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Surfing in Paraná

Paraná is the northernmost state of the south region of Brazil. The state is not considered as one of the main surfing spots in the country like its neighbors but still has some quality surf spots. The best surfing can be found in Ilha do Mel (Honey Island). This magical island has multiple surf breaks that can have epic waves in the right conditions. The most famous surf spot in the island is Paralelas, which means paralel, Praia do Farol can produce extremely leg burning rides. Besides surfing Paraná has some famous tourist attractions like the impressive and stunning Iguaçu Falls. Paraná might not be an obvious choice for a surf trip but still hides some uncrowded gems.


Best surf spots in Paraná

The best and most famous surf spots are Barrinha, Brava de Matinhos, Guaratuba, Farolete, Praia Brava, Ilha do Mel, Paralelas, Pico de Matinhos and Pontal do Sul.


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