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Surfing in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state in India and is famous for having exotic Hindu temples that have been visited by pilgrims for a long time. The coast of Tamil Nadu is still very unexplored and some hidden gems might be just waiting to be found. Swells are very consistent and produce good waves at the beach and point breaks that are already part of the well known surf spots of the area. The easy access to both coasts allows Tamil Nadu to be very flexible with wind and swell direction making it a year round destination.


Best surf spots in Tamil Nadu

The best surf spots are Auroville, Big Rock, Cherai Beach, Hawa’s Beach, Kanyakumari, Kovalam, Mahabalipuram, Manapad Point, Papanasam Beach, Pondicherry, Poovar, Rameswara, Thotapalli, Tiruchindur, Varkala, Vasu’s Vattikottai.


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