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Surfing in Santoña

Santoña is located in Cantabria, 42km east of Santander and is known for being a laid-back fishing port famous for its anchovies. There are many surf spots in the region and most of them are mellow beach breaks perfect for intermediate and beginners. In the north of Santoña lies Playa de Berria, a beautiful sandy beach that has multiple peaks and can be super fun and uncrowded. Next to Playa de Berria is the most famous surf spot in the area called El Brusco. This beach break works better during wintertime when powerful swells can produce an absolutely perfect world class A-frame with hollow barrels. As you can see Santoña can be a year round destination that will please all kinds of surfers.


Best surf spots in Santoña

The best surf spots are Playa de Berria, El Brusco, Laredo and Playa de Noja.


Check surf pictures of Santoña at #berriasurf.

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