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Surfing in Costa Del Balsamo

Costa Del Balsamo is located in El Salvador and has a large concentration of good quality pointbreaks that is hard to find anywhere else on the planet. From Mizata in the west to Zunzal and the famous Punta Roca, this stretch of coast has some amazing waves that are totally worth exploring. The best time of the year to surf is from March to October but Costa Del Balsamo receives a good amount of swell all year round. The off season usually has NE and E offshore winds producing perfect glassy days.


Best surf spots in Costa Del Balsamo

The best surf spots in the area are Los Cabanos, Mizata, K61, K59, El Zonte, Sunzal, Rio Grande Bocana Rivermouth, Playa Conchalio, Punta Roca and La Paz.


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