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Brazil Surf Tours, Surf School & Kitesurf Camp - Praia da Pipa, Natal. Brazil


NATAL Surf School, Kitesurf Camp & Surf Tours Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 3 reviews.

Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil has its location in Tibau do Sul, 80 km south of Natal, a fascinating place to kite surf, surf, party hard or just relax! Come alone, with friends or family to enjoy 4000 square meters of a Tropical garden, a bar, a restaurant and TV room. We have everything you need from the shared rooms, private bungalows, luxury suits with splendid sea views and jacuzzi and a house for eight people also with ocean view.


Our team will be so happy to help you to have the best experience and share the secrets of this little paradise.


Indulge place of magical natural beauty, surreal beaches, peaceful and quiet, but if you like animated nightlife you won´t be disappointed. Lucky enough to be on the easternmost tip of Brazil, our coast gets fabulous conditions for both surf and kite surf all year round, it is always steady, does not matter from where it comes from, North and south of the Atlantic.


Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil runs different packages for your favorite activities: surf, kitesurf, surf tours and Stand up Paddle for all levels, including lessons and guided tours.


Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil

  • Four thousand m2 of tropical gardens facing the sea and the beach.
  • Bungalows distributed in the tropical garden
  • Hostel with a common room and two luxury suites
  • Private seaside cottage sleeping eight 200 meters from the surf campgrounds
  • The swimming pool with a wooden deck affording has a beautiful sea view
  • Free internet access
  • Game room
  • restaurant and bar with Brazilian specialties and French food – the owner is a French surfer!



4 shared rooms (hostel) for 5 people.


  • Breakfast
  • Bed sheet and towels
  • Large veranda
  • Hammocks
  • Fan
  • Bathroom
  • Single bed with key drawer



10 Bungalows of 30m2, for 2 to 4 people.


  • Breakfast
  • Bed sheet and towels
  • Verandas
  • Hammocks
  • King-size beds
  • Bathrooms
  • air conditioning
  • Fridge Bar


Deluxe Suites

The 2 luxurious suites enjoy a privileged location overlooking the ocean.


  • Breakfast
  • Bed sheet and towels
  • Jacuzzi on the veranda
  • Hammock
  • King size bed
  • TV
  • DVD
  • Frigobar
  • Bathroom
  • Silent air conditioning
  • One of the suites is equipped with disabled access
  • Extra bed for children


Casa Tropical

Privileged location on the cliff, our independent seafront cottage, has the most beautiful sea view and direct access to the beach. The big house is at a 1,500 square meters private property. Only 200 meters far from Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp do Brasil. It is perfect for families and groups of friends who want more privacy and independence. Up to 8 people.



  • House Attendant for all your needs. 
  • 4 double rooms with sea views
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Living room
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Large veranda with dining room
  • Sofa
  • Barbecue
  • Bed sheet and towels


T-Tree House

A dream house, located on the edge of the cliff with splendid sea view



  • 2 suites
  • 5 rooms fully equipped
  • Swimming pool
  • Balconies with hammocks
  • Open kitchen
  • Living room
  • Games area



Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil´s location, offers perfect conditions for surf during the whole year, with regular swell from the north or southern Atlantic according to the season. The best spots in the state are between Tibau do Sul and Pipa Beach. Stronger swells normally come from November to March, from the northern Atlantic.


For experienced surfers, the best choice are guided surf tours that will take you the best spots on the coast according to weather conditions. For those new to the surf, The Surf School is the right place. For an extra charge, you can also surf after classes on the beach in front of Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil!


Surf Spots

Next to Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil:

  • The mouth of the lagoon (800m): works with every kind of swell, sandbanks, reserved for the high standard surfers.
  • On the right of the mouth (300m): works with South East swell, quick and hollow reef, reserved for the high standard surfers
  • La Boy: works with North, East, and South East swell, beach break.


10 min walk South of Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil:

  • Cacimbinhas: works with East and South-East swell, Long beach (4 km), beach break. 
  • Ponta do madeiro: works with North swell (from November to March). The dominant winds (South-East) are offshore there. Spot World Class, long reef right, better at low tide. 
  • Do Curral: works with every kind of swell, protected from the dominant winds, located in the dolphin bay.


20 min by car from Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil:

  • Lajao: Located in front of Pipa center, you have to paddle 300m to reach the reef, works with the North swell very long right. With South-East swell, several right and left peaks work at high tide, protected from the dominant winds.
  • Abacateiro: On the right of Lajao, right reserved for the high standard surfer because it breaks on a few-water-reef, very quick and hollow wave.
  • Sororoca:works with North and South-East swells, gets up quickly, hollow and tubular, the reef is flat and without any danger, ideal to train for the late take-off tube. Reef protected against the East and South-East winds.
  • Afogadas: works with the South-East swell, beach break, right and left.
  • Lajinha: works with east and South-East swell, reef Break, at low tide, quick and hollow wave, very few water, high standard surfer. Spot World Class.


Kite Surf

Thanks to the Trade Winds from the Southeast, with steady wind between 15 and 25 knots on privilagde location, great conditions for the sport! For experienced kiters, Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil  will take you the best spots on the coast. For those new to the kite, we wil teach step by step.


Kite Spots

Facing Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil (500m – by boat) : 

  • The lagoon (800m): ideal for the beginners and average level kiters or for high standard kite surfers who like the flat water.
  • The lagoon mouth (300m): works with every kind of swell, surf in the waves that break on the sandbanks, reserved to expert kiters.
  • North of the mouth (800m): 10 km of beach break ideal for the average standard to learn the wave riding, excellent for the downwind.


10 minutes walk to the South of Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil: 

  • Cacimbinha: Long beach (4 km), beach break that works when there is East and Southeast heave, in the open sea there are 2 reefs with excellent waves.


20 minutes in car far from Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil: 

  • Barra do Cunhau: River that flows into the sea and that had formed a sandbank, we can kite in the river, an ideal spot for the beginners and high standard that likes the flat water, at the river outflow great spot of waves.


Stand up Paddle (SUP)

The best part of practicing SUP is that everybody is welcome, all ages, fit or unfit. You can use it to relax in a really slow phase watching the nature around or face it as an intensive exercise, you can also choose to do yoga poses or stretches on it. The buoyancy and stability of the board provide you an easy way to explore Tibau do Sul and Pipa area.


Multi Sports

Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil also offers a Multisport package including kayak, horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking and excursions in the region.


The multi-sports pack is an activity mix, one per day:

  • Day 1: Pedestrian hiking in the ecological sanctuary
  • Day 2: Mountain bike
  • Day 3: Kayak
  • Day 4: Horseback riding
  • Day 5: Trip to the mountains, hiking, farm visit and, country buffet meal



Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil is located in Tibau do Sul, 80 km south of Natal, the capital of the State Rio Grande do Norte where the closest International Airport (NAT) is.


Perfect location, close to everything you need, 5 minutes far from the center where you can find a shopping center, bank, restaurants, bars, amusement park and also the beach and you still have your peace as the accommodation is on the top of the cliff.

Getting Here


Natal Airport (NAT) is 80 km far. Airport transfers included in packages 


Domestic and international flights


A word of caution here: Both San Paulo and Rio have more than one major airport. It is crucial to make sure your connecting flight leaves from the same airport your international flight arrives at.



Brazil as a whole is just as safe as any other places in the world. Of course, few “safety tips” should be observed as not wearing fantasy items that will catch people’s attention or have your camera hanging down your chest.



The citizens of most nations do not need a VISA to enter Brazil, however, we strongly recommend you to check with the Brazilian consulate in your country about the requirements to enter the country. On your arrival, you will get a 90 days Tourist visa that will give you plenty of time to enjoy Brazil.



The Brazilian currency is called the Real (Reais). Most places will accept cards such as Visa and MasterCard and ATM machines are located within supermarkets and gas stations. The Surf Tours & Surf School Kitesurf Camp Brazil DOES NOT accept payment by VISA, but there is an ATM at Natal Airport and Pipa Beach (7 km from the surf camp).



  Bed and Breakfast   Surfaris Surf school Kite surf school
Shared Room   175,- € 390,- € 440,- € 530,- €
Single Bungalow   455,- € 690,- € 740,- € 830,- €
Double Bungalow 490,- € 430,- € 480,- € 570,- €
Triple Bungalow 560,- € 365,- € 420,- € 505,- €
Quadruple Bungalow 630,- € 345,- € 395,- € 480,- €
Luxury Room 700,- € 535,- € 585,- € 675,-€

Surfaris, Surf school and Kite school packages include:

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • 10 hours/week per kite or surf course
  • Surfaris: 7 trips spot
  • Transfers to and from Natal International Airport (NAT)


Accommodation Only

  Casa Obra Casa Tropical
4 persons   900€ 1200€
6 persons   1000€ 1300€
8 persons 1100€ 1400€

Under request:

  • Transfers to and from Natal International Airport (NAT): 70 € per person
  • Half-board (evening meal in the form of a varied buffet): 14 € per day
  • Full board (lunch + evening buffet in varied form): 21 € per day
  • Trip or downwind (Unit): 15 € per person
  • Trip Multisport (Kayak + Horse + Rando + Yoga + Capoeira + SUP + MTB): 140 € per person


Rental & Courses

Price per person (deposit of 150 € for rental kite and 70 € for surf)

  Courses Rental
Kite Surf

1h : 35,- €

7 hrs : 230,- €   (3 / 4days)

1 day : 50,- €

7 days : 300,- €


1h: 25,- €

7 h: 150,- €  (3 / 4days)

1 day: 15,- €

7 days: 80,- €


1h: 30,- €

7h: 200,- €  (4days)

1 day: 30,- €

7 days: 160,- 

Note: Prices in euros (€) are given as an indication and may vary according to the exchange rate in force.



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