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Surfing in Colombian Caribbean Coast

For the majority of travellers, Colombia brings to mind images of guerrillas, drug cartels, kidnapping and cocaine. In reality, this is an unfair and increasingly irrelevant portrayal of a region that is tipped to become a major tourist destination in the next few years. Colombia is a beautiful, sensuous country of music and dance, unexplored jungles and sophisticated towns and cities. In terms of security, the situation is still not ideal, but it is improving. Colombia has two different coastlines – Pacific and Caribbean. The Pacific breaks, many of them still unsurfed, work best from April to October. From November to March, the more developed and easier-going Caribbean coastline is the focus.


Best surf spots in Colombia Caribbean Coast

The best surf spots in the Caribbean Coast of Colombia is Arrecifes, Balneario de Marbella, Buritaca, Casa Grande, El Bolsillo, El Muelle, El Rodadero, Las Gaviotas, Las Velas, Los Naranjos, Playa Brava, Playa Candelaria, Playa Cristal, Playa Culebra, Playa de Bobal, Playa de La Cabaca, PlaYa de Pradomar, Punta Roca and Viento Fresco.


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