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Surfing in Hebrides

The Hebrides is an archipelago comprising hundreds of islands on the offshore of the northwest coast of Scotland. The archipelago is divided into two groups: the Inner and Outer Hebrides. The Hebrides have a vast and rugged landscape that is still unexplored, leaving lots of potential for intrepid surfers to find virgin waves. The Outer Hebrides are more consistent than the Inner islands since they receive most of the swells that can range from southwest to northeast. The Hebrides have waves throughout the whole year but the prime time for surfing is during autumn and winter as the rest of the country. Beware of the strong currents and always seek for help and someone with local knowledge to surf with.



Best surf spots in Hebrides

The best surf spots in the Hebrides are located at the Isle of Tiree and Isle of Lewis. Other good surf spots in the area are Cliff, Port of Ness, Scarasta, Mangerstar, Saligo Bay and Port Bharrapol.


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