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Asu Island Surf Camp - Nias, North Sumatra. Indonesia


Asu Camp Surf Club, Asu Island, West Nias, North Sumatra Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

The Surf Camp puts you in front of the action on Asu Island. We are the only camp on the island with a view of the wave and the sunset, right in front of your bungalow!! Our trips are designed to keep you wet, salty, and smiling with 10 waves in the area on 6 different islands, it’s always offshore somewhere in our neighborhood.


Asu is one of the most consistent areas in all of the Indonesian archipelago, we still have swell and small waves when most places have gone flat. Bawa is a phenomenon, in 8 years of surfing there we have never seen it below head high…and it’s best when it’s small and fun.


The water here is amazingly, astoundingly, unbelievably, perfect.  We call it the womb.  And it is so blue and crystal clear, visibility can be beyond 30m underwater at the best of times. Thus, the snorkeling is also amazing.


There is relatively no crowd at Asu for a couple of reasons.  Asu is a challenging wave that picks up a lot of swell; that scares a lot of people away.  It’s isolated and remote; bad roads bring good people.  It’s hard to get to; it used to be, but now we can get you there in a day from Bali or Australia. We surf 9 different waves on 6 different islands in a constantly shifting equatorial micro-climate; so you have to know where to be and when to be there to get the goods.





The Surf Camp in Northwestern Sumatra, Indonesia captures the essence of Indonesian outer-island reef surfing crossed with the comforts of modern technology and really good food. Find yourself surfing in glassy conditions with perfect waves, no crowds, no hassles, and equatorial warm water, just 200m from your bungalow equipped with high-speed wi-fi and good cell phone reception.  Come relax in this surfers hideaway, a step back in time, with all the modern conveniences.


Our 2 guest Bungalows have 3 rooms that accommodate up to 8 people.  The rooms are outfitted with the highest quality spring mattresses, clean white sheets, custom fitted mosquito nets, and a fan for each bed.  Hot water is rarely needed, but is often helpful to wash off the sunscreen at the end of a good surf day.  We will happily do your laundry for free during your stay. The bungalows are located directly in front of the wave at Asu so that you will wake up and know from just one glance what the surf is doing today.


We also have 2 6.25m moulded plastic speedboats with 40hp Yamaha outboard engine for boat trips to surf other breaks in the area.  We surf 9 other waves in the area around Asu island.  Your guide will make the call each day at sunrise as to where to surf in the morning.  After lunch the guide will make the call again for the afternoon session.


A great surf trip must have 3 key ingredients: great surf, great food, and a great sleep.



Our meals are a variety of Western and Indonesian food with lots of fresh fish, free range chicken, imported beef, and plenty of local fruits and veggies.


We serve you 3 meals a day:


  • Breakfast is a choice of many options; fruit salads with yogurt, cereal, granola, porridge, eggs any-way-you-like-em’, pancakes, a variety of fresh fruits like papaya, banana, apple, watermelon, dragon fruit, mango, pineapple, and mandarin oranges. Fresh juices, smoothies, and shakes from our blenders. Cakes and fresh baked breads are coming out of the oven daily.
  • Prepared lunch and dinner are eaten family style at our dining table. Meals are different everyday using local herbs and spices, meat, imported cheeses, olive oil and vinegar, home-made Indonesian sambal, and other goodies.
  • The food is not GOOD, it’s GREAT!! Between meals there are plenty of snacks available at all times; peanuts, crackers, jams, fruit, etc. Coffee and tea, both hot and cold on ice, are available all day. Fresh coconuts are like cold gold and make for a most refreshing drink after coming in from a surf.


Camp Capacity

Our camp capacity is only 8 people, which provides for a very intimate and family oriented feel.  It is possible to book out the camp with less than 8 people if you are really looking for a private group experience.



Our season of operation is March-October.  March-May offer early season swells with moderate winds.  By June-August we are generally receiving our biggest swells of the season. September-October the Indian Ocean winter swells begin to subside and moderate surf prevails with moderate and variable winds. Asu and Bawa are swell magnets, we have waves even when the rest of Indonesia is flat. Bawa is literally a phenomenon, we have never seen it flat…


Ability Levels

Asu and the surrounding waves are good for intermediate to expert surfers looking to challenge themselves in fast and barreling waves over coral reefs.  It is not a good place for beginners and we do not offer surf lessons.


Though Asu is a great place for non-surfers and kids that want to enjoy the laid back hammock lifestyle and beachlife living through snorkeling, exploring tide pools, enjoying the white sand beach, going for jungle walks, and watching the surfers at close proximity right in front of the camp.


Activities start each day with the most important activity of all, the morning sunrise surf check. As the sun rises over beautiful and grand Nias island to our east we can start to see what the day brings and where the winds are going to be coming from.  From there the guide will outline what the activities for the day will be. Ideally we are surfing Asu out front, but if the winds are onshore then the guide will make the call on where you’re gonna have your morning surf session.  Ready your gear and get in the water!


We have 2 6.25m moulded plastic speedboats that get us all around our neighborhood with ease.  Most waves we surf are accessed from Asu in just 25 minutes in our speedboats.


Surf is our top priority. Besides surf, there are a lot of activities to do, here they are in order of popular vote:


  • Hammock chilling: We have a variety of hammocks strung up around the property under the cool shade of the coconut trees.
  • Snorkeling: The reefs and warm, clear water provide an amazing snorkeling experience for even the most beginner swimmers.  For the more courageous, there are big reef formations in 5-15m of water as the island drops off the deep.
  • Walking: The island offers 2 beautiful walks, one under the shaded palms that passes all the local dwellings and covers about half of the island, done in 45 minutes.  Or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can walk all the way around the fringe beach of the island in about 2.5 hours.
  • Beach combing: Find some amazing shells or maybe even a sandal that’s just your size!
  • Sunbathing: Asu is an amazing place for laying back on the hot white sand to soak up some rays and watch the surfers run the waves just meters in front of you.
  • Yoga/Exercise: Get into the ‘Jungle Gym’ and get your workout or your yoga on.  We’ve got an assortment of exercise mats, weights, balls, bands, and accessories like TRX and workout videos on the big screen to keep your day active even in the most stormy of conditions.
  • Fishing: If your idea of a good time is trolling a line in the deep blue with cold beers, then we can make that happen for you.
  • Get online with our wifi: We have satellite internet to keep you in touch with what’s important to you at home.
  • Games: We’ve got an assortment of games and cards and such.
  • Library: Check out our ‘leave one, take one’ library where you might just find your next favorite book.
  • Eat:  The food is so good here, pull up a chair at the dining table and order up a coffee or a juice.  Enjoy it with some fresh baked bread, fresh fruit, or a hot cake, or maybe some fresh baked cookies…  So much good food around here.


But, best of all, come and just forget your real life.  Drop your wallet, you won’t need it, we have everything you want or need, just put it on your tab.  Check the surf from a hammock, take a nap if you feel it, play with hermit crabs on the beach, just redefine relaxation in your mind.  The Camp is where it’s at…



Asu Island is located in a small archipelago of 8 islands called the Hinako Islands, 10km west of the famous island of Nias.  It’s a 2.5 hour drive north on the west coast of Nias from the legendary surf break Lagundry Bay in South Nias.


In front of The Camp breaks the 200m long left hand point break wave with 3 barrel sections known as Asu, named after the island on which it breaks.  It is a tradition that hails from the early days of Indonesian surf pioneering, naming a wave after it’s island, as there was no need to keep waves hidden back then.


The Camp is right in front of the action, the only surf camp on Asu with a view of the wave and the sunset! We have the best location on the island! Watch the wave all day and be on it when it’s the BEST.

Getting Here

A car and driver will be waiting for you at the Gunung Sitoli, Nias airport. The drive across Nias to the western port of Sirombu is approximately 2.5 hours. One of our speedboats will be waiting for you at the harbor in Sirombu and the crossing to Asu is 30-40 minutes in good weather conditions.



  • Start at $1250 USD for 10night/11 day packages
  • Additional nights after 10 are only $100USD per night
  • Trips shorter than 10 nights are $150USD per night



  • Bintang tall beers $5USD
  • Sodas $2.50
  • Juice $4
  • Cold coconut $2
  • Massage $10
  • Ding Repair $5-$60
  • Souvenirs $10-25
  • Camp T shirts $20
  • Photography and Videography packages $100-400




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