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Surfing in Mediterranean Turkey

The Mediterranean coast located in the south of Turkey offers warm water and good quality waves and is considered the best area in the country for surfers. Despite the fact that the swells usually have short periods and are generated by the wind, the waves can still reach up to 6ft on a good day. The best time to surf in Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast is during wintertime (December to  April) when the waves are more consistent and the water temperature is still pleasant. This is also the tourism low season which means lower prices and less crowds in the charming seaside  towns. The best swell direction is from S-SE or ESE and SW usually produce the best quality waves.


In Alanya; Damlatas beach offers hollow tubing waves where Keykubat beach offers longer mellower waves suitable both for long and short-board surfing. These waves are suitable for both beginners and experts alike. It is possible to find waves in this part of Mediterranean ranging anywhere from two to 12 feet.[2] North of Turkey; Black Sea also offers rideable waves of different range from one to 12 feet. Nowadays you can find a handful of local surfers surfing the region on a regular basis.[3]


Best surf spots in Mediterranean Turkey

The best surf spots are Damlatas Beach, Keykubat Beach and Alanya.


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