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Raystown Lake Adventures Camp - Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. USA


USA Watersports & Adventure Summer Camp for Teenagers Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

We are a USA summer camp for Teenagers located in Central Pennsylvania.  All activities and events are teen focused. Directors design all of their programming specifically for teenagers. From exciting evening activities to white water rafting to team building events, all activities and events here are designed on a level that is more physically, intellectually, and emotionally challenging for teens. Teens are physically able to do more than elementary age campers and emotionally more mature. Most teens also prefer to do camp activities and interact with others their own age.


One of our greatest strengths is our summer camp counselors. They are dynamic, responsible, skillful, fair and funny – our staff listens, cares, and treats everyone with respect. Camp counselors put the needs of the campers first. They are between the ages of 21 and 29 and are excited to be spending their summer at camp with teens.


A fantastic choice for teens who love the water. Watersports include swimming, wakeboarding, waterskiing, sailing, SUP (stand up paddleboarding), canoeing, kayaking, fishing and, once each session, white water rafting. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran at these watersports, our experienced staff are there to assist you every step of the way.


We also offer well-rounded and challenging Outdoor Adventure Activities that include horseback riding, mountain biking, rock climbing, overnight camping trips and caving. Our outdoor adventure activities and watersports challenge campers and give them the opportunity to learn new skills and have fun in the outdoors everyday!


Farm House

This is the epicenter of camp and where the dining hall, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the first aid station and the camp offices are located. The campers live in six cabins that surround the farm house. Nestled in the mountains, the farm house is the year-round home of Anne & Jud Millar.


The farm house is a historic structure built over 160 years ago from timber felled in the immediate surrounding forests. The farm house is a warm and welcoming building that helps make campers feel at home.



Our cabins are rustic and comfortable and will be your summer home while you are at the Camp. We have six cabins that surround the farm house, three for the girls and three for the boys. Cabins have bunk beds and accommodate 8-10 campers and one counselor.


There is electricity in the cabins but no running water as bathrooms and showers are a short walk to the farm house. Cabins are divided by gender and by age. You will be in a cabin with campers your own age. As an adventure summer camp it is great to come back “home” to your cabin after a long day of amazing adventures.


Medical Facilities and Medications

It is our policy that all medications are kept safely and distributed by our camp staff. Medications will be distributed at mealtimes or when necessary. All minor medical issues are cared for by our camp medical staff. We have a camp doctor who makes house calls. We are located eight miles from JC Blair Memorial Hospital with Emergency Room Service.


Game Room

Close to the farm house is our game room. The main attractions in the game room include the ping pong table, pool table and football table. The game room is located in a building called “the Rhino” and gets lots of use during our hour of early evening free time called the “Power Hour of Freedom.” As an adventure summer camp it’s fun to have a pace to chill & play games in the evening.


It’s easy to be a First Time Camper

A small, family oriented summer camp with about 60 campers per session. Because of our size campers make the transition to feeling “at home”  quickly. This happens because:

  • Returning campers are kind and welcoming
  • Our staff are enthusiastic and meet the needs of everyone each day
  • Director Jud creates an atmospherethat is exciting and inclusive


Make Friends & Build Confidence

An overnight summer camp experience is a unique opportunity for kids to gain independence from mom and dad while learning and growing in a safe and supported environment. Campers build confidence by challenging themselves on outdoor adventure activities, watersports, and traditional sports.


These experiences help campers to develop self esteem, independence, and a sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Sharing these experiences with other peers creates a strong bond of friendship that is so meaningful and important to teenagers.


Tradition, Safety, and Excellence

The Camp was founded in 1983 by Pam and Biff Houldin. Current Camp Director Jud (son of Pam and Biff) grew up at camp attending camp as a camper and later working as a counselor. Jud and his wife Anne bring a combined 40+ years of experience teaching in traditional and non-traditional school settings, coaching youth sports, leading international trips for high school students, leading wilderness trips, and working as a mountaineering guide.


Year after year, the greatest concern is the safety of our campers and staff. Constant attention is given to the physical and emotional health of all involved. Precautions are taken and safety is paramount (seat belts, helmets, life jackets, etc. are non-negotiable). Being a small camp helps Director Jud keep a finger on the pulse of camp and maintain high health and safety standards.



Meal times are loaded with great options!!


Breakfast is at 8am and there is always cold and hot cereal along with a something hot such as pancakes, omelets or “egg in a hats.”


Lunch is at 12:30pm and consists of a salad bar, sandwich bar and a hot soup or other yummy dish.


Dinner is at 6:30pm each night and there is always a good variety of food to eat including salad bar various side dishes and great main courses such as Pizza, Lasagna, Burritos, or Stir-Fry.


We always offer a vegetarian dish as well for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If there is something else you may want, just ask us. No one ever leaves our Dining Hall hungry!


Water Sports

Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding & Waterskiing


We offer the activities everyday at on Raystown lake. Beginer riders & skiiers will love the thrill of beign on the water relsih the opportunty to try something new. Experienced wakeboarders & waterskiiers will be amazed the solidute of our lake and the power of our 22 foot Glastron boat. There really is nothing better then spending a day on the boat! For those of you that are serious about Wakeboarding and Waterskiing and want priority instruction to focus on skill development, we have the Wake Masters Program. 


Sailing & Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Our sunfish sailboats and offer experienced sailors the opportunity to challenge them selves on the waters or Raystown Lake. Beginner sailors will learn to love to sail!

The sport of Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has been exploding in popularity and is quickly becoming the watersport of choice for a growing number of teens and kids. Not only does SUP’ing increase strength, balance and coordination, kids love it because a it’s fun and exciting way to spend time on the water!


Whitewater Rafting

White Water Rafting is one of the most exciting activities we offer at our water sports summer camp. Nothing really compares to the exhilaration of entering the “white water world” and powering through rapids. Helmets and life jackets are worn by everyone for safety, and professional guides ensure a safe and exciting voyage. “The Yough” is a world class intermediate white water river perfect for young teens. White water rafting the Lower Youghiogheny River is one of the activities we do as an entire camp towards the end of each session. It is a highlight of camp that only reconfirms the bonds everyone has made with each other. As one of the most exciting activities we do at camp, whitewater rafting is guaranteed to increase your heart rate!



Canoeing is a favorite camp activity on a hot summer day at The Camp. Our location in central Pennsylvania provides us with a number of rivers great for canoeing including the Little Juniata, the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata, the Raystown Branch of the Juniata and the mighty Juniata River. Sometimes we take a slow, playful trip along a winding river and other times it’s a faster trip which lets you command your craft through small rapids.



We offer fishing on many of the local rivers and lakes in central PA. We provide the fishing rods and the bait while you provide the courage to put the worm on the hook and the patience it takes to “catch the big one.”

Outdoor Adventure Activities

Rock Climbing

As an outdoor adventure summer camp we give our campers the opportunity to challenge themselves rock climbing every day! We have real rocks on the camp property called Donational Rocks and they are the premier climbing destination in central PA.

If you have only climbed on indoor climbing wall then you are in for a real treat once you experience the trill of climbing on real rocks. If you rock climbing is something you have interest in or something you are passionate about, Stone Mountain Adventures is the camp for you! 

Mountain Biking

Whether you desire to bike on roads alongside beautiful Amish farmlands, rally through miles of single track trails, or take advantage of the shady Rails-to-Trails path which winds along a cool river, this area offers some of the best biking conditions in the Eastern United States. With the development of the Allegrippis trail by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), this area has become a mecca for mountain biking.

We also offer a biking program for campers who want to take advantage of our proximity to the Allegrippis Trail & ride almost every day, we call this the Mountain Bike Masters Program. 


Camping Overnights

We offer Overnight Camping Trips out of camp for groups of 8-10 campers! Each overnight camping trip has a focus, including:

  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Backpacking


Horseback Riding

We offer a complete riding program at our outdoor adventure teen summer camp. All aspects of horsemanship are covered, from learning to comfortably sit atop a horse to instruction for dressage. All campers will have the opportunity to ride during the summer.


If you are serious about learning to ride, our Horsemaster Program is just what you are looking for! 


With literally hundreds of miles of hiking near camp we take the opportunity to go explore the natural world.

Our hiking destinations include:

  • Old Growth Forests
  • Waterfalls
  • Historic Sites
  • Rivers Hikes
  • Scenic Vistas



This is a popular athletic activity at Stone Mountain Adventures. We provide rackets and balls and you supply the energy that makes tennis so much fun. We do not have courts here at camp, but we utilize the courts at Juniata College which is about eight miles from camp. Please note that we do not offer formal tennis lessons, but offer recreational tennis for everyone!


Also known as the “World’s Game,” futbol is an extremely popular activity at Stone Mountain Adventures. Staff and campers play together and make each game exciting for everyone involved. There’s nothing better than a great game of soccer at Stone Mountain Adventures. Our international campers and staff bring a level of energy and passion that make every soccer game awesome!


It really is true that everyone loves a good fun game of basketball. Whether it’s a friendly game of “Knockout” (see photo on the right) or a full on game of 5 on 5 (see photo below) basketball is fun for everyone. Please note that we do not offer formal instruction in basketball, however if you need help with your jump shot or lay-up our friendly staff are there to help!

Ultimate Frisbee

This is probably the most popular athletic activity at camp. The rules state that you cannot run with the Frisbee so once you catch it you must stop immediately and look to toss the Frisbee to the open person in space. There are few things better in life than chasing down a flying Frisbee! Even the dogs at camp try to sneak in a game of Frisbee from time to time.

Flag Football

Flag Football is almost as much fun as the real thing! Offered a few times a week, flag football is a thrilling game, especially when we try to teach it to our international campers and staff! We provide the flags and the footballs and you provide the energy and enthusiasm that make this game so fun. We also mix up the rules from time to time so you never know what to expect when you sign up for the Flag Football Activity at Stone Mountain Adventures.

Touch Rugby

While not a traditional American sport, Touch Rugby is an exciting game that combines skill and dexterity. All passes must go backwards while you can only advance the ball by running it. It is similar to soccer in that you are trying to “create space.” Our enthusiastic international counselors and staff love to teach the game of rugby almost as much as they love to play it!



The sport of softball is gaining in popularity at Stone Mountain Adventures. Whether it’s the “home run derby” or a full game of softball it’s always fun for everyone involved! We will provide softball mitts, bats,helmets and balls. It’s also great fun to teach softball to our international campers and staff who have never seen or played the game before.

Disc Golf

At Stone Mountain Adventures we have our very own nine hole Disc Golf Course! Disc Golf, also known as “folf” or “Frisbee Golf,” is played using special discs (which we provide) and, like golf, each hole has a par and each player attempts to get his or her disc in the basket in an allotted number of throws. Just like golf, if you are one under par it’s a “birdie” and if you are one over par it’s a “bogie” just. Disc Golf is a great way to explore the woods near Stone Mountain Adventures and use your frisbee throwing skills. We also travel to other courses in our area including courses in State College, Altoona and Juniata College!


This is another fun sport that has gotten even more exciting with the addition of “rally scoring.” We usually break the activity group up into four teams and have a “round robin tournament” where each team creates a cheer and an official hand shake!


Standing Stone Golf Course is just minutes away and there are many other beautiful golf courses within 30 minutes of camp. Open to anyone, this program seeks to provide campers with the opportunity to improve skills through practice and skill improvement while having fun. Focus will be on solid golf fundamentals, basic rules, etiquette and situational training. There also is opportunity for instruction by the local Golf Pro at an additional charge. This program is open to all campers and is a “pay as you go” program.

Other Activities


The Camp is one of many overnight summer camps in Pennsylvania and twice a week we offer yoga as a morning activity. Yoga is not just a great way to increase strength and flexibility, but it also complements the following camp activities:

  • Horseback Riding
  • Rockclimbing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Caving
  • Canoeing
  • Windsurfing
  • Sailing

Art Studio

We have a new Art Studio where campers can focus their creative energy on projects that are fun, inspired andr have meaning in their lives. Creating art can be a powerful process of self discovery or simply an expression born from emotion and experience. Our staff is there to teach campers new art skills, guide campers through the creative process and help stimulate creative ideas in campers. Our specific projects include:

  • Mosaic Making
  • Linoleum Block Printing
  • Candle Making
  • Ceramics
  • Papier-Mache
  • Tie Dying
  • Painting
  • Jewelry Making

People do not usually associate “Creative Arts” with an “Adventure Camp,” but every summer we are amazed at the creativity and ingenuity of the campers involved in the art studio. Spending time in the art studio also offers campers an opportunity for quiet space (or loud depending on who is in charge of the iPod) to channel other energy.

Music Jam/Rock Band

Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished player, Music Jam/Rock Band is an amazing opportunity to be in a band and play music with other campers and staff. You are welcome to bring your own instrument, however, we have an array of instruments including

  • Bass Guitar
  • Drum Kit
  • Keys
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar
  • Brass Instruments
  • Digital Recording Studio
  • PA Systems

Each camp session we gather musicians and create a band of campers and staff. We collaborate to find common ground on songs, set lists and arrangements. Cover songs are often played, but original tunes happen, too.. Our genres include rock, classic rock, progressive, blues, R&B, bluegrass, jam band and rap! Campers sign up for Music Jam/Rock Band as a morning activity and work towards a live performance during Power Hour. We also have a digital recording studio where we can record all of our practice sessions and live shows.  An overnight summer camps for teenagers and we love to rock!


Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts is offered during our afternoon activity and takes place in our camp kitchen. Our extremely patient cook and kitchen assistant orient campers to the kitchen and instruct campers on nutrition, food preparation and cooking. Campers will work along side our cook and kitchen staff on menu items including:

  • Cooking the main course
  • Baking a Birthday Cake or other Desert
  • Creating unique side dishes

A highlight of each camp session with the Culinary Arts Activity is when campers spend time picking fruits or berries during the first part of the activity and then use these fruits or berries to make desert! This activity is not for the serious chef but rather for campers who love to cook meals, create food, roll up their sleeved and “get into” their work!

Camp Radio Station

The “Radio DJ” Activity is offered during morning activity, which is a three hour block of time. Campers spend the first 45 minutes planning the radio show; they collaborate play lists and plan special guest interviews including staff and phone interviews with veteran campers. The Radio DJs then record a two hour show that will be re-played that night during the Power Hour of Freedom, dinner & evening crew. (Click Here to see our Daily Schedule) The show is broadcast over our new closed circuit, in-house speaker PA system and allows everyone in camp to hear the show.

The format for the show will include:

  • Campers DJs creating a play list from iPods.
  • Campers syncing the radio show to the evening time schedule creating a soundtrack for Power Hour, dinner and the party dish wash in the kitchen!
  • News including: the dinner menu, tomorrow’s activities, details about the evening activity and other fun updates from life!

A popular activity. One veteran campers says, “Music is such a big part of life each summer, and campers love to play DJ in the vans with their iPods on road trips. The camp radio station is great way for campers to express themselves through music and current information and share it with our camp community.”

Animal Adoption

At Stone Mountain Adventures you have the opportunity to adopt a baby bunny for the time you are at camp. As a “parent” you are responsible for feeding and watering your bunny every day and cleaning the cage every four days. You will often find campers hovering around the bunny hutches, naming their bunnies and making signs for their cages during Art Studio. Bunnies are cuddly and cute, and will “love you back” if you treat them with care and respect. Adopting a bunny at Stone Mountain Adventures is the highlight of the summer for some campers.


Community Service has always been an integral part of the experience. For the past 30+
 summers our campers and staff have worked on meaningful community service projects.  The Service Learning Program provides campers the opportunity to show commitment to yourself, to others and to your ability to shape the future. You are guaranteed to get your hands dirty. You may be involved in building new cages for Golden Eagles at the Shavers Creek Environmental Centre or work on watershed rehabilitation with the Clearwater Conservancy. Sometimes we work with a disabled older couple in painting and fixing up their home. The work can be challenging but the rewards are great as we learn to work as a team & give back to the community.


Meaningful Service Leaning Projects:

We choose Service Learning Projects carefully to ensure quality & that we only go where help is wanted. It is a helping hand, not a handout.

Our projects will be designed to work alongside of local volunteers and deserving families. You will become part of our community while helping others, and knowing more about yourself.

Who are some of the the local organizations we work with?

  • Shavers Creek Enviornmental Canter
  • Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer
  • Westminster Woods Retirement Community
  • Plowshare Organic CSA Farm
  • Allegrippis Mountain Bike Trail
  • Huntingdon Habitat for Humanity

How did we develop this program?

To help develop this program we called on the help of the founders Pam & Biff Houldin. They have extensive                                                                                                    


service learning experience having also started Global Works in 1989, offering international service based for high school students. Now they are both involved in serving the community locally and abroad. “It is a dream of course to have Stone Mountain Adventures help develop the passion for local community service. Campers get as much out of helping others as the recipients. Service learning is a life long journey.”

Who can participate in the Service Leaning Program?

All campers at can sign up for community service projects. Priority will be given to Super Campers who will have the opportunity to take a leadership role on projects. When Service Learning if offered during the week, it will be one of the 7 activities for campers to choose from that activity time. Some campers who are excited about this opportunity will sign up every time it’s offered while others will only do Service Projects on Saturday afternoons. Our goal is to provide campers with more opportunities to create positive change in the community & in themselves.

How many Service Hours can I earn each Session?

Campers will have the opportunity to sign up for up to 2 service learning activities each week in addition to the Saturday afternoon Service Activities.


  • Session 1 – 4 Hours
  • Session 2 – 4 Hours
  • Session 3 – 4 Hours
  • Session 4 – 4 Hours


Community Service needs to ethically responsible. Summer camps for teens will evaluate all of its projects to ensure our hard work is going to deserving causes.

Daily Activities

Campers get to choose their own activities every day. Each night we have an evening meeting and campers get to choose between 7 activities for each morning activity and 7 activities for each afternoon activity. It is a teen summer camp and we feel it’s important that our campers have as much control over their summer as possible.


Every day activities offered there is balance of:

  • Adventure Activities
  • Sports
  • Creative Arts
  • Other options such as Community Service, Rock Band, etc



Evening Activities are an exciting time because we are all together as a group each night. About half of the evening activities we do are in camp and half of the activities we do are out of camp.



These exciting, high energy activities are intended to be fun, outrageous and bring our group closer together.


These activities include:

  • Team Building Games
  • Campfire Night
  • Invention Convention
  • Jeopardy
  • Movie Night
  • Poetry Slam
  • Camp Dance
  • Karaoke
  • Capture the Flag
  • Group Pictionary
  • Carnival
  • The Famous Talent Show



At the camp it is always exciting to get in the vans and go somewhere together as a group. Our out-of-camp evening activities include:

  • Roller Skating
  • Disco Bowling
  • 4th of July Fireworks (1st Session)
  • Huntingdon County Fair (2nd Session)
  • Ice Cream at a local creamery.



We also offer Camping Overnights for small groups of 8-12 campers at the Summer Camp for teenager. We offer Overnight Camping Trips out of camp for groups of 8-10 campers! Each overnight camping trip has a focus, including:

  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Wakeboarding
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Backpacking


Overnights are usually offered two times a week and often we will have two or three overnights out at a time. Overnights last about 24 hours, you will depart camp after lunch on the first day (afternoon activity time) and return for lunch the following day (morning activity time). You will spend the afternoon of the first day and the morning of the second day doing your activity, help prepare a hearty dinner & breakfast around a campfire & help set up & break down our camp site. S’mores, games, ghost stories and sleeping under the stars with your friends make this one of camp’s most popular activities.



Our daily schedule provides the rhythm and routine that campers need balanced with the excitement of “Special Days” including All Camp Days, Community Service, Camping Overnights and more!



7:45am – Wake-up, Eat Breakfast, Tidy Your Cabin

8:30am – Morning Chores with your “Crew”

9:00am – Morning Activity

12:30pm – Lunch!

1:30pm – Afternoon Activity

5:30pm – “The Power Hour of Freedom,” An Hour of Free Time

6:30pm – Dinner

7:30pm – Evening Meeting, Choose the Next Day’s Activities

8:00pm – Evening Activity

10:15pm – Evening Snack

10:30pm – Brush Your Teeth and Off to Your Cabin

10:45-11:00pm – Lights Out



These special activities are rare and will take both Morning and Afternoon Activity Sessions to give us more time to focus on skill building. These All Camp Days are a highlight of 2 week teen summer camp.



Rather than have typical Afternoon Activities, on certain afternoons we offer Service Projects. Campers can choose from six different projects each Saturday.



On “All Camp Days” mornings everyone at camp gets to sleep until 9AM!! We also have a special breakfast of Donuts and Bagels & Cream Cheese. We then do a serious cleaning of the cabin including mopping the floor (as opposed to our daily morning tidy of the cabin). Cabins are then inspected by our camp counselor inspectors. After lunch we travel to one of the many State Parks that are close to camp for an All Camp Day of sports activities, hiking, crafts and swimming. This is followed by a BBQ cookout at the State Park.


Our Horsemaster Program is designed for the rider looking to dedicate a large portion of their summer toward improving their horseback riding skills. Campers enrolled in our Horsemaster Program are in the barn riding horses every morning. You then have the opportunity to choose from one of our many Adventure Activities, Water Sports, Traditional Sports or Creative Arts Activities in the afternoon.


Horsemaster Campers also learn about stable management including:

  • Feeding the Horses
  • Meeting with and observing our Local Blacksmith
  • Tacking Up Before Lessons
  • Cooling Down the Horses After Lessons
  • Meeting with and observing our Local Equine Dentist
  • Cleaning Stalls
  • Meeting with and observing our Local Equine Vet


Beginner riders develop skills and confidence and learn to be comfortable handling and caring for horses. Advanced riders are challenged on the flat, over fences, on the trail, or on lunge lines while learning new skills from seasoned Horseback Riding Instructors. Balanced seat is taught to all riders in order to develop a strong, effective seat doing flat work.


Horsemaster riders may focus on jumping, cross-country, or dressage. This is a personalized and fun program and is limited to only 12 campers. Please note that campers not enrolled in the Horsemaster Program will have the opportunity to ride a horse during their time at the Camp.


The Wakemasters Program is for campers who are excited about the thrill of wakeboarding or waterskiing and serious about improving their skills. Participants can ski up to three sessions per week and may participate in one specialized clinic.


Experienced instructors will assist campers in:

  • Setting Realistic Goals for the Camp Session
  • Boat and Water Safety
  • Building Confidence on the Board or Skies
  • Giving Campers Constructive Feedback by Videoing Riding Sessions and Watching them with Campers
  • Developing Skills So You Can Take Their Skiing and Boarding to the Next Level


Beginner Wakeboarders & Water Skiers will learn to be comfortable riding behind the boat while developing skills and confidence. Intermediate and advanced riders will learn from experienced instructors and other campers and be challenged to take their riding to the next level. As a member of the Wakemaster Program you are part of a team that is serious about skill development and even more serious about fun. To ensure quality we limit this program to just eight campers per session. Please note that campers not enrolled in the Wakemasters Program will get ample time to Wakeboard and Water Ski during their time at the Camp.


Please note that campers who do not enroll in the Wakemasters Program will still have ample time to Wakeboard while they are at the Camp. The Wakemasters Program are designed for campers who want to focus on improving wakeboarding skills while at camp.


All three of these water sports are challenging adrenaline-filled activities that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned veteran, our experienced, certified instructors will be there to help you every step of the way.


We often say that “every day on the boat is a good day” because of Lake Raystown’s pristine beauty. As a Wakeboarding Summer Camp in PA, we offer these activities most morning and afternoon sessions. We also offer Wakeboarding Overnights each session at the Camp!

Advanced Mountain Bike Masters Program!

The Mountain Bike Masters Program is designed for campers who love to mountain bike and want to ride world class single track trails every day. The sport of mountain biking is exploding in central PA with the building of the Allegrippis Trail system at Raystown Lake and the trails in the Rothrock State Forest. If you are a serious mountain biker or a novice rider who wants to improve your skills and learn from experienced bikers then you should consider the Mountain Bike Masters Program.


The thrill of mountain biking is hard to explain, and that’s why we ride bikes every day. Campers in the Mountain Bike Masters Program will ride every morning and then choose from other Teen Camp activities in the afternoon. Riding with other teens who are as excited about mountain biking as you are is incredible! If you are passionate about mountain biking and want to ride trails everyday and improve your skills while having fun you will LOVE our mountain bike camp!


Great camp counselors who are mature, knowledgeable, and fun are the backbone our camp and the mountain bike masters program. Our experienced staff will evaluate riders and teach technical riding techniques that will help campers take their riding to the next level. Keeping campers safe is always our number one priority. Teaching campers to keep themselves safe by riding in control is an integral part of our program. Our staff are also there lead by example and to motivate campers to push themselves and safely stretch their comfort zone.


The foundation of our mountain bike masters program is fun with a good dose of skill development. Our staff start by evaluating campers’ riding strengths and identifying areas of improvement. Our instructors take time to teach basic and advanced riding skills and provide campers the opportunity to practice those techniques in the skills park and on the trails. Campers also learn trail etiquette and how to “share the trail” with other user groups.


Every session campers in the Mountain Bike Masters Program have the opportunity to participate in a mountain biking camping overnight! We pack up our biking and camping gear and travel to earby Susquehannock Campground at Raystown Lake. This gives us the chance to ride all day and cool off with a post-ride swim in the waters of Raystown Lake. There is also time for group bonding around the campfire.


The Mountain Bike Masters program is ideal for campers who are excited about riding world class single track trails on a daily basis. Campers are welcome to bring their own bike or ride one of our bikes, purchased locally from Rothrock Outfitters. The Mountain Bike Masters Program is open to beginner to advanced skill levels, however, riders should feel comfortable riding single track trails. To ensure quality, this program is limited to six campers. Please note that campers not enrolled in the Mountain Bike Masters Program will get ample time to Mountain Bike during their time at the Camp.



Described by many as part pump track, part mountain bike trail, the Allegrippis trail system is machine built and organized in a “stacked loop” format-meaning riders can tailor the distance and difficulty of their ride. Small, easy loops are located close to trailheads and longer, more difficult loops spur from the easily-accessible trails. Endless combinations of routes can be ridden-both short and long.

Obstacles are few and far between on the Allegrippis trail system, a rarity in Central Pennsylvania, which is known for its rocky terrain. Beginners will enjoy the smooth trails and lack of demanding climbs. More advanced riders can simply pick up the pace for a fast, rhythmic ride on the rolling trails.



What the Allegrippis trails lack in technical features, they make up for in well-designed and well-marked sustainable trails. Although they’re rated easiest, moderate and most difficult, mountain bikers of any level could safely ride all 30 miles of trails—just watch your speed! Riding this trail system is so fun, it’s easy to lose track of time. But every once in a while, don’t forget to stop and take in the scenery! Many of the Allegrippis trails overlook the sizeable and stunning Raystown Lake.



Access the Allegrippis Trails at trailheads along Seven Points Road just past the Seven Points entrance and on Bakers Hollow Road right before the Susquehannock Campground entrance.



  • Easiest Trails: Buck Trail; Doe Trail; Fawn Trail; Dark Hollow Trail
  • Moderate Trails: Eagle Trail; Osprey Trail; Stony Trail; Dirtsurfer; Shade Trail; Barrel Bay Trail; Sleek Dog Trail; Allie Trail; Grippis Trail; Switch Trail; Ridge Trail; Berry Patch Trail; Red Legs; Loco-Motive Trail
  • Most Difficult Trails: Ray’s Revenge Trail; Sidewinder Trail; Hydro Loop; Allegheny Trail



The adventure camp is nestled in the scenic mountains of central Pennsylvania. Surrounded by thousands of acres of deciduous forest, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, lakes, rivers, streams and even caves, we are in an ideal setting for our summer camp.


We are located 20 miles south of Penn State University near the town of Huntingdon, PA. We are approximately four and a half hours from New York City, and three hours from Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Washington D.C.


We are located

  • 4 hours from New York City
  • 3 hours fromPhiladelphia
  • 3 hours fromPittsburgh
  • 3 hours from Baltimore
  • 3 hours from Washington D.C.



The location in the Alleghany Mountains provides warm sunny days and cool crisp nights. The mountain air is clean and fresh. In our remote setting there is very little light pollution so the view of the stars at night is incredible and inspirational. If you are persistent and patient you are almost guaranteed to see at shooting star. We are in an awesome location for an adventure summer camp. The most outstanding feature of the site is its natural beauty!

Getting Here

Our International Campers arrive and depart from Dulles International Airport near Washington D.C. Your child’s travel on the Camp Van from Dulles Airport to the Camp and back is included as part of the “INTERNATIONAL ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE”.



Your camper will be met by a  staff member immediately upon their arrival at International Arrivals, after they go through immigration and customs. We will call you when we meet them and again when they arrive at camp.


We encourage international campers to travel with a cell phone. (please note that cell phones and other electronics aren’t allowed at camp but can be used by campers while traveling.)



“Unaccompanied Minors” are those children deemed by the airlines as too young to travel without an escort. Each airline has their own fees and policies. The airlines will require that you designate one of our camp employees as the responsible adult who will assume custody of your child at Dulles Airport upon their arrival.


A representative from the airlines will escort your child off the plane and accompany them through immigration, baggage collection and customs. Our camp employee will get a security pass to meet the airline representative and the unaccompanied minor (your child), at which time the airline will release the child to our supervision.


From there, our staff person will take the minor to meet the other campers arriving that day.



Please book flights that have your child arriving into Dulles International Airport between

Noon and 4pm. Please contact us when you have reserved a flight BUT BEFORE you purchase your booking to confirm that the times are good.



Please book flights that have your child departing Dulles International Airport between 2pm and 6pm. Please contact us when you have reserved a flight BUT BEFORE you purchase your booking to confirm that the times are good.


Our staff will help your child check-in at the ticket counter and then walk with them to the security checkpoint. This is as far as non-passengers can go and where they will say their “Good Bye’s, See you Next Summer!” Our staff will stay at the airport until the plane has departed.



Our experienced USA Sleepaway camps counselors meet your son our daughter outside Customs & Immigration then we will travel back to camp in the camp van. The travel time is about 3 hours including stops for toilet breaks and snacks. This does make for a long travel day but our camp counselors do a great job of making tired travelers feel welcome & comfortable.


Camper FAQ’s

What should I bring to camp?

We have the “packing list” of what to bring to camp to use as a guideline. Remember that we have all the sports equipment and supplies you will need. If you have a musical instrument, climbing shoes/harness, or a fishing rod, go ahead and bring them, but we have everything you will need to have the most fun ever.


Do most campers enroll with friends?

Most campers do not come with friends, but quickly make many new ones upon arriving at camp. Occasionally friends do come to camp together.


What are the cabins like and who will be in my cabin?

The cabins are typical rustic camp cabins with bunk beds for 8-10 campers and one camp counselor. There is electricity in the cabins but no running water as bathrooms are a short walk away in the main house. Cabins are divided by gender (obviously) and by age. You will be in a cabin with campers your own age.


How do campers choose activities?

Every evening we have an meeting after dinner on the front lawn and you get to choose your activities that night for the following day. You will get to choose from seven activities for the morning activity and seven activities for the afternoon activity.


Where do campers come from?

Our campers most come from the cities in the northeast including Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. We also have campers from Pittsburgh, Chicago, Atlanta and Florida. Each summer we have 3 or 4 international campers from France, Italy and England.


Can I call home?

You will have the opportunity to call home on our land line once during every 2 weeks.


How old are the camp counselors and where do they come from?

We are located near Penn State University so each year we have students and graduates at camp. Each summer we have a few veteran campers who return as counselors. This is AMAZING because they know the Camp from both ends and are passionate about it. We also have 4 international staff each summer from England, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. It is great fun to have “funny talkers” at camp as we get to learn about their cultures and ways of life. Each year around 60% of out staff return each summer. Our Camp counselors vary in age range from 21 to 25 years of age.


Do campers get free time?

We have an hour of free time each afternoon from 5:30-6:30pm. We call this the “Power Hour of Freedom.” During this time you can play in the game room, use the Arts & Crafts Shed, take a shower or just hang out.


What is there to do at night?

Each evening we have a special evening activity that we do together as a group. Some activities take place in camp such as campfire night, group karaoke, the Invention Convention, movie night, camp dances and our famous “Talent Show.” We also go out of camp for some evening activities such as roller skating, going to get ice cream, disco bowling, going to county fairs, and going to see the Fourth of July Fireworks. We always have something great in store for you.


Do we go on trips out of camp?

YES, we do go on trip out of the camp. On Wednesdays you have the option of going to an authentic Amish Market where you get to learn about the Amish culture while sampling the local food. During the last week of camp we all go whitewater rafting on the Youghigheny River. With Class III rapids this is a fantastic experience!!


What if my birthday is during camp?

Have you ever had 60 people sing happy birthday to you all at the same time? We put on a birthday party like no one else, and yes, you do get a cake.


Can I get mail and packages?

Absolutely. Make sure that all your friends and family have the address of  the Camp so they can send mail directly to you while you are at camp.


What if it rains?

Nothing stops the fun at the Camp. We have plenty of indoor space and activities for bad weather. We also enjoy many “muddy” activities such as mud mountain biking, mud volleyball and mud hiking!


Do I have to wear a uniform?

No, you do not have to wear a uniform. You will receive a Session T-shirt at the end of each session with every ones name on it.


Are there “Camping Overnights” at camp?

We offer Camping Overnights a few times each week. These are limited to 8-12 campers with two staff. We offer hiking overnights, canoeing overnights, and wakeboarding overnights.


How is it different from other summer camps?

The things that really set us apart from other camps is our age range of 12-16. All of the activities we do are teen focused and that is really great. You get to choose your activities each day at our evening meeting rather than planning a week or two in advance. Our staff are all 21+ year of age. The thing that really makes special is our size; with only 60 campers & 14 staff we becomes a very close knit group where every one is accepted and has true friends.


What do I do if I forget something from home?

If you forget something at home we will call your parents immediately and have it mailed to camp A.S.A.P. We can also get the basics for you such as a towel, a tooth brush, etc.


Is there a family visiting day?

We do not have an official visiting day, you are welcome to come any time. Wednesdays and Sundays are best time for parents to visit. We can also accommodate you on other days as well.


What about I-pods and other electronic devises?

Electronic games and the like a prohibited. You may bring an I-pod or mp3 player but you may only listen to it at night in your bunk or in the van on long road trips to Hershey Park or the Youghigheny River.


Can I bring a cell phone to camp?

You can travel with a cell phone to and from camp but we need to keep it in the office while you are at camp. We do not get cell phone service at camp.

Packing List

This packing list serves as a guide. Campers will launder their own clothes once per session locally with the assistance of counselors. Please label all clothing. Avoid bringing expensive clothing articles or ones that require special laundering. The Camp is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items. Trunks/duffels should not exceed 18 inches in height to ensure they will stow underneath bunks. Please see at bottom of page for items NOT allowed at camp



7-10 shorts

8-10 T-shirts/tank tops

2-3 long pants

1 pair sweatpants

1 sweatshirt

1 warm jacket or fleece

1 poncho or raincoat

12 pair underwear

12 pair socks

2-3 pair pajamas

1 robe

3 bathing suits



1 blanket

1 set of sheets

1 pillow with pillow case

1 bath towel

1 beach towel

1 mesh laundry bag



1 sleeping bag with stuff sack

1 pad for under sleeping bag

1 medium size duffel bag (Must fit sleeping bag and personal clothes on camping trips)



Toiletry Back/Shower Caddy


Body soap or soap dish






2 pair sneakers or trail shoes


1 pair sandals with straps that will stay on in the water (Chacos, Tevas, Keens, etc.)



Sunscreen & Sun Hat

Leather Work Gloves

Water Bottle-mandatory!

Day Pack

Inexpensive Camera

Headlamp/flashlight w/extra batteries



Books / Journal

Musical instruments


Favorite stuffed animal



We provide all sports equipment, but you may bring:

Tennis Racquet

Fishing Rod

Climbing Shoes & Harness

Mountain Bike


HORSEMASTERS PARTICIPANTS: Riding boots required OR riding shoe with defined heel not higher than one inch. Riding pants OR other long pants required. Riding helmets provided or camper may bring his/her own.


DO NOT BRING: Mobile/cell phones are not permitted. Phones brought to camp will be stored in camp office safe. Cameras, iPods, other electronics, jewelry, and items of sentimental value that you cannot afford to lose should be left at home.


Medications: Any non-over-the-counter medications need to be turned over to camp office upon arrival. Please send enough for camper’s entire stay. Parents must compete the Camper Medication Form found in the Pre-Camp Packet.


How to Pack: We encourage you to pack all items in one trunk (max height “17), duffel, or suitcase. Campers using camp van (excludes international campers or campers flying to camp) service must ship luggage at least 5 days before camp using UPS or FedEx. Families will be billed accordingly after camp for return shipping charges.


Summer Camps


  • Session 1 Sat 6/24 to Fri 7/7
  • Session 2 Sat 7/8 to Fri 7/21
  • Session 3 Sun 7/23 to Sat 8/5
  • Session 4  Mon 8/7 to Sun 8/20
  • Session 1 + 2  Sat 6/24 to Fri 7/21
  • Session 2 + 3 Sat 7/8 to Sat 8/5
  • Session 3 + 4 Sun 7/23 to Sun 8/20
  • Session 1 + 2 + 3 Sat 6/24 to Sat 8/5
  • Session 2 + 3 + 4 Sat 7/8 to Sun 8/20
  • Session 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 Sat 6/24 to Sun 8/20



  • 2 Week Sessions $2675 (Great for young 1st year campers)
  • 4 Week Sessions $5250 (This what most families choose)
  • 6 Week Sessions $7775
  • 8 Week Session $9900

*Payments made with a credit card will incur a 3% surcharge.  Save money, pay with a check!


International Camper All-Inclusive Package


  • Dulles International Airport Pickup/Dropoff Service
  • Bed Linens, Pillow, Towels, etc.
  • Sleeping Pad and Sleeping Bag for Camping Overnights
  • Baggage Coordination at Camp
  • Family/Camper Communication via Phone and E-mail



  • $350 for 2 Weeks
  • $425 for 4 Weeks
  • $500 for 6 Weeks
  • $575 for 8 Weeks


Optional Add-Ons

  • Horseback Riding Masters Program                  $300 Per 2 Week Session
  • Wakeboarding + Waterski Masters Program     $300 Per 2 Week Session
  • Mountain Biking Masters Program                   $300 Per 2 Week Session



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