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York Teens Adventures Camp - North Yorkshire, Leeds. England


Village Camps YORK TEENS ADVENTURES CAMP Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

The Camp is approaching its 10th year working closely with a College, arguably the best equipped residential college in the UK. Throughout this time campers have enjoyed state-of-the-art accommodation and an impressive range of outdoor and indoor sports and leisure facilities, all in extensive grounds with parks, flowers and fountains.


Campers will be accommodated in newly re-furbished and upgraded 4- 5 bedded apartments. The Camp continues to offer an established array of speciality programmes with various sports, outdoor adventure, language studies, creative and performing arts and a much-praised leadership course.


Highlights for campers include the fun-filled activities of the innovative evening programmes, an afternoon in the famous, ancient city of York and a popular day in Manchester with lots of exciting sight-seeing and super shopping. A number of our friendly and caring York counsellor team will be returning this summer along with many campers who come back to York year after year. Happy days!



The camp is located amidst rolling green meadows and wooded countryside on the campus of a magnificent College, a short drive from York and about 2 hours from Manchester International Airport. The College offers exceptional on-site leisure and sports facilities, superior apartments and an interesting choice of healthy and freshly prepared meals. Campers are accommodated in a secure and easy-to-control complex of comfortable, well-designed apartments for up to 5 students, all with state-of-the-art en-suite facilities and a practical work area.


The impressive sports and leisure facilities used by the Camp are all grouped close to the accommodation or are set in the extensive grounds that surround the campus buildings. There is a large air-conditioned Sports Hall with space for indoor basketball, football and cricket. Outside are brand new grass pitches that have been levelled and re-drained with a mix of real and synthetic grass.


This spacious, professionally-designed grass playing area is modelled on the new surface at Wembley Stadium in London. The new playing area remains in great condition even in adverse weather. The Camp has the use of practice areas for all sports including rugby, field hockey and cricket. Our highly rated Football Camp now enjoys extensive practice areas, adaptable 5 & 7 a-side pitches as well as full size pitches for competitive games.


The superb 25-metre indoor heated swimming pool and the outdoor hard-surface tennis and basketball courts are used as additional facilities for the Camp’s afternoon leisure programmes. Right outside the accommodation block is the popular ‘Village Green’ where campers can relax, mix and play ball sports.


Around the campus are many attractive outdoor areas, including flower gardens, the impressive ‘Horse Fountain’ and the stunning walled ‘Secret Garden’, available for camp meetings and the popular weekly BBQ. The Muggles’ Indoor Games Centre has a great choice of state-of-the-art computer games, traditional board games and a host of spectacular options for campers to enjoy.

Camp Organisation

The typical Camp day is divided into four main activity periods with two sessions in the morning and two sessions in the afternoon. Campers are assigned to groups according to their choice of programme and then by age and/or skill levels. On weekday mornings all campers join the speciality camp that is chosen in advance.


During the first and second afternoon activity periods, campers in the English Language, Creative Arts, Adventure & Activity and Football programmes join together and choose from a wide selection of activities.


In all other programmes – Basketball, Performing Arts, Riding, Golf and Leadership, campers remain in their speciality camp during the first of the two afternoon sessions. Then they join the rest of the camp, choosing their activity from the exciting range available for the remaining session of the afternoon.


All the activities are organised and supervised (at an average ratio of 1:6) by a carefully selected group of dedicated, experienced counsellors who are fun, friendly, caring and there to ensure that every camper has a great time.


Students are seated together in the modern dining area in their age-groups or activity groups. The fresh food, prepared in the state-of-the-art, hygienic kitchens, is presented self-service style, allowing campers to choose from the daily selection.


Healthy appetites are well catered for! Breakfast is usually continental style with a hot English breakfast once or twice a week and a typical American-style hot brunch on Sundays. At each of the daily main meals there is a choice from the fresh salad bar and from three different hot meals, one of which is vegetarian. Fresh fruit and cold drinks are available at every meal. All special diets can be catered for provided that we have written advance notice.

Medical Information

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to complete the medical form and submit it to us at least 4 weeks before the start of camp. It is essential that this form is completed as clearly and accurately as possible, as it provides both the camp director and the health care staff with vital health and other information.



The camp fees cover basic first aid care provided by our staff. Should your child require special care, medication or hospitalisation and you have not subscribed to the Camps accident/illness insurance you will be fully responsible for all the costs incurred. In this case, we will make the following arrangements for any

costs to be settled:


For small amounts, or where the care provider is not able to send invoices directly to your own insurance company, we will either deduct the amount from your child’s pocket money, or settle the costs from camp funds and send you an invoice. In either case, the care provider’s invoice will be sent to you should you wish to claim from your own insurance company.


For larger amounts, where direct settlement is necessary, we will supply the care provider with the details of your own insurance policy. If your child is covered by the Camps accident/illness insurance, we will make all the necessary arrangements for any costs to be settled by the insurance company.



It is camp policy that all medications are presented to the health care staff on arrival at camp and they will be kept and dispensed by our staff. If your child requires any medication (prescription or non-prescription), please ensure that it is clearly labelled with your child’s name and provide clear written instructions as to how it must be dispensed.


Prescription drugs must be in the original container with licensed physician’s instructions. Should your child be required to keep any medication on his/her person (e.g. an asthma inhaler), please provide a written medical certificate from your family doctor to this effect.

Parent-Student Communication

We highly recommend that communication with family and friends be done by email. Please mention your child’s name in the subject line.



Many of our camps are large and operate in a number of different buildings. All of our camps are very busy, with a full programme of activities from wake-up to lights-out. Telephone calls to your child, therefore, can interrupt a child’s camp routine, and homesick children in particular do not often benefit in the long term from telephone conversations with their parents. In fact, hearing parents’ voices often makes the situation worse.


In addition, a child who has regular telephone contact with his/her parents can make other children without such contact, particularly those sharing his/her room, feel forgotten and encourage feelings of homesickness which would otherwise not occur. It is for these reasons that we do not encourage incoming telephone calls to children at camp, and counsellors strongly discourage children from telephoning home.


One of the main reasons for children attending residential camp is to encourage independence, and speaking to parents breaks the continuity of the experience. If you would like information on your child’s progress at camp, please contact the camp during office hours to arrange a suitable time to speak to either the camp director or your child’s counsellor.



We welcome visits to camp by children’s parents or guardians, but please consider how your visit will affect your child’s adjustment to camp life. Receiving a visit from a parent can be more upsetting than a phone call for a homesick child and can be disruptive to his/her growing sense of independence. If you would like to visit your child, please telephone the camp director to arrange a time that is convenient both for the camp and for your child.


For obvious security reasons, we normally only allow visits from the parents or guardians named on the Summer Application Form. If you wish other family members or friends to visit your child(ren), please provide a written request to the camp director in advance of their visit. In addition, please ensure that the camp reception is advised of your child’s departure from and return to the camp, should you wish to take them away from the centre.



If you receive a letter, email or telephone call from your child expressing concerns or strong feelings of missing home, you should telephone the camp and discuss the situation with the camp director. If your child is taking time to adjust to camp life, his/her counsellor will already be paying special attention and encouraging him/her to make new friends and join in with games and activities.


The camp director will ask that you reinforce the same message with a positive reply. Let your child know that you understand the feelings but maintain confidence in his/her ability. Communicating by email is preferable to telephone calls as hearing a parent’s voice can make the situation worse. Ask specific questions to help him/her to focus a reply.


With support from camp and home, most children, even those who seem extremely upset in the first few days of camp, can make it to the end of the session. The majority of these children will have enjoyed their stay and will feel a huge sense of achievement – some even wish they could stay longer!


In very rare cases, though, a shortened stay at camp may be considered as the only answer for a homesick child. You should discuss this with the camp director, and never suggest this to your child until a decision has been made. Once you show doubt that your child can make it through to the end of the camp, he/she may lose confidence in his/her own ability and give up trying if they feel that going home early is an option.

Rules and Policies at Camp


At all our camps, we maintain a very strict policy that children are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol at any time. This policy is reiterated very clearly to all children on the first evening of camp. This policy applies to all children at camp, whether or not they are allowed to smoke or drink at home, and whether or not they are legally old enough to smoke or drink in the country of the camp.


Should your child smoke or drink alcohol at camp, the camp director will contact you immediately to discuss what action he or she feels is appropriate in the specific circumstances.


In the case of drinking alcohol, the appropriate action is always that your child is sent home at your expense as soon as is reasonably possible. In the case of smoking, the camp director may feel that a strong warning is more appropriate, on the understanding that a second violation of the rule will result in your child being sent home, again at your expense.


In this case, the camp director will look for your support and ask that you explain the situation very clearly to your child by telephone in order that there is no misunderstanding. It is very important that you discuss this policy with your child before he or she travels to camp, in order that he/she fully understands the implications of smoking or drinking alcohol at camp.



Should your child possess or use any drugs at camp, other than those prescribed for medical reasons, he/she will be sent home immediately at your expense. We reserve the right to also notify the police given the seriousness of this matter.



If children decide to bring their mobile phone to camp please understand that campers younger than 13 will be required to hand them in at reception to be kept safe and that they can have access to them only during afternoon free time using a sign-out / sign-in procedure. Campers who are older than 13 years old will be allowed to keep their phones with them under very strict rules which are explained to them on the first day. If these rules are broken the mobile phone is confiscated and returned to the camper on departure day.



It is important that children treat the property of Camps and its suppliers with the greatest of care and respect. Any damages resulting from negligence, even if accidental, will be invoiced to the parents or guardians, who, as part of the booking conditions, agree to this stipulation. Where individual guilt cannot be accurately assessed, damages will be shared amongst those involved and families invoiced accordingly.



Every day at camp is well-structured and very busy, with a wide variety of activities on offer. For this reason, we find it extremely beneficial to both children and staff to offer them some free time during the day. During free time, there are always alternative activities available and counsellors are assigned to supervise children in both the activity and accommodation areas. Should a visit to the local village be offered in free time, children will be supervised according to our excursion supervision policy, as stated below.



At some point in all excursions, children are given “free time” for shopping for souvenirs, having a snack, etc., in a designated, controlled area. During this time, not all children are with a counsellor. The following explains our supervision policy on excursions:


  • Children 12 years and younger are always accompanied by a counsellor (the exception to this is inside Aqualand and similar activity parks where counsellors are stationed about the various attractions).
  • Children 13 years and older will not be accompanied at all times, but will always be in groups of a minimum of three children.
  • All children will be given emergency phone numbers.
  • Meeting points and times will be established and shown to the children.
  • The maximum amount of time between meetings will be 90 minutes.
  • Counsellors will be stationed at various locations around the designated area in case of an emergency.


If your child is 13 years or older, but you prefer that he/she be accompanied by a counsellor at all times during excursions and visits to local villages, etc., please indicate this preference in writing to us before the start of camp. If we do not receive your written instructions to the contrary, we will assume you agree with the above supervision policy.


Sample Daily Schedule




07:30 – 08:00 Wake up
08:00 – 09:00 Breakfast
09:00 – 10:30 Period A – Speciality Programmes
10:45 – 12:15 Period B – Speciality Programmes






12:15 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 14:00 All camp meeting
14:00 – 15:30 Period C – Sign-up Activities
15:45 – 17:15 Period D – Sign-up Activities
17:15 – 18:15 Free time
18:15 – 19:30 Dinner




19:30 – 21:30 Evening Programme
22:00 Lights Out – Yellows (10-12 years old)
22:30 Lights Out – Reds (13-14 years old)
23:00 Lights Out – Blues (15-17 years old)
Saturday Excursion Day 
Sunday Morning: Late wake up call, breakfast and relaxed morning 

This is a sample schedule and may be subject to change

Programme - Adventure & Activity


10-17 Years old



In York, we have developed a quite different activity and adventure programme guaranteed to challenge mind, body and spirit! This busy programme mixes sports and team challenges with mountain and water adventure activities using the lakes, rivers and moorland of the rugged Yorkshire Moors.


The two-week session is carefully balanced with a mix of on-site activities and challenging adventures in the varied terrain within easy travelling of the College. There are many highlights, with canoeing, kayaking, raft building, high ropes and gorge walking contrasting with team sports and competitive games using the excellent facilities of the College site. Undoubtedly the eagerly awaited excursion high into the Yorkshire Moors for an overnight open-air camp and cookout is everyone’s idea of their favorite experience!


Other adventure excursions are either half-day or full day. The instruction for all adventure activities is by suitably qualified staff either from the Camp team or in the hands of local experts.

Programme - Basketball Camp


10-17 Years old



The emphasis of the new Development Academy will be on an intensive but fun coaching programme suitable for all abilities from enthusiastic beginners right through to talented, established players.


The Academy will concentrate its coaching effort on creating an innovative programme that focuses on improving individual and team performance. During the first morning our expert coaches will put each player through an assessment programme, ensuring that each player joins the correct ability group. Each ability group will have its own individually designed, specialist training schedule aimed at maximising progress through the Academy levels. Every player will be assessed at the end of each day and encouraged to continue to raise individual performance to achieve promotion to a higher level.


So, during the two-week basketball camp, as each young player develops, the challenge will be to improve and move up the grades. The eventual target for the most improved young players, working closely with their professional and enthusiastic coaches, will be eventual selection for the challenging ”Top Player” division of the Camp Academy. Most importantly all our young basketball players will improve their skills and have a lot of fun. One of the highlights will be selection for the end-of-session Basketball Players vs Camp Staff Challenge Match. The Players usually win this competitive game – and have a proud record to defend!



The Camp has engaged a small, select team of highly qualified, top international European coaches. Serbia has been one of the most successful European sides for many years. Since 1996, Serbia has gained Olympic Silver Medals and 2nd and 4th positions in the FIBA World Championships. Not only has Serbia produced outstanding individuals and teams over many years but it has a reputation for developing a constant flow of world class basketball coaches. The international Head Office of FIBA, with a Serbian at the head, is based in Nyon in Switzerland



Our Director of Basketball Coaching for the Camp Development Academy is Ratko Mihailovic, a highly regarded Serbian coach with a wealth of first class experience in Switzerland, Serbia, Holland and England.


Starting with early coaching positions with the Academy sides of Red Star Belgrade and Beopetrol Belgrade, Ratko has guided the early careers of scores of young basketball players, many of whom have joined the professional ranks, some playing for Senior International teams. In York, Ratko will be assisted by a second highly qualified and experienced FIBA coach and one or more assistant coaches.



Basketball coaching takes place in the magnificent on-site Sports Hall at the College, purpose-built for basketball training, matches and competitions. Coaching is from 9 to 12 in the morning and for the first session of the afternoon.

Programme - Soccer Camp


10-17 Years old



We were a pioneer in the organisation of top class football camps in the early 70s. The high standards continue through to today. For the past 5 years our Football Director, Neil O’Donnell, has devised an exciting modern coaching programme that is really enjoyed by our young footballers and admired by other coaching organisations. Neil, who directs the programme on-site, is one of the highest qualified coaches working with young players in football camps. He is already qualified as a UEFA ‘B’ coach and is working towards his UEFA ‘A’ grade.


Coaching takes place every morning on the excellent training area and football pitches close to the accommodation, using the new state-of-the-art ‘all-weather’ artificial surface in the event of wet weather conditions. Players are divided into age and ability groups and the dedicated coaching team work hard and enthusiastically to develop individual skills and techniques, as well as teaching tactics and team moves. At the end of most sessions there is a short competitive game for each age group, usually on a 5-a-side pitch, with time taken out to analyse tactics. Points that require individual attention are identified, discussed and improved.



  • Corners, free kicks and penalty-taking
  • Short and long passes
  • Dribbling, ball control and individual skills
  • Heading
  • Phases of play
  • Special goal-keeping session
  • Short 5 or 6 a-side sessions
  • Fitness and diet
  • Tactical sessions using DVD
  • Viewing and analysing great games of the past
  • Studying outstanding players and performances
  • Sportsmanship



One of the highlights of the session is the last-day, competitive and hard fought game where the results of the intensive work of the past two weeks are clearly demonstrated. Later in the evening, at the Awards Ceremony, performances and effort are rewarded with prizes for the best, most improved and most sporting player in each age group.


All Camps footballers eagerly look forward to the full day excursion to Old Trafford, the home of the world famous Manchester United. The visit includes the Museum, Trophy Room, Club Shop, dressing rooms and a chance to walk down the players’ tunnel and step on to this famous pitch. Alternatively, in certain circumstances, we may substitute Old Trafford with a visit to the home of the current Premiership Champions, Manchester City, at their impressive Ethiad Stadium with the same exciting on-site programme.


This very special day concludes with a visit to the superb new National Football Museum in Manchester – the world’s biggest and best football museum! Visit the Hall of Fame, see some historic football memorabilia and test your skills, speed, reactions and accuracy. Take a penalty and see if you can score a goal! Finally, each camper will take home, his or her own attractively designed and much-prized Camps kit – football shorts and a football shirt.

Programme - Golf Camp


10-17 Years old



The golf programme is suitable for campers who are serious enough to want to spend 5 hours a day (including a short lunch break) learning to play the game or who are enthusiastic about improving their handicap. Lessons are held every weekday morning from about 09.00 through to 14.00, about 30 minutes drive from the campus. This professionally designed parkland course lies in an inspiring setting in wooded heath-land just south of the Georgian market town of Easingwold. Next summer will be our 9th year working with our much admired, long-time PGA professional golf instructor, Alastair Grindlay.



Our Camp is always committed to high quality teaching standards. This is nowhere more important than with the golf programme where dedicated professional lessons and a patient approach are vital to encourage and motivate the aspiring young golfer. Golf lessons are in the hands of a well-known Club Professional and an Advanced PGA qualified instructor, Alastair Grindlay. He is one of the most qualified golf professionals in the area and has more than 20 years of teaching experience in England, Germany and Spain.


Alastair and his team are dedicated to improving the performance level of every camper. Alastair has achieved a great deal with the young Camps golfers over the 8 years that he has directed the golf programme. In this time all our golfers have improved their handicap, some dramatically. Recently a 13-year old Camp golfer had the thrill of making a hole in one. The Golf Camp attracts a number of single handicap golfers each summer.


The golfers are divided into ability groups with friendly putting and chipping competitions as well as opportunities to play a full 9 or 18 holes including the much anticipated 18 hole ‘Camp Championship’ on the penultimate day. Alastair and the team consistently deliver a friendly, effective programme with many young golfers returning year after year.



The 18-hole course is 6699 yards long (5934 metres) par 72, part of an established Club dating back to the 1930’s. With over 15,000 mature trees and water coming into play on several holes, Easingwold is an outstanding example of woodland and heath golf at its best, with wide, forgiving fairways which nonetheless punish the most wayward of drives. All golfers will enjoy the short ‘signature’ 13th with a tricky drive over a stream and pond and the testing 18th, a par 5 with a dog-leg and narrow fairways.


The Club is affiliated to the English Golf Union and the greens are constructed to the demanding specification of the US Golf Association. The Camps was impressed with the excellent facilities in its first year there some 4 years ago. But so much has been added over the past 2 years. Just look at the great range of impressive facilities and modern teaching aids now available for our young golfers!



  • A new indoor teaching unit adjoining a new impressive covered driving range with 8 modern driving bays
  • Mind-Factor teaching facility
  • Physical screening
  • Flightscope – a sophisticated teaching aid that analyses and improves the swing
  • In-depth putting analysis
  • A small indoor putting surface developed by Alastair where the gradient of the slope can be easily adjusted to simulate real putting conditions
  • In the event of really bad weather – a projector for indoor lessons AND our golfers can hit towards targets on the screen netting and see each shot on screen
  • Open-air facilities
  • Practice putting green 
  • Short-game pitching area
  • Bunker practice area
  • ‘Long game’ practice area


Fun!! A brand new fun 10-hole crazy/mini golf course right in front of the Clubhouse. At lunchtime, campers enjoy their packed lunches in the easy-going ambiance of the ‘Spike Bar’ with a TV and pool table. Twice a week a simple hot lunch is served in the Spike Bar.

Programme - Riding Camp


10-17 Years old



About a 30-minute drive from the College, is beautifully located in peaceful farming countryside close to the famous spa town of Harrogate.



Summer 2013 was our first and was rated by our campers and staff to be the best ever.It has excellent outdoor and indoor facilities and country trails. The Centre offers a good choice of well prepared horses to suit riders of all ages and abilities from first timers through the intermediate stages right up to advanced.


The Riding School is a long established, successful equestrian centre run by the Pedley family. Julie Pedley who heads up the operation and instruction at Follifoot also is on the committee of the Association of British Riding Schools and holds the ABRS TC, Principles Diploma and BHS AI status.


Lessons are from 09.00 o 12.00 on Monday to Friday. On the first morning the group will be divided so that some campers will be introduced to the stable and the impressive Follifoot facilities whilst the others will set off for the first lesson. Midway through the morning after a 15-minute break the order will be reversed. For the beginners and less experienced riders the time spent on horseback will be about one hour at the start and as the course progresses riding time will be increased. For more experienced riders the aim will be to spend about 90 minutes actually riding.


With the guidance of the team of instructors, riders of all abilities will make steady progress with beginners and intermediates walking, trotting, cantering then jumping logs and eventually small fences. As a break from lessons, campers will enjoy fun competitions and pony games! Experienced riders will be taken through a more advanced programme. In addition to the riding instruction, campers will also learn about the care of horses, tacking up and stable husbandry, all essential elements of this comprehensive course. On the last morning, a highlight of the course will be the fun individual and team games and competitions followed by the presentation of rosettes.



  • A spacious indoor arena with a sand and rubber surface, sprinkler system and a viewing area
  • An outdoor floodlit manège with a sand and rubber chipping Charles Britain all-weather surface
  • A paddock of 35 acres
  • Space to hack in Follifoot
  • Access to country trails
  • Horse-walker for 4 horses
  • An on-site working forge


The Stouse is a room where riders can relax. However, its main purpose is to house the amazing ‘Stan the Mechanical Horse’! Stan is a life size mechanical horse used by the instructors. A large mirror enables the rider to can see any problems spotted by the instructors. Snacks and soft drinks are available to purchase.



On the penultimate day of the course, an independent instructor will test each rider and give an official grading. Shortly after Camp an ABRS Certificate will be sent to the camper confirming the grade attained. Riders returning in a subsequent year will be eligible to take the assessment test to improve their grades.


We suggest an early booking as numbers are limited to 20 riders.

Programme - Creative Arts Camp


10-17 Years old



This programme is dedicated to developing, stimulating and inspiring creativity in the Visual Arts for youngsters with all levels of talent from curious, enthusiastic beginners through to experienced artists with a proven record of achievement. The art group works either in the well-equipped Art Studio or in the open air in the picturesque grounds and gardens. The College, itself boasts many beautifully crafted sculptures and bronzes both in the public indoor areas, the Fountain Park, the Secret Garden and the spectacular Olympic Square.


During the course, the work completed by each camper is displayed for the whole Camp to admire. In most sessions the group elects to combine some of its work on a large and always impressive Group Mural that is unveiled at the end of the course.



A course highlight is the excursion during the middle of the second week to the impressive Yorkshire Sculpture Park in a glorious country park setting about an hour’s drive from Camp. The display has many important permanent sculptures but also features ‘rotating’ exhibitions from all over the world. There are never less than 60 individual works on display in the beautiful landscaped gardens.



The following schedule is given as a guide as the actual activities can vary according to the skills and specialisations of the individual art specialists and the daily programme can be dependent on the weather.


Week One

Moday Sculptures using soap and clay
Tuesday ‘Plein-Air’ drawing with oil, pastels, charcoal and pencils
Wednesday Print-making with Styrofoam and linoleum
Thursday ‘Found-objects’ sculpture
Friday Painting using acrylics and water colours either indoors or outside
Monday Start the Group Mural
Tuesday Complete the Group Mural
Wednesday Excursion to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Thursday Origami and Sumi brush painting
Friday Review of course

Programme - Performing Arts Camp


10-17 Years old



Lights, camera, action! The skills, talents and aspirations of campers are quickly assessed and goals set. Aspiring actors, singers and dancers will all improve their skill levels and, at the same time, work closely with the other performing arts disciplines. This consistently successful programme will be directed by a highly experienced team. We draw from drama and production specialists, singing teachers, musician and a dance coach.


During the first few days, ideas are discussed and the campers, working with the teaching team, agree on a basic theme, setting the scene for the much anticipated end-of-session theatre production. The team works on developing the skills and individual talents of all the Performing Arts campers, encouraging them to acquire new skills from the other disciplines.


The young performers, ranging from enthusiastic beginners to those with more experience, are shaped into a team with everyone participating. Actors, actresses, singers and dancers – all have the chance to shine and step into the spotlight. Working closely with knowledgeable, professional specialists, campers learn about some of the inner workings of theatre production, with an introduction to stagecraft, stage production, scenery, make-up, costuming, the role of humour and voice projection. The rehearsals take place in the College Theatre with its large stage, rehearsal rooms, storage for props, professional lighting and impressive acoustics. The main theatre is air-conditioned with over 300 seats for the all-camp audience.



Without doubt, the highlight of the Performing Arts Camp is the final, stage production of the original concept, created by the campers themselves in the first few days. The cast show their individual and combined talents with the entire camp present as a vocal and appreciative audience. Parents too are welcomed to this final night Gala Theatre Presentation but, in any event, a professionally shot DVD of the performance is sent to each participant.


Excursion – Visit to a professional theatre production

The Performing Arts group travel by coach to a theatre in York, Leeds or Sheffield to see a professional stage show – usually a well-known ‘Musical’ – a real highlight!



A suite of on-campus private rooms and the stage of the theatre itself are available for rehearsals with all the important specialist equipment and facilities. The actual Gala Performance takes place at the impressive on-campus theatre with is state-of-the-art professional facilities – a spacious stage, full stage lighting, sound projection and an orchestra pit. The entire camp and staff, sometimes with parents present, provide an enthusiastic audience.

Programme - English Language Camp


10-17 Years old



We accredited by the British Council, has developed a winning new teaching format based mainly on using the spoken word, comprehension, small-group projects and role-playing.


Courses cover all levels:

  • Beginner/Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate/Advanced


On arrival at camp students are assessed and placed into groups according to age and ability. Later, as progress is made, students may be upgraded with a continuous assessment review. The carefully targeted language instruction, usually in groups of 8-10 campers takes place from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 12.00 midday with short 10-minute breaks. There are no classes on weekends.


Students learn language basics by practicing speaking together, using a range of specially chosen, interesting subjects, which become short but engaging projects. These include role play, developing ideas and discussing them with campers always using their improved English. The work is serious but instruction is light and informal, always aimed at retaining students’ interest.


Individual groups often move outdoors for lessons in stimulating open-air settings around the campus. The campers are challenged with fun questions in friendly competition and the results are discussed and reinforced constantly during the week between the teaching staff and students. At the end of camp each student is awarded a certificate and a detailed progress report is sent independently to each family. As a break from the structured lessons, the English campers enjoy a half-day excursion, the destination varying according to the age and interests of each group.


Programme - Leadership Training Camp


15-17 Years old



This dynamic programme combines thought-provoking talks by specialist Camp staff and invited international speakers with a programme of testing challenges and action-packed activities. Each day is constructed around leadership training sessions combined with physical activities, discussions that stretch the mind, team-building exercises and off-camp visits to outdoor sites to engage in challenging tasks.



David Allen, the Camp Course Leader for the past 3 years, is an impressive and inspirational role model. In his earlier career, David worked in an international leadership capacity from his South African base. He now spends most of his time motivating young people working with Camps and at his own outdoor ‘bush’ adventure camp in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


Undoubtedly, the quality of the international guest speakers specialising in leadership that are flown to the York Camp from all over the world continue to be a major factor in the success of the highly acclaimed LTC programme.


Here are the speakers who addressed LTC campers last summer, some of whom will be back:


  • Mr Phil (USA) is a Camps institution! He has inspired LTC campers for many years speaking with authority on the subject of leadership, covering the characteristics of a leader, reflections on some of the great leaders through history and ‘What sort of leader would YOU make’.


  • Kerry Max Cook (USA)  is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary story. His presentation is riveting as he goes through his life explaining how someone else’s mistake cost him 20 years of his life for no reason. Even more commendable is how he has picked himself up after facing impossible odds to lead a life with a promising and productive future. Based on his life story, a very successful play, “The Exonerated”, has been playing throughout the USA highlighting the travesty of justice that prevails in the US legal system. Kerry’s story is to be made into a film.


  • Alfred Eden is from Estcourt, South Africa where he is director of Greystone Camp & Adventure Centre and co- director and founder of Challenge Tours which facilitates Leadership courses for school and corporate groups. A fascinating guy, LTC enjoyed his absorbing presentation last summer.


  • Claire Young is from ‘The Apprentice’ boardroom to award winning entrepreneur! Claire Young, 37, is the straight talking, no-nonsense business woman who is well known for reaching the final of series 4 of BBC1’s The Apprentice (2008) watched by over 11 million viewers. Lord Sugar dubbed her a ‘Rottweiler’ for her tenacious approach and mind-set of never giving up! Now a successful young businesswoman she hopes that her story will motivate others to realise that with hard work, drive and determination anything is possible.


Since then she has gone onto launch School Speakers which helps to inspire, motivate and educate young people. The success of the business has been recognised by Claire winning several awards for its achievements.


She is passionate about raising aspiration and promoting enterprising skills to our younger generation. Claire has been nominated for the Queen’s Enterprise Award and is honoured to represent the UK in The European Network of Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors. Claire is Ambassador, and co-founder, of social enterprise Girls out loud and enjoys working with female students. Her aim is to raise their aspirations and make them think big! Girls can achieve anything which they put their mind to. It is often commented in the press that she is a brilliant role model for teenage girls and young women.


  • David Hyner gives you the best bits from 19+ years of research interviews with top achievers, inspiring and motivating your students and staff to success. An “average at best” student that became a chef to prove a careers officer wrong…. Now an acclaimed international professional speaker, trainer, author, BBC broadcaster, adventurer, father and husband, he delivers to between 10,000 and 50,000 students and staff each year. David is a bullish speaker with a FUN, challenging and inter-active style. The learning happens as they laugh. Having co-authored two no. 1 education Amazon books on classroom management and numerous others, David will inspire our LTC campers.



A ‘top’ day for the LTC campers takes them on an outdoor adventure centre on a team building day. The challenges include using ropes and poles in rough terrain, raft building and making a temporary bridge – all part of an exercise to use speed, initiative and the skills of the team to rescue an injured pilot from a crashed plane. The damaged plane is real but luckily the crash is simulated! An action-packed, dramatic day that fully engages every camper and vividly illustrates what a team can achieve by working together. Brilliant!


Another ‘highlight’ day is set aside to take part in the highly regarded Camps T.A.L.E or The Amazing Leadership Experience. After group discussions this day is completely planned and organised by the course participants. The programme is designed around competitive contests with camper-teams given places to find, sites to visit, items to collect and missions to accomplish – all on a limited financial budget to promote the understanding of the R.O.I. principle (Return on Investment), one which guides corporate investment in today’s world.



  • Workshops
  • Discussions
  • Team-Building
  • Activities
  • Off-site challenges in specially chosen locations
  • Guest speaker sessions
  • Debriefs.



  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving
  • Leadership skills
  • Making judgements
  • Building self-confidence
  • Decision making
  • Effective team work



  • Skiing – on an indoor slope
  • Raft building
  • Bridge building
  • Pilot rescue from a plane crash!
  • Team soccer
  • Problem solving Olympics
  • Paint Ball

Evening Activities

The busy evenings are full of challenging games and spectacular events but with available time for quiet relaxation breaks. Some activities are ‘all-camp’ for everyone but others are organised specifically for each of the three different age-groups. Typical events are likely to include:


  • Team big night – Fast moving competitive games, sports and fun team competitions
  • International Night – campers are divided into country groups and work together to prepare and serve traditional dishes to the whole camp. Afterwards each group presents a sketch, act, song or dance, typical of their country as part of a colourful and fun all-camp spectacular show.
  • Last nig prom party and award presentation – with the presentation of camper-awards followed by a farewell disco-style Prom.

Excursions - All Campers

Excursions and visits are an important part of the Camp mission of “Education Through Recreation.”



One of the Camp highlights! A 90-minute scenic drive over the Pennine mountains to visit Manchester, England’s second largest city. The day is spent at the famous Trafford Centre, one of the largest and best leisure and shopping centres in the UK. Here each age-group has a specially structured programme for the day with everyone having time to visit favourite choices from the hundreds of different shops and stores in the Centre.


The Activity Options from which we make different choices for each of the groups include:

  • Laserquest & The Rock the group is divided into teams and dressed in special combat suits to play the exciting and challenging (but safe) Laser Tag game
  • Ten Pin Bowling with individual and team competition.
  • Odeon Cinema Complex – provided that there is an interesting new film release that campers are unlikely to have already seen.



After a lazy late morning and lunch, there is time to chill-out before the afternoon excursion to nearby York. There is so much to see in this historic, walled city, notably the famous York Minster. Campers are divided into groups for the York Photo Challenge, encouraging each camper to explore, under supervision, many of the impressive buildings of this great city. There is time for shopping including the traditional shops in the ancient ‘Shambles’ area with its medieval buildings and cobbled streets.


  • Aerobics
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cooking
  • Cricket
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Music
  • Orienteering
  • Photography
  • Rugby
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball



The camp is located amidst rolling green meadows and wooded countryside on the campus of the magnificent College, a short drive from York and about 2 hours from Manchester International Airport. Half way between London and Edinburgh, close to both the East Coast Railway and the A1M motorway giving fast connections to both capital cities.



Leeds-Bradford: 45min

Manchester: 1h30min

Liverpool John Lennon: 1h45min

Newcastle Airport: 1h30min


Getting Here

By Plane

Leeds-Bradford Airport

Manchester Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Newcastle Airport

By Train

York to London – 1 hour 50 minutes.

York to Edinburgh – 2 hours 25 minutes

York to Glasgow (for Glasgow Airport) – 3 hours 24 minutes

York to Newcastle – 55 minutes

York to Manchester – 1 hour 19 minutes

York to Manchester Airport – 1 hour 45 minutes

By Car

QE is 10 minutes from A1M motorway

35 minutes to York Station

40 minutes to Leeds

1 hour 25 minutes to Newcastle

1 hour 25 minutes to Manchester

2 hour 55 minutes to Glasgow (Airport)

3 hours 19 minutes to Edinburgh

3 hours 40 minutes to London

3 hours 55 minutes to Heathrow

Escorted Travel

There is a direct rail link from York to Manchester International Airport, and we can arrange transport to / from Leeds-Bradford Airport and other local airports and railway stations on request.

Travel Form

In order to provide the best and safest experience for your child, it is important that we receive comprehensive information about his/her travel method. Arrivals and departures outside the validity period will not be accepted. The Travel Form must be returned at least 4 weeks before the start of camp.


Please complete this form as clearly and accurately as possible, and return it to us as soon as you have confirmed travel arrangements for your child for an extra coast. If your child does not require our escorted travel service please be sure to inform us about it.


Your child will often be one of many children arriving at the airport or train station to be escorted to camp. Whilst our representatives will always try to arrange for onward transport to camp with the minimum of delay, it should be understood that your child may be required to wait at the airport or train station for up to two hours before he/she commences the onward journey, due to flight delays affecting other children and/or difficult traffic conditions.


Upon arrival at the destination airport or train station, your child should look for a Camps representative, who will be displaying a Camps sign. Airports and train stations can be quite crowded and hectic, you should instruct your child to wait at the airport’s or train station’s information desk should he/she not locate our representative on arrival.

Packing List

The following is a minimum recommended list of items to bring to this camp based on a 2-week stay. Bed linens and studying materials will be provided. Campers are advised not to bring valuable items. We will not be responsible for items lost or stolen.



  • …3 Confortable trousers / suitable for general activities
  • 14 T-shirts
  • 3 Sweatshirts / Pullovers
  • 1 Coat / Fleece
  • 14 Underwear
  • 6 Shorts
  • 2 Pyjamas
  • 1-2 Swimsuits
  • All-purpose activity shoes
  • Indoor sports shoes, with non-marking soles
  • Trekking / Trail walking shoes (worn in)
  • Waterproof rainjacket
  • Sunhat / Baseball cap
  • Inexpensive sunglasses



  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Brush or comb
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Bath towel
  • Swimming towel
  • Waterproof sunscreen and lip balm (SPF 20+)



  • Small backpack eg. 20 litre capacity
  • Water bottle (0.75 litre+ capacity)

Pocket Money

Your child should bring pocket money for the purchase of snacks and souvenirs. A “camp bank” is operated at every camp and children should, therefore, deposit their pocket money on arrival at camp. We will not be responsible for money that is not deposited in the camp bank.


As availability of money exchange facilities varies from camp to camp, please ensure that your child brings enough local currency for the duration of camp in small denominations to facilitate its distribution each day. We suggest that your child should bring € 150-200 for a 2-week session depending on his/her age.


Passport and Visas

Please ensure that your child has a valid passport and appropriate visas for all the countries he/she will be visiting. No refunds will be made when a child is unable to start camp due to delays in obtaining appropriate passports or visas.


Passports and other travel documents will be collected for safekeeping upon arrival at camp and returned at the time of departure. Please note that to comply with local police regulations, all children must have either a passport or other valid identification deposited at the camp office for the duration of the camp, even when they have been brought to camp by their parents.

Children Travelling as Unaccompanied Minors

Most airlines offer an unaccompanied minor (UM) service to parents for children travelling alone. Generally, this service is offered to children 12 years and under, but some airlines extend this service to older children on request.


Upon arrival at the destination airport, your child will be accompanied from the plane to the arrivals gate by an airport or airline representative, where they will be handed over to a Camps representative. For the return, your child will be accompanied to the plane by either a Camps or airport representative, depending on the airport’s policy.


If you wish your child to travel as a UM, you will be required to complete the airline’s Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minors Form. Please complete this form for both the outward and return journeys and ensure that any charges levied by the airline are settled for the return journey to avoid any problems at the airport.


While filling the UM form with your airline, they will require the name and phone number of our staff member meeting your child upon arrival at the airport. Please contact our office to obtain the required information.



If you book your child’s flight with a Low Cost airline, please be sure to check their age policy. Most Low Cost airlines have strict age requirements and will not let your child travel alone if he/she is not old enough.


Programme suitable for ages 10-17, a choice of impressive speciality programmes with various sports, outdoor adventure, language studies, creative and performing arts and a much-praised and quite unique leadership course.


Camp Dates & Prices

Basketball Camp, Creative Arts Camp, English Language Camp, Football Camp, Golf Camp, Horse Riding Camp, Performing Arts Camp.


July 5th to July 18th 2020 – *Price GBP 2500

July 19th to August 1st 2020 – Price GBP 2500


Leadership Training Camp


Programme suitable for ages 15-17

July 5th to July 18th 2020  –  Price GBP 2700



√ Accommodation in a shared room, open-plan apartments that usually accommodate four campers with a few larger 5-bedded apartments – all with air-conditioning


√ Each apartment has en suite facilities with a walk-in shower, separate WC, a small kitchenette area, a sitting area and modern workspace


√ Fresh, nutritious meals: Vegan, vegetarian and special diets catered for by arrangement (please let us know before arrival), fresh food, prepared in the state-of-the-art, hygienic kitchens, is presented self-service style, allowing campers to choose from the daily selection. Healthy appetites are well catered for!


√ Free internet and SKYPE telephone calls at permitted times of the day


√ Vast ‘Atrium’ space for evening entertainment and “chilling out”.


√ Impressive sports and leisure facilities grouped close to the accommodation or are set in the extensive grounds that surround the campus buildings.


√ Air-conditioned Sports Hall with vast spaces for indoor sports PLUS state-of-the-art basketball courts


√ Superb 25-metre heated indoor swimming pool


√ Impressive air-conditioned theatre with a large stage, sprung floors, quality acoustics, rehearsal rooms and 300+ comfortable seats


√ ‘Muggles’ entertainment centre with 3D cinema, Xboxes with 200 games and an array of digital games and music


√ Outside are impressive new state-of-the-art grass pitches that have been re-drained and levelled with a mix of real and synthetic grass. This spacious, professionally-designed grass playing area is modelled on the new surface at Wembley Stadium in London. The new playing area remains in great condition even in adverse weather. There is an array of spectacular floodlights covering most of this area.


√ Artificial standard pitches for rugby, cricket and field hockey as well as outdoor practice tennis and basketball courts


√ The celebrated ’Secret Garden’ with its impressive original statues and the Gardens – ideal for outdoor events, open-air meetings and BBQs.


√ Afternoon Activities A choice of a wide variety of additional activities is on each weekday to all campers after their principle speciality programmes have finished.


√ Evening Activities: Carnival Night – Stalls, games, tricks and challenges plus the thrills and spills of some spectacular ‘inflatables’, Mission Impossible, Team Big Day, Talent Night, International Night, Pool Party, Last night Awards Night & Farewell Prom Party Disco.


√  Full-day excursion to Manchester – Saturday


√ Half-day excursion to nearby York – Sunday


Optional Extras

Accident and Illness Insurance

100 GBP per child per 2-week session


For clients who require a combined accident and illness insurance, we have made arrangements with AVI Insurance. All accident and illness-related medical expenses will be 100% covered, provided that th illness was not present before the start of the programme and that the accident is a new case. 


Please note that if you do not take this option you must provide details of your own insurance policy on the health form which you are required to complete.


Extra day

Children arriving a day earlier or departing a day later than the normal dates of the programme may do so by prior arrangement only. In this case, a supplement of 130 GBP per child per night will be added to the invoice.


Escorted travel service

We are pleased to offer campers a pickup and drop off service from/to designated airports and train stations. Our staff will send you a travel form at the time of confirmation which we kindly ask you to submit at least 3 – 4 weeks before your child gets to the camp.


  One way price Return price
Geneva Escorted Flight* 100 GBP 200 GBP
Paris Escorted Flight* 100 GBP 200 GBP
Leeds/ Bradford Airport 45 GBP 75 GBP
Manchester Airport 75 GBP 150 GBP
York Train Station  30 GBP 50 GBP



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