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Switzerland + Portugal Teens Summer Adventures Camp - Swiss Alps, Geneva. Switzerland


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The Camp in Switzerland and in Portugal belong to the same family. They are twin companies in different countries, adapted to each country characteristics, and taking the most advantage of what each one has to offer in terms of activities.


In 7 or 14 days our Summer Camp participants have the chance to experience Switzerland in different ways.

One for those who love to Search and Discover Nature and another for those who are coming for the first time to Switzerland and want to take the best of what’s around and live a true Swiss Experience!


We welcome children from 6 to 18 years old, divided by different age groups, with activities adapted to their age. English is the main speaking language, so all participants may improve their language skills while they have fun discovering Switzerland.


Located in the Centre of Europe, right in the heart of the Swiss Alps, The Summer Camp provides amazing and unique experiences in a Mountain Culture Environment as well as trips to discover the best of Swiss Cities.


Our main goal, as well as families, is to increase all children potential by giving them new and challenging experiences while they’re with us. We give them the opportunity to bond with others, discover new places, new faces, new cultures and new feelings: team spirit and pure friendship.


We designed Nature Experience to be a full and natural engagment with the surroundings. The valley of Kandersteg provides us the most amazing scenario for challenging adventure days and at the same time the chance to learn more about animals, plants, geology and sustainability.


We know that is very hard for parents to entrust their children to others and feel that they’re safe. Our Summer Camps are the ideal place for all parents who wish to occupy their children time in a constructive, educational and also fun way, always in a safe and supervisioned environment.


Break the routine and provide a new range of healthy experiences is the main goal of our Summer Camps.


Summer Camps take place during summer, having a minimum duration of 7 days and maximum of 14 days, with overnight stay and activities included.


How do Summer Camps work?

Participants organized in different groups, by age. Each group will be accompanied by a team of our Staff, and each team is headed by a coordinator. The teams will be formed by 1 staff member for each 10 participants, and animators, technicians and monitors in charge of boosting activities and guide the participants through their meals, baths, overnight stay, etc.  


Important schedules and visits in Summer Camps

From the time your children enter our space, our biggest concern is their well being. It’s based on this objective that we undertake all our efforts and our energies.


ENTRY SCHEDULES IN SUMMER CAMPS: Between 2 and 4 p.m. (if you leave your child at the camp)

CHECK OUT SCHEDULES IN SUMMER CAMPS: up to 2 p.m. (if you pick up your child at the camp).

VISIT SCHEDULES ON PARENTS DAY (only in 14 days programs, on the middle Sunday): Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Important: if your child is attending a 14 days program, there’s a “Parents Day” in the middle Sunday. On this day, all guardians must sign a consent for the departure of their children. Children may leave the Summer Camp in the company of anyone other than the parents or guardian, just and only upon written authorization.


What will they learn?

At the Summer Camp we have our very own philosophy and we try to show and pass the cultural values in which we believe to our kids. It’s extremely important to continue to implement the values you teach your kids at home and at school when they are outside their known environment.


Following the rules is essential, and as soon as they enter our facilities they will feel how we live at the Summer Camp. We breath professionalism and we know how important it is to have new experiences at these early stages of life. Learning to share, be kind, to overcome their fears is always an important part of our activities.



We provide to all their clients a unique atmosphere. The overnight stay is at our privately owned chalet with more than 100 years of history. When arriving, participants will be installed in their rooms, being split according with group/school, sex and age. We have rooms with capacity from 2 to 9 participants.


Where and What do they eat?

Our menus are delicious, homemade, freash and allow choice. We are highly concerned about your children meals, encouraging them to eat and try new dishes, if so they wish. In case your child needs specific nutritional care by medical indication, inform us in advance so we can serve your child according to its needs.


Health & Insurance

Accidents Insurance covers all participants in all cases of accidents that may occur during activities, but not in a disease problem (like flu, for example). Therefore, we advise all participants to bring their European Health Card or Insurance Health Card with them.


The Camp has a first aid office, open 24h/day. Our monitors are certified with a first aid course, so for superficial and small accidents they take action in place. When something more serious happens, participants are taken to the Medical Clinic at Kandersteg (open 24h/day), and from there, when needed, to Frutigen Hospital (15min by car from the Camp).


How to contact your child

The group leader must give parents a phone number in case they want to contact their son or daughter, but only within specific schedules (6pm to 9pm). In case of emergency, parents can always contact the staff coordinator all time or our offices between 8am and 6pm.


Other information

All valuable goods (camera, phone, money or other items considered valuable) must be handed to the coordinator on the first day of camp, and this person will be responsible for them. In case the participant wishes to keep some of the valuables, The Camp will not be held responsible.


  • We advise that all other objects should be identified, as we are not responsible for any loss or damage.
  • the Program may change. Please note that the activities plan might change due to external factor or the interest of participants (weather, lack of security, delay in transportation, seasonal or eventual points of interest). The team coordinator will be responsible for the changing of the program.
  • The Camp requests you to sign a form that allows us to film and take photos of your child for promotional purposes. If you fail to do so, we will assume that this is authorized.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed during the course of the activities. Thus, the same shall be allowed only between 7 and 9 p.m.
  • It’s complitely forbidden to bring alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  • Participants, even if of legal age, are not allowed to smoke during their stay. The Camp is fully non-smoking

Note: participants who do not comply with the rules will automatically be asked to leave The Camp with out any refund.


The best of both worlds!

Start your Summer with sunny days surfing the waves in Portugal, then fly to Switzerland and live an unforgettable Adventure in the highest Mountains!

Switzerland+Portugal = One program!


✔ All inclusive program

✔ Travel safe and with a 24h supervision

✔ Flights Lisbon>Geneva/Geneva>Lisbon

✔ Airport Transfers

✔ Full Board

✔ Insurance

Regarding Summer Camps, this program is an unique opportunity to experience both countries in 14 days, with all included.


Switzerland Summer Camp

Our programs include:

✔ hiking mountains

✔ trekking

✔ nights at huts

✔ discovering lakes

✔ traditional workshops

✔ cultural trips.


The Swiss Alps provides us the most amazing scenario for challenging adventure days.


Portugal Summer Camp

✔ beautiful coast

✔ learn how to surf

✔ dive on the beach

✔ high ropes course

✔ zip line

✔ visit an old mine

✔ cultural trips, among others.


It’s simply the best of both worlds in one program only.



We are right in the heart of the magnificent Swiss Alps, in Kandersteg, a village in the Canton of Bern, 1200 metres above sea level. In an actual mountain cottage, the comfort and the atmosphere of the Swiss Alps surrounding us make the Alpine Summer Camp a unique and distinguished space.

Getting Here



Basel Mulhouse (BSL) Airport 122.94 Km

Geneva (GVA) Airport 123.65 Km

Zurich (ZRH) Airport 126.07 Km

Milan Malpensa (MXP) Airport 126.10 Km


What should they bring?

So that nothing is missing, we suggest you bring comfortable and practical clothing. 

✔ Trousers

✔ Coat (for the evenings)

✔ Raincoat

✔ Underwear

✔ Pijamas

✔ T-shirts

✔ Fleece Jumpers

✔ Shorts

✔ Swimsuit / swimming shorts (if applied)

✔ Bath and beach towels (beach towel if applied)

✔ Flip-flops

✔ Sneakers

✔ Sleeping bag (if asked to)

✔ Toiletries

✔ Backpack (34 to 45 L)

✔ Boots

✔ Sunscreen

✔ Canteen

✔ Hat

✔ Lanterns 

✔ Ski Camps – all of the above, plus:

✔ Ski jacket

✔ Climbing bottoms

✔ Protection glasses

✔ Sun glasses

✔ Woolly hat, scarves

✔ Ski socks

✔ Waterproof gloves and fleecy gloves

✔ boots



tobacco, alcohol or drugs.



We advise not to bring valuable objects. The camp is not to be held responsible by the loss or damage of any valuable objects if they are not handed in to the group coordinator at the start of the program;


We recommends you to bring practical and comfortable clothing and the use of sunscreen and hat. You should always identify/tag your belongings.


Available Dates

7 days Camps


✔ 2nd to 8th July

✔ 9th to 15th July

✔ 6th to 12th August

✔ 13th to 19th August


What’s included in our programs?

✔ Full board with 4 meals per day (food restrictions are not a problem!);

✔ Accommodation in our privately owned wood chalet, in 2-9 beds rooms with shared bathrooms at the rooms hall (girls and boys separated by floors);

✔ All activities and material included in the chosen program;

✔ Fully supervised program, including night activities and participants nighttime;

✔ Taxes and Services;

Accident Insurance for each and every participant;

✔ Airport transfer (extra cost).


Are flights included? 

✔ Flights are not included, as well as VISA or PASSPORT fees.



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