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Surfing in Morbihan and Loire Atlantique

Morbihan and Loire Atlantique are two departments located in the northwest of France. The best surf place to surf in this area is at the Crozon Peninsula. There you can find very consistent beach breaks and some point breaks as well. The extreme tidal range of the area creates narrow windows for surfing but the good news is that if there is swell there are plenty of options in such a rugged coastline. There is always a sheltered spot from the windm all you need is to have some local knowledge to find them. The best time to surf in the area is during autumn and spring but in summer the consistent beach breaks can work with the push of the tide.


Best surf spots in Morbihan and Loire Atlantique

The best and most famous surf spots are La Torche, Etel, Gavres, Guidel, Kerguelen, La Côte Sauvage and Le Kerou.


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