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Surfing in Victoria


The state of Victoria is located on the southernmost part of the Australian mainland and is perfectly located to receive big south swells coming from the Southern Ocean. The famous and beautiful Great Ocean Road, on the west of Melbourne, follows the coast where a vast number of high quality waves break in an absolutely picturesque scenery. Lots of waves can be spotted from the road making it easy to explore the surf breaks of the area. Most surf spots in this region are situated around the west coast of Melbourne, where you can find the legendary waves of Bells and Winkipop. These shores receive constant cross-offshore and are widely exposed to the roaring 40s swell. Make sure to pack a proper wetsuit since the average water temperature is around 16°C (60°F). 


Best surf spots in Victoria

The coast of Victoria has very traditional surf spots like Bell’s Beach and Winkipop. Other famous surf spots are Torquay, Wilson’s Promotore, Warrnambool Beach, Easter Reef and Gibson Steps.


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