, and indoor dinning room table, 3 shaded spacious out door hang out areas including front deck, the back deck with benches, and tables, and the upper deck, with a large out door dining table, and wrap around benches.


Accommodation on board is in five private twin share cabins. Six of ten large beds are wide enough to comfortably accommodate a couple, and the other four beds are large enough to accommodate large surfers. The maximum surfers allowed on board is 10 people.


The Aloita has an immense back deck with wrap around benches and a roof, which also has wrap around benches, and a big out door dining table, which is great for a nice dinner with your friends, hanging out, and waiting for a bite on the trolling gear. The runabout is a 17′ fiberglass tender with 40 HP outboard engine, and 25 HP back up engine.


Aloita, has a cruising speed of 9 – 11 knots and is powered by two 180 HP Mitsubishi engines perfectly suited to attain its optimal hull speed. 2 engines equal to much greater safety at sea, as well as increased speed, but also higher fuel costs. When looking into different boats for your next Mentawai vacation, and how they are priced, please keep in mind that Aloita, is competitively priced with several single engine boats, despite it’s higher fuel consumption.


The highly experienced crew on the Aloita, with over 68 years of experience operating in Mentawai between them, includes the captain, a mechanic, an incredible chef, one deck hand, a highly experienced surf guide / professional photographer who knows the surf spots, wind directions, swell directions, and secret spots like the back of his hand.


Aloita Specifications:



10 spacious beds in five private double cabins

Living room with big comfortable sofas, dining table, and entertainment system

Two bathrooms with showers

Outdoor shower on back deck

Dimensions: 70′ × 15′

Cruising speed: 9-11 knots

Engines: 2 × 180 HP Mitsubishi 6D15

Generators: 20 kVA × 2 Yanmar

Radio: Icom HF and VHF

Radar: Furuno 24 mile

GPS: Garmin

Sounder: Garmin

20 person life raft

Satellite Telephone


Life jackets

Fire Extinguishers

LED TV, DVD player, amplified stereo system with iPod jack, Play Station 3

Indoor & outdoor stereo speakers

Large shaded top deck area with large dining table wrap around bench seating

17′ fiberglass tender with 40 HP engine, and 25 HP back up engine.


Luxury, Surf Charter Boat stocked to the gills, a highly experienced surf guide/professional photographer, 2 DVD’s full of photos of your trip, full catering, airport/hotel transfers, gourmet cuisine, soft drinks, juices, beer, fishing gear, tender, high quality TV & video equipment in in the saloon, full air conditioning throughout the interior and in each individual cabin, a well stocked refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, a well equipped galley, and room to relax and hang out in style.  


The best advice when packing for a surf trip is to pack as light as possible when most of your time is spent in the water. The following list could help you tracking the items you might need during your stay.


In the Water


• big wave leash (2)

• boardshorts (2)

• fin keys (3)

• fin sets

• helmet (optional)

• leashes (4)

• leash teathers

• long sleeve rash guard (optional)

• reef booties (optional)

• short sleeve rash guard (optional)

• surfboard(s)

• surf hat (optional)

• sunblock

• tropical surf wax

• wax comb

• snorkeling gear (optional. SKIM boats do not carry snorkeling gear for our guests do to sanitary reasons – please bring your own if you’d like to snorkel).


Out of the Water:


• airline tickets (and a copy)

• cash (crisp, new bills)

• Travel Insurance (Assist-Card, World Nomad, any other)

• credit cards

• deodorant

• ding repair kit / sun cure resin

• electricity adaptor (optional)

• eyeglasses

• long sleeve t-shirt

• moisturizer (optional)

• multi-board travel bag

• nail clippers (optional)

• pain medicine (optional)

• pants (1)

• passport (and a copy)

• prescription medicine (optional)

• sandals

• shaving kit

• shorts (2)

• socks (3)

• still camera

• sun hat (optional)

• sunglasses

• towel (bath)

• t-shirts (3-4)

• toothbrush

• toothpaste

• travel backpack

• visa (if necessary) (and a copy)

• waterproof jacket (optional).


** The most important thing to remember on this list is to make sure that you have an updated passport and a valid visa if your passport is issued in an obscure country like Sweden. You will not be permitted to enter Indonesia if your passport is going to expire within six months of your arrival or if you are from a country that requires a special visa to enter.


Most people can take care of their visa upon entering Indonesia including citizens of the United States and Australia but before you purchase your airline tickets please check with your local authorities to make sure you’re covered.


The Mentawai islands are one of the most consistent surf destinations in the entire world. It’s broad exposure towards the vast, southern Indian ocean provides these majestic islands with remarkable consistency and quality. There are great waves in this area YEAR-ROUND, because the Indian ocean is the most ultra-active, groundswell producing machine in the world. During the entire year Saraina Koat Mentawai offers the average surfer the opportunity to score the best waves of their lives on the best local boats operating in the Mentawai islands. The best time of year to come to avoid crowds is October – February, because most people are under the misconception that this time of the year has no waves, and extreme weather, but this is false. Because of Mentawai islands proximity in relation to the equator the islands are virtually unaffected by the monsoons which greatly effect other areas of Indonesia. The Indian oceans relentless generation of clean swells year round, and the weather in the islands makes for year round epic surf, and conditions.


In an effort to minimize the exploitation of this sovereign area we have compiled a brief glimpse of seventeen well-known Mentawai Islands surf spots. There are an astonishing number of additional spots which offer an abundance of hollow, glassy barrels constantly evolving around the various moods of the ocean; however, the most important element in the Mentawai Islands experience is that overwhelming feeling of discovery and finding these perfect waves on your own.


  • Nokandui
  • A Frames
  • Hideaways
  • 4 Bobs
  • Burgerworld
  • Lance’s Left

  • Bankvaults

  • Beng Beng
  • E-Bay

  • Nipussi

  • Pitstops
  • Lance’s Right

  • Telescopes
  • Macaroni’s
  • Rag’s Right


  • Thunders

And many more…  



Getting Here

The following information is designed to give you a quick, visual insight into what happens between your arrival at the airport and when you get on your surf charter boat. We’re sure you’ll find the people of Padang and our ground staff to be as friendly and accomodating as anywhere else in the world.


  • Your flight arrives. Once your flight touches down you are ushered to the baggage claim/customs area.
  • Visa fees. If you’ve already entered Indonesia through Jakarta you will not need to pay the US$ 35 visa tax that they collect for your maximum 30 day stay. If this is a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) the first thing you’ll have to do is pay the US$ 35 fee at a special booth set up inside the customs area. Once you’ve paid they give you a special form that you must keep until your departure, we suggest leaving it inside your passport for safe keeping.
  •  Customs. The fastest and easiest way to make it out of the customs area without having them go through your bags is to get a porter to handle your baggage. They seem to have the right connections because they can get you out of that room as fast as possible, all you have to do is have dollars ready to tip them. Pay careful attention to the porter that carries your bags, the general rule of thumb is to not give them the tip until your boards are loaded on the truck and your bags are stored away where they belong. The maximum tip per guest should be no more than US$ 2, although they may ask you for more, please do not give it to them!
  • Meet and Greet. Once you’ve made it outside the customs area you will be met by a representative from Saraina Koat Mentawai. The next thing you need to do is get outside and into the air conditioned cars that are waiting for you.
  • The Ride. Once you’ve made it outside and witnessed the hustle and bustle of Padang International Airport you’re ready to get in one of our minivans and get taken to the boat. Before you leave the airport parking lot do a quick spot check to make sure all of your luggage has made it on to the designated transport vehicles. If your boat leaves that afternoon you will be taken straight to the harbor – if you have an overnight stay you will be taken to the Mercury Hotel where we will have a reservation made for you.
  • The Harbor. Once you’ve gone straight to the harbor from the airport or from the Mercury Hotel you finally get a chance to see the majestic Indian Ocean and your surf charter boat.
  • Time to leave. You’ve waited long enough! Most trips will take off for the overnight haul out to the Mentawai’s very late in the afternoon. The crossing will take about 10-12 hours for everyone because travelling at night requires the boats to go slower. As you settle into your cabins and try to fall asleep you can be content with the fact that the next morning you will be having your first session of the trip and all of the time and effort required to get there will pay off the second you catch that first wave.


Standard Trip: The standard trip duration includes 11 days of surfing – 12 nights on the boat overall, but longer, or shorter packages are available upon request, as well as Surf Charter Boat / Kandui Villas custom combo packages.


Whole Group Charter Price: US$ 33,500 (up to 10 people)


** Single Surfer Price: US$ 3,550 / pax. (min. 7 pax, or smaller groups pay for 7 pax.)


** Exclusive use of boat only for groups paying whole group charter price and we reserve the right to fill the remaining 3 empty beds if only paying for the minimum of 7.


These surf charter trips are all inclusive and includes the following:

  • Airport transfers to/from Padang Airport with boards
  • Full catering, soft drinks, snacks, juices, and sodas
  • Use of onboard equipment
  • Use of tender for photograph, snorkeling and fishing.
  • 1 case of beer per person (24 cans) – extra beer available upon request
  • Access to the best waves in the world with an accomplished surf guide
  • Professional Photographer photographing all of your sessions, and sending you home with 2 DVD’s full of all your best surfing photos, scenic, and lifestyle photos from the trip.


US$ 2,000 Fuel Surcharge for North Sumatra trips:

  • Nias
  • Hinako
  • Pulau Banyak
  • Simeuleu


What’s not included in the package?

  • US$ 35 VISA fee payable inside the airport.
  • US$ 50 Mentawai Government retribution fee (The Mentawai Government may raise this retribution fee at any time with no prior notice).
  • Wine and spirits are available at an additional cost upon request at the time you pay for your trip.
  • Tipping the crew is not mandatory but appreciated – the suggested tip is 10% of the cost of each persons charter prices and is distributed evenly among the crew members.

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