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Surfing in Argentina

Argentina is the second biggest country in South America and conceals interesting surf conditions despite the lack of popularity among the international surf community. With almost 5 thousand km of exposed coastline to the Atlantic Ocean the country has reliable surf conditions throughout the whole year. The capital Buenos Aires has good waves along the coast but the most famous surfing area in Argentina is around the coastal city of Mar Del Plata located a few hours by car down south. There you will find good waves both for beginners and advanced surfers looking for a different surf destination. The locals are friendly and known for enjoying making conversation while drinking mate (local tea) after a surf session. Besides Mar Del Plata, Argentina has lots of hard access beaches creating plenty of space for new findings. The best times to surf in the country are in the winter months of April and October. Apart from surfing, Argentina is known for its bold Malbec wine, exquisite meat dishes and the traditional Tango dancer.

Climate in Argentina 

Argentina has a large range of climates due to its elongated shape covering a long area from north to south. The north of the country has a humid subtropical climate, the center is semi-arid and the southern part of the country is sub-antarctic. The average temperature in Buenos Aires during summer is around 22°C (71°F) and drops to 9°C (48°F) in winter. The water temperature varies a lot. In summertime the water temperature stays around 20°C (68°F) being very pleasant to swim and surf in boardshorts. In Fall the temperatures start to drop but you can still surf with a spring suit on warm days. During winter the water temperature can get down to 8°C (46°F) making it impossible to surf without a 4/3 wetsuit plus booties, gloves and a hood.

Best surf spots in Argentina

Argentina has a huge coastline to be explored. The main surfing area in the country is located in Mar Del Plata. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert you will find good surf in the 45km of beautiful coastline of this area. The best surf spots there are Playa Grande, Biologia, Waikiki, Miramar, Playa Varnesse, La Perla, Cruz Del Sur and Punta Magote. You can also find quality surf breaks near the country’s capital Buenos Aires. The main surf spots in this region are Quequen, Chapadmalal and Necochea. For the more adventurous the south also provides good conditions. In the Chubut Province of Patagonia there is a beach called Playa Union that has good mellow waves for beginners, SUP surfers or longboarders. 

Budget Planning

Meal price range

Simple meals start at $10 USD. Mid-rang meals start at $14 USD. Dining & drinking at high-end restaurants can cost anywhere from $30-70 USD.

Equipment rental

Renting a board in Playa Grande is easy and costs anywhere from $8-12 USD depending on how many hours you use it.

Prepaid SIM cards

Claro is a good choice. SIM cards can be purchased from Claro Customer Care Centers, supermarkets, petrol stations, kiosks, airports and pharmacies. Prepaid packages start at $2 USD. 

Public transport

The inter-city bus network is extensive but services in remote areas can be infrequent. The most common method of transport in Argentina is the bus.

There are two main types of taxi in Argentina: regular taxis that you can flag down in the street or minicab radio taxis, that you must book by phone or at their central booking booth.

In some places, shared taxis (taxis colectivos) also run on fixed routes between towns.

Rental cars can be found starting at $23 USD a day.

Gas prices  

$0.95 USD a liter.  

Types of risks

Freezing winters. Built up and polluted.

How to prepare


Citizens from the EU and 63 other countries can enter Argentina visa free for up to 90 days.


Although it's not mandatory, it’s recommended that you have been vaccinated for hepatitis A & B, yellow fever, typhoid, rabies, meningitis, polio, Tdap, chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, influenza, measles, mumps and rubella.

Things to know

Language & Currency

The official language in Argentina is (Argentinian) Spanish. Many speak English as well. 

The currency is Argentine peso (AR$)

Best time to go

Argentina has consistent surf all year, the best and biggest waves are during the winter months of April and October.

Checking Surf forecast
Checking the forecast about a week before your trip is always a good idea. Understanding what the waves will be like and knowing what gear to pack is essential. You can check the forecast for the waves here.

Do I need pack a pharmacy kit

You should bring a basic kit. Including ear drops, eye drops, bandaids, ear plugs, gaze, alcohol, and broad spectrum antibiotic ointment.

Travel/Surf Insurance

World Nomads has great travel insurance packages that are not super expensive and they cover surfing.


911 for emergencies.

Check out pictures of the surf in Argentina at #argentinasurf.

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