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Batu Bolong

Is the main beach in Canggu. It’s a famous longboard surf spot and is where all the surf camps take their students to learn how to surf. You can find many shops near the beach renting longboards, soft tops or twin fins for 4 USD / 2 hours. There are waves breaking all over the beach and the crowd spread out evenly guaranteeing a wave for everyone.


Peak type: Reef Break

Wave power: Mellow

Seabed: Sand over reef with multiple peaks

Length of ride: 50 - 100m

Wave size: 1 - 8 ft

Swell direction: S - W

Best wind: NE

Best tide: all tides

Best season: May to September

Frequency: very consistent

Skill level: beginner

Entry/exit: no channel

Danger: powerful shorebreak

Check surf pictures of Batu Bolong at #surfbatubolong.

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