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Surfing in Ceara

Ceara is an exciting tourist destination that attracts many brazilians and also people from all over the world due to the stunning beaches, large sand dunes, friendly people and famous kite surf spots. Located on the northeast of Brazil, the coastline of Ceara consists of long beaches that are only interrupted by small river mouths and sheltered bays. The capital of Ceara, Fortaleza, is a good place to start exploring the coast. This city has some quality surf spots and is famous for having an agitated nightlife. The best surfing spots in Ceara are located in Paracuru and Jericoacoara. The best time to surf in this area is from November to February when consistent swells reach the coast originated by winter storms in the North Atlantic. 


Best surf spots in Ceara

The best and most famous surf spots are Praia do Futuro, Havaizinho, Icarai, Jaguaribe, Jericoacoara, Paracuru, Praia de Cumbuco, Taiba and Titanzinho.


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