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Lake Geneva Teens Adventures Camp - Leysin, Vaud. Switzerland


Village Camps LAKE GENEVA TEENS ADVENTURES CAMP Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 5 reviews.

For over 40 years, the delightful alpine village of Leysin perched high above Lake Geneva, has been at the heart of the Summer Camp programme that has welcomed thousands of youngsters from all over the world.


Accommodation where campers enjoy great facilities, healthy meals as well as panoramic views across to the distant French Alps. From the Centre, Camp runs its specialist programmes, catering for children in the 10-18 age-range and offering a diverse choice of fun-packed outdoor adventure, various sports, language studies and award-winning Leadership Training courses.


Everyone will have time to enjoy the pure mountain air and the natural environment of this alpine paradise with its meadows, forests and wild-life. Highlights include a hike where campers taste homemade cheese and ice cream, a visit to the shores of our beautiful lake, and the great international city of Geneva.



A cosy home welcomes up to 180 campers, ages 10-17, who come from all over the world for the Language, Tennis, Adventure, Sport, Dance and Film Academy.


The Leadership Training Camp (LTC), for teenagers 16-18 years old, takes place at a Hotel, a first-class facility, in the center of Leysin. Anticipated capacity for LTC is 60 campers.


Bedrooms in both sites have en-suite facilities and they are quite spacious, comfortably accommodating up to four campers and offering a fantastic view of the Alps. Campers are assigned to rooms according to age and gender and experienced counsellors (who stay in rooms near the campers) are responsible for taking special care of each and every child.


During free time, there are wonderful village cafes in Leysin that can be visited and enjoyed with newly made friends from around the world.


Facilities in or nearby include classrooms, a huge theatre, large dining area, music & dance studio, an arts & crafts centre and common rooms with table tennis, foosball tables, board games etc.


Within easy walking distance or five minute bus ride are two state-of-the-art sports centres with: indoor swimming pool, large fully equipped multi-sport gymnasium, covered ice rink, basketball courts, football pitch, volleyball & beach volley courts, archery targets, 12 tennis courts (four of which are indoors), climbing walls, mini-golf course, squash courts, weight room etc.


And, of course, in this gorgeous mountain setting there are numerous hiking trails, a rock-climbing area, cycling paths, adventure trails, campfire area and a welcoming mountain hut for overnights.

Camp Organisation

Children are assigned to groups according to their choice of programme as well as age and/or skill levels.


The morning period (3hrs) is devoted to the campers chosen specialty programme: Tennis, Language, Dance, Sports, Film Academy or Adventure.


During the afternoons, campers from all programmes join together and either choose from a selection of ‘sign-up’ activities or join in age group and all camp events. Always present (at a ratio of 1:6) is a great group of experienced counsellors who are fun, friendly, caring, helpful and a source of inspiration for the young campers.


Healthy, varied food, adapted for all diets and eating habits is prepared by the chefs, and is presented with no restriction on quantities. Some special dietary needs can be accommodated for.

Medical Information

If you haven’t done so already, please be sure to complete the medical form and submit it to us at least 4 weeks before the start of camp. It is essential that this form is completed as clearly and accurately as possible, as it provides both the camp director and the health care staff with vital health and other information.



The camp fees cover basic first aid care provided by our staff. Should your child require special care, medication or hospitalisation and you have not subscribed to the Camps accident/illness insurance you will be fully responsible for all the costs incurred. In this case, we will make the following arrangements for any

costs to be settled:


For small amounts, or where the care provider is not able to send invoices directly to your own insurance company, we will either deduct the amount from your child’s pocket money, or settle the costs from camp funds and send you an invoice. In either case, the care provider’s invoice will be sent to you should you wish to claim from your own insurance company.


For larger amounts, where direct settlement is necessary, we will supply the care provider with the details of your own insurance policy. If your child is covered by the Camps accident/illness insurance, we will make all the necessary arrangements for any costs to be settled by the insurance company.



It is camp policy that all medications are presented to the health care staff on arrival at camp and they will be kept and dispensed by our staff. If your child requires any medication (prescription or non-prescription), please ensure that it is clearly labelled with your child’s name and provide clear written instructions as to how it must be dispensed.


Prescription drugs must be in the original container with licensed physician’s instructions. Should your child be required to keep any medication on his/her person (e.g. an asthma inhaler), please provide a written medical certificate from your family doctor to this effect.

Parent-Student Communication

We highly recommend that communication with family and friends be done by email. Please mention your child’s name in the subject line.



Many of our camps are large and operate in a number of different buildings. All of our camps are very busy, with a full programme of activities from wake-up to lights-out. Telephone calls to your child, therefore, can interrupt a child’s camp routine, and homesick children in particular do not often benefit in the long term from telephone conversations with their parents. In fact, hearing parents’ voices often makes the situation worse.


In addition, a child who has regular telephone contact with his/her parents can make other children without such contact, particularly those sharing his/her room, feel forgotten and encourage feelings of homesickness which would otherwise not occur. It is for these reasons that we do not encourage incoming telephone calls to children at camp, and counsellors strongly discourage children from telephoning home.


One of the main reasons for children attending residential camp is to encourage independence, and speaking to parents breaks the continuity of the experience. If you would like information on your child’s progress at camp, please contact the camp during office hours to arrange a suitable time to speak to either the camp director or your child’s counsellor.

Visiting your Child

We welcome visits to camp by children’s parents or guardians, but please consider how your visit will affect your child’s adjustment to camp life. Receiving a visit from a parent can be more upsetting than a phone call for a homesick child and can be disruptive to his/her growing sense of independence. If you would like to visit your child, please telephone the camp director to arrange a time that is convenient both for the camp and for your child.


For obvious security reasons, we normally only allow visits from the parents or guardians named on the Summer Application Form. If you wish other family members or friends to visit your child(ren), please provide a written request to the camp director in advance of their visit. In addition, please ensure that the camp reception is advised of your child’s departure from and return to the camp, should you wish to take them away from the centre.


If you receive a letter, email or telephone call from your child expressing concerns or strong feelings of missing home, you should telephone the camp and discuss the situation with the camp director. If your child is taking time to adjust to camp life, his/her counsellor will already be paying special attention and encouraging him/her to make new friends and join in with games and activities.


The camp director will ask that you reinforce the same message with a positive reply. Let your child know that you understand the feelings but maintain confidence in his/her ability. Communicating by email is preferable to telephone calls as hearing a parent’s voice can make the situation worse. Ask specific questions to help him/her to focus a reply.


With support from camp and home, most children, even those who seem extremely upset in the first few days of camp, can make it to the end of the session. The majority of these children will have enjoyed their stay and will feel a huge sense of achievement – some even wish they could stay longer!


In very rare cases, though, a shortened stay at camp may be considered as the only answer for a homesick child. You should discuss this with the camp director, and never suggest this to your child until a decision has been made. Once you show doubt that your child can make it through to the end of the camp, he/she may lose confidence in his/her own ability and give up trying if they feel that going home early is an option.

Rules and Policies at Camp


At all our camps, we maintain a very strict policy that children are not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol at any time. This policy is reiterated very clearly to all children on the first evening of camp. This policy applies to all children at camp, whether or not they are allowed to smoke or drink at home, and whether or not they are legally old enough to smoke or drink in the country of the camp.


Should your child smoke or drink alcohol at camp, the camp director will contact you immediately to discuss what action he or she feels is appropriate in the specific circumstances.


In the case of drinking alcohol, the appropriate action is always that your child is sent home at your expense as soon as is reasonably possible. In the case of smoking, the camp director may feel that a strong warning is more appropriate, on the understanding that a second violation of the rule will result in your child being sent home, again at your expense.


In this case, the camp director will look for your support and ask that you explain the situation very clearly to your child by telephone in order that there is no misunderstanding. It is very important that you discuss this policy with your child before he or she travels to camp, in order that he/she fully understands the implications of smoking or drinking alcohol at camp.



Should your child possess or use any drugs at camp, other than those prescribed for medical reasons, he/she will be sent home immediately at your expense. We reserve the right to also notify the police given the seriousness of this matter.



If children decide to bring their mobile phone to camp please understand that campers younger than 13 will be required to hand them in at reception to be kept safe and that they can have access to them only during afternoon free time using a sign-out / sign-in procedure. Campers who are older than 13 years old will be allowed to keep their phones with them under very strict rules which are explained to them on the first day. If these rules are broken the mobile phone is confiscated and returned to the camper on departure day.



It is important that children treat the property of Camps and its suppliers with the greatest of care and respect. Any damages resulting from negligence, even if accidental, will be invoiced to the parents or guardians, who, as part of the booking conditions, agree to this stipulation. Where individual guilt cannot be accurately assessed, damages will be shared amongst those involved and families invoiced accordingly.



Every day at camp is well-structured and very busy, with a wide variety of activities on offer. For this reason, we find it extremely beneficial to both children and staff to offer them some free time during the day. During free time, there are always alternative activities available and counsellors are assigned to supervise children in both the activity and accommodation areas. Should a visit to the local village be offered in free time, children will be supervised according to our excursion supervision policy, as stated below.



At some point in all excursions, children are given “free time” for shopping for souvenirs, having a snack, etc., in a designated, controlled area. During this time, not all children are with a counsellor. The following explains our supervision policy on excursions:


  • Children 12 years and younger are always accompanied by a counsellor (the exception to this is inside Aqualand and similar activity parks where counsellors are stationed about the various attractions).
  • Children 13 years and older will not be accompanied at all times, but will always be in groups of a minimum of three children.
  • All children will be given emergency phone numbers.
  • Meeting points and times will be established and shown to the children.
  • The maximum amount of time between meetings will be 90 minutes.
  • Counsellors will be stationed at various locations around the designated area in case of an emergency.


If your child is 13 years or older, but you prefer that he/she be accompanied by a counsellor at all times during excursions and visits to local villages, etc., please indicate this preference in writing to us before the start of camp. If we do not receive your written instructions to the contrary, we will assume you agree with the above supervision policy.


Sample Daily Schedule




07:30 – 08:00 Wake up
08:00 – 09:00 Breakfast
09:00 – 10:30 Period A – Speciality Programmes
10:45 – 12:15 Period B – Speciality Programmes






12:15 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 14:00 All camp meeting
14:00 – 15:30 Period C – Sign-up Activities
15:45 – 17:15 Period D – Sign-up Activities
17:15 – 18:15 Free time
18:15 – 19:30 Dinner




19:30 – 21:30 Evening Programme
22:00 Lights Out – Yellows (10-12 years old)
22:30 Lights Out – Reds (13-14 years old)
23:00 Lights Out – Blues (15-17 years old)
Saturday Excursion Day 
Sunday Morning: Late wake up call, breakfast and relaxed morning 

This is a sample schedule and may be subject to change

Programme - Adventure Camp


10-17 Years old



July 2nd to July 15th

July 16th to July 29th

July 30th to August 12th



During the last few summers, the Adventure Camp developed into an exciting full-fledge programme following popular camper demand. Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by an exceptional setting in the Swiss Alps, the programme provides participants with a choice of activities that are rarely available together in one place.


Every weekday morning is made up of outdoor adventure activities including: rock climbing, biking along mountain paths, a high-ropes course, white water rafting (15+) and the highlight of the 2-week session which is a trek high in the mountains above Leysin with an overnight at a mountain hut.


The aim of this camp is not only to have fun with these invigorating activities but to also develop the vital skills needed to safely enjoy the outdoors. There are educational workshops focusing on the Alpine environment, on orienteering and on outdoor survival skills like fire and shelter-building.


Some of the activities take place in and around Leysin while others are in neighbouring areas. The course caters for every active camper from the newcomer interested in discovering outdoor adventure for the first time, to those with extensive camping experience. Well-trained staff members adjust the activities to match the skill level of the participants.


As a result the programme is both thrilling and safe, giving the campers the assurance and self-confidence they need to have a wonderful experience. In the afternoons and evenings, these campers join their age-appropriate groups for more sports, activities, competitions and team challenges.

Programme - Sports Camp


10-17 Years old



July 2nd to July 15th

July 16th to July 29th



This is the ideal programme for the active camper whose main interest is sports. The schedule includes team and individual sports with something different planned for every morning session: football, basketball, swimming, archery, beach volley, climbing, street hockey, tennis, badminton, outdoor fitness trails as well as many team games, challenges and competitions designed by the experienced Sports Camp leaders.


The objective is to introduce campers to new sports but also encourage them to further develop existing skills. Available to us, are two well-equipped sports centres in Leysin with top-class facilities combined with the unrivalled alpine environment the programme is one of non-stop excitement.


After their well-deserved lunch, the Sports campers join their friends in age-appropriate groups, for more fun in the afternoons and evenings.

Programme - Dance Camp


10-17 Years old



Designed for campers who love modern dance and who want to create, rehearse and ultimately perform their specialities at shows during special evening events such as the International and Prom Nights. Lead by an experienced instructor and her dedicated team, the Dance group meets for three hours every day, during the morning sessions.


Campers are often encouraged to participate in the process of choosing music, dance routines and choreography. Different types of dances are incorporated in the performances and they are often influenced by the cultures of the participants as well as by their experience at this international camp setting.


Costumes have to be made, stage set-up prepared and rehearsals structured. Whether you are a trained dancer or someone who just likes to move to the music, this dance programme has something for you. Professional and experienced Camp staff will work with every camper’s skill level to help them achieve the confidence they need to give a great performance from which they will derive immense pride.


After the morning Dance sessions, these campers join their friends from the other programmes in their age-appropriate groups for a variety of sports & activities.

Programme - Tennis Camp


10-17 Years old



July 2nd to July 15th

July 16th to July 29th

July 30th to August 12th



Instruction is given by a team of highly qualified professionals under the knowledgeable guidance of Head Coach, Steve Loft, who has extended experience in training young players, including some ranked junior players.


This Tennis Camp is ideal for both beginners and tournament-level players who are initially appraised and rated so that they can be grouped into appropriate levels.


Three hours each weekday are devoted to drills, lessons, matches and competitions on both covered and clay courts, with 12 courts in all available to the Camp. Emphasis is on conditioning, strokes, tactics and strategy covering both double and single play.


Everyone participates in the fun but competitive camp tournament whilst, for the more advanced players, outside matches can be organized in the area.


The Leysin Tennis Camp is a really strong programme delivered by an experienced team of professional instructors and the goal is to seriously improve each participant’s tennis level in the 2-week period.

Programme - English Language Camp


10-17 Years old



July 2nd to July 15th

July 16th to July 29th

July 30th to August 12th



With 30 hours of intense, but enjoyable instruction in each two-week session, campers concentrate on mastering two-way conversations, both speaking and listening. Highly trained and experienced teachers /counsellors oversee this successful and worthwhile all-round camp experience.


This unique and highly acclaimed Camps’ approach to language learning successfully achieves significantly greater progress and final results than in classic language schools.


As a part of this highly rewarding experience, language campers are encouraged in fun, challenging ways to utilize their English throughout the entire day and evening, not only during classes. This ensures better progress and almost guarantees that children returning home will understand the language better and will have significantly improved their spoken English.


Assessment is continuous. An appropriate certificate is awarded at the end of camp and a written report is sent to the parents.

Programme - French Language Camp


10-17 Years old



July 2nd to July 15th

July 16th to July 29th

July 30th to August 12th



With 30 hours of intense, but enjoyable instruction in each two-week session, campers concentrate on mastering two-way conversations, both speaking and listening. Highly trained and experienced teachers /counsellors oversee this successful and worthwhile all-round camp experience.


This unique and highly acclaimed Camps’ approach to language learning successfully achieves significantly greater progress and final results than in classic language schools.


As part of this highly rewarding experience, language campers are encouraged in fun and challenging ways to utilize their French, not only in classes, but throughout the entire day and evening. This ensures better progress and an almost certain guarantee that children returning home will understand the language better and will significantly improve their spoken French.


Assessment is continuous. An appropriate certificate is awarded at the end of camp and a written report is sent to the parent.

Programme - Tennis + Language Camp


10-17 Years old



July 2nd to July 15th

July 16th to July 29th

July 30th to August 12th



This camp combines a practical language experience with the tennis programme, structured so that campers have three hours of language tuition (French or English) in the morning and three hours of tennis instruction (in French or English) in the afternoons.

Programme - Film Academy


10-17 Years old



July 2nd to July 15th

July 16th to July 29th

July 30th to August 12th



Step by step, you will learn the fundamentals of feature film making – screen writing, storyboarding, shooting and editing – and create your own personal, high-quality finished project to show to the entire camp and your family and friends back home!


Created and put into place by Edward McDougal, a talented teacher of film-making and screenwriting who has conducted film workshops worldwide, Film Academy has become ever more popular among campers.


Regardless of your previous film knowledge and experience this programme will break the exciting and challenging aspects of film-making into simple steps. A highly qualified instructor will be there to ensure that beginners and advanced film students alike can grasp instruction and put it to use in their projects.


These projects will be seen by the entire camp in a special end of session showing, campers gain great pride from this experience and the support of all their peers.


Traditionally, mornings and occasionally during the afternoons and evenings, you will benefit from a complete crash course in the fundamentals of movie making, at the same time working on your personal film project.


Each camper is a member of a small group who serve as crew for each other’s projects. Using the group to help brainstorm and offer feedback, each camper’s personal project proceeds through carefully planned steps from initial concept to burned DVDs.


Camper-directors will use eager campers and staff from the rest of the camp as their actors and extras and can choose from a spectacular array of camp activities and scenic locations to use in their movies. The film camp is known for its enthusiasm and creativity. Don’t be surprised if you leave camp amazed at what you accomplish with your finished film projects!

Programme - Leadership Training Camp


16-18 Years old


July 16th to July 29th



With a combination of incredible guest presentations based on Leadership and Team Building, plus experiences and challenges that support these, young adults emerge after two weeks with more confidence in themselves and their ability to achieve results through confident team performance. For mature teenagers, this is an experience that should not be missed.



David Allen

Camps’s leader for both the UK and the Swiss LTC camps is from South Africa where he has designed and currently operates his own form of leadership programmes for local African students. Highly appreciated, educational and thought provoking, his leadership sessions are active and outstanding. The globally appreciated Mr. Phil, from the USA brings aboard his leadership experience and skills to provide extremely active and fun approaches to help campers acquire their own leadership skills.


Annette Ebbinghaus

Annette Ebbinghaus is Founder and President of truly Balance of Geneva, Switzerland. She has been working, since 2009, with business men and women in Switzerland (ABB, WTO, IMD: International Institute for Management Development Executive Program) and with teenagers and teachers in numerous International Schools in Switzerland, aiding them in achieving their goals at the highest level.


She was a competitive middle and long distance runner for two decades in Canada. Current interest being running triathlons, mountain biking, pilates, yoga, crossfit, skate and downhill skiing, mountaineering, nutrition, charitable activist, blogging, being a mom, and living life to its fullest!


Kerry Max Cook (USA)

Kerry is an extraordinary man with an extraordinary story. His presentation are riveting as he goes through his life explaining how someone else’s mistake cost him 20 years of his life for no reason. More riveting, is how he has picked himself up after facing impossible odds to lead a life with a promising and productive future. Based on his life story, a very successful play called “The Exonerated” is playing throughout the USA highlighting the travesty of justice that prevails in the US Legal system. In the near future, the story will be made into a film.


Jonathan Winstral

Jonathan Winstral is a world champion athlete and professional consultant to the fitness and world karate industries for over 25 years leading self-motivation programs for youth groups, athletes and corporations. As a fifth degree black belt and creator of “the Zenergy Transformation Series” Jonathan uses a three tiered program incorporating the principles of:

1) self-assessment and re- innovation;

2) personal empowerment;

3) sustainable self- transformation skills.


Alfred Eden

Eden is from Estcourt, South Africa where he is director of Greystone Camp & Adventure Centre and co- director and founder of Challenge Tours which facilitates Leadership courses for school and corporate groups. A fascinating guy, LTC is looking forward to this first opportunity together with him.


Jillian Murphy

Jillian B. Murphy is co-author of the books Leading at The Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expedition, and Into the Storm: Lessons in Teamwork from the Treacherous Sydney to Hobart Ocean Race. She is a dynamic keynote speaker who has been featured at numerous conferences and client events around the world. Jillian is Director of Client Services at The Syncretics Group and has worked with senior executives in a broad range of organizations, including Wal-Mart, AIG, Nationwide, and HT Media.



Many great activities happen that require, patience, fortitude and teamwork skills. And they are all challenging and great fun. These include rafting and canyoning, a great ropes course, beach volleyball and fun mountain hikes. And further down the valley is a chance to experience a team competition at the Laserquest centre. Plus much more!!


Other events includes the highly appreciated TALE event, or The Amazing Leadership Experience. The programme is designed around competitive contests with camper teams required to find different sites around Leysin, items to collect and events to perform competitively, as quick as possible, to accomplish their overall strategy designed to win them this intense team competition.


Add to this the understanding of R.O.I. (or Return on Investment) based on how many points are achieved based on the cost of achieving them, and the overall experience is mind-bending.

Evening Activities

Evenings are filled with exciting and imaginative games, spectacular events and relaxing activities.

These include:

  • Discos
  • Team-building Challenges
  • International Cuisine Festival
  • Plays
  • Music Shows
  • Games geared to age levels
  • Village Outings
  • Films
  • Talent Show
  • and much, much more…


Evening activities are often run by age group but often there are evenings where the entire camp comes together for some of the all-time favorites. A highlight of the week is the final evening where campers are served a fancy dinner by their counsellors followed by various awards and performances and a prom style disco.

Excursions - All Campers

One full-day excursion is planned for the whole camp and several half-day excursions with programme/age groups are possible, depending upon the weather and schedule requirements. Always included are cultural and educational visits as well as time for walking around and shopping with friends. The following are some of the choices for exciting excursions around Switzerland:

  • Geneva, Red Cross Museum or the United Nations
  • Bern and the Montreux Jazz Festival
  • Cailler Chocolate Factory and Lausanne
  • Labyrinth Adventure Park and Vevey


  • Archery
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Cooking
  • Dance
  • Fitness
  • Floor Hockey
  • Football
  • Hiking
  • Mini Golf
  • Mountain Bike
  • Mountain Hut Overnight
  • Music
  • Orienteering
  • Pacourts vita
  • Rafting(15+years)
  • Rock climbing
  • Ropes Course
  • Squash
  • Street Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Trekking
  • Voleyball
  • Wall Climbing
  • Yoga



The delightful alpine village of Leysin perched high above Lake Genevapanoramic views across to the distant French Alps,  pure mountain air and natural environment of this alpine paradise with its meadows, forests and wild-life.


Closest Airports

Geneva Airport: 1hr 30min

Bern Airport: 1hr 30min

Getting Here


By car

  • Take the motorway, direction Lausanne/Vevey-Montreux, and exit at AIGLE.
  • From Aigle, follow the signs to Leysin, turning left at Le Sepey.
  • On entering Leysin Village, follow the main road up the hill, continue straight ahead at the round about and pass the Centre Sportif/Office du Tourisme on the left.


Leadership Training Camp is close by, but different location, full adrees will be given as soon as the reservation is made.

Escorted Travel


In order to provide the best and safest experience for your child, it is important that we receive comprehensive information about his/her travel method. Arrivals and departures outside the validity period will not be accepted. The Travel Form must be returned at least 4 weeks before the start of camp.


Please complete this form as clearly and accurately as possible, and return it to us as soon as you have confirmed travel arrangements for your child for an extra coast. If your child does not require our escorted travel service please be sure to inform us about it.


Your child will often be one of many children arriving at the airport or train station to be escorted to camp. Whilst our representatives will always try to arrange for onward transport to camp with the minimum of delay, it should be understood that your child may be required to wait at the airport or train station for up to two hours before he/she commences the onward journey, due to flight delays affecting other children and/or difficult traffic conditions.


Upon arrival at the destination airport or train station, your child should look for a Camps representative, who will be displaying a Camps sign. Airports and train stations can be quite crowded and hectic, you should instruct your child to wait at the airport’s or train station’s information desk should he/she not locate our representative on arrival.

Packing List

The following is a minimum recommended list of items to bring to this camp based on a 2-week stay. Bed linens and studying materials will be provided. Campers are advised not to bring valuable items. We will not be responsible for items lost or stolen.



  • …3 Confortable trousers / suitable for general activities
  • 14 T-shirts
  • 3 Sweatshirts / Pullovers
  • 1 Coat / Fleece
  • 14 Underwear
  • 6 Shorts
  • 2 Pyjamas
  • 1-2 Swimsuits
  • All-purpose activity shoes
  • Indoor sports shoes, with non-marking soles
  • Trekking / Trail walking shoes (worn in)
  • Waterproof rainjacket
  • Sunhat / Baseball cap
  • Inexpensive sunglasses



  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Brush or comb
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Bath towel
  • Swimming towel
  • Waterproof sunscreen and lip balm (SPF 20+)



  • Small backpack eg. 20 litre capacity
  • Water bottle (0.75 litre+ capacity)

Pocket Money

Your child should bring pocket money for the purchase of snacks and souvenirs. A “camp bank” is operated at every camp and children should, therefore, deposit their pocket money on arrival at camp. We will not be responsible for money that is not deposited in the camp bank.


As availability of money exchange facilities varies from camp to camp, please ensure that your child brings enough local currency for the duration of camp in small denominations to facilitate its distribution each day. We suggest that your child should bring € 150-200 for a 2-week session depending on his/her age.


Passport and Visas

Please ensure that your child has a valid passport and appropriate visas for all the countries he/she will be visiting. No refunds will be made when a child is unable to start camp due to delays in obtaining appropriate passports or visas.


Passports and other travel documents will be collected for safekeeping upon arrival at camp and returned at the time of departure. Please note that to comply with local police regulations, all children must have either a passport or other valid identification deposited at the camp office for the duration of the camp, even when they have been brought to camp by their parents.

Children Travelling as Unaccompanied Minors

Most airlines offer an unaccompanied minor (UM) service to parents for children travelling alone. Generally, this service is offered to children 12 years and under, but some airlines extend this service to older children on request.


Upon arrival at the destination airport, your child will be accompanied from the plane to the arrivals gate by an airport or airline representative, where they will be handed over to a Camps representative. For the return, your child will be accompanied to the plane by either a Camps or airport representative, depending on the airport’s policy.


If you wish your child to travel as a UM, you will be required to complete the airline’s Handling Advice for Unaccompanied Minors Form. Please complete this form for both the outward and return journeys and ensure that any charges levied by the airline are settled for the return journey to avoid any problems at the airport.


While filling the UM form with your airline, they will require the name and phone number of our staff member meeting your child upon arrival at the airport. Please contact our office to obtain the required information.



If you book your child’s flight with a Low Cost airline, please be sure to check their age policy. Most Low Cost airlines have strict age requirements and will not let your child travel alone if he/she is not old enough.



The centre welcomes up to 180 campers, ages 7-17, who come from all over the world.



CHF 4000*


Camp Dates


Tennis, Junior Adventure Summer Camp, Adventure Camp, English Language Camp


21st June to 4th July 2020

July 5th to July 18th 2020

July 19th to August 1st 2020

August 2nd to August 15th 2020


Dance, Film Academy, French Language Camp, Sports Summer Camp, VC-STEM Robotics


July 5th to July 18th 2020

July 19th to August 1st 2020

August 2nd to August 15th 2020


Learning to Lead


For teenagers 15-17 years old only

August 2nd to August 15th 2020


Leadership Training Camp


For teenagers 15-17 years old only

July 19th to August 1st 2020  –  *Price CHF 4500



√ Accommodation in public rooms and many of the bedrooms right across the Rhone Valley to the dramatic French Alps and the peak of Mont Blanc


√ Bedrooms at both sites have en-suite facilities and offer quite spacious, comfortable accommodating for up to four campers.


√ Full Board: The in house chefs hygienically prepare three nutritious, healthy and varied meals. Campers make a special point of praising the salad bar with its fresh dairy products as well as the great choices available at breakfast time. We cater for healthy young appetites so ‘second helpings’ are always available. Most special dietary needs can be accommodated but please let us know before arrival.


√ Campers are assigned to rooms according to age and gender and experienced counsellors (who stay in rooms near the campers) are responsible for taking special care of each and every child.


√ During free time, campers in small groups enjoy the traditional village cafes and small shops in Leysin Village, which they can visit with their new-found friends from all over the world.


√ Always present for all activities (at an average ratio of 1:6) is a supervisory group of experienced counsellors who are fun, friendly, caring, helpful and a source of inspiration for the young campers.


√ Sunny south-facing terraces with amazing, panoramic views over to the distant French Alps


√ Facilities: Snack bar, gift shop, classrooms, auditorium, 3 dining rooms, music & dance studio, arts & crafts centre, climbing wall, common rooms with table tennis, foosball tables, board games.


√ Close by Facilities: Indoor swimming pool, large fully equipped multi-sport gymnasium, covered ice rink, basketball courts, football pitch, volleyball & beach volley courts, archery targets, 12 tennis courts – four of which are indoors, climbing walls, mini-golf course, squash courts, weight room.


√ The glorious mountain setting much of the time is spent outdoors to really enjoy: many different hiking trails, a rock-climbing area, cycling paths and mountain-biking trails, adventure trails, a mountain hut for overnight stays and an exciting camp-fire.


√ Evening activities: Camp Fire, Treasure Hunt, Camp Olympics, Carnival Night, Sports Night, Ice Skating, Discos and Talent Night, International Cuisine Night, Final evening Awards and Farewell Prom Night, Team-building challenges.



Geneva Airport 09:00 – 20:00 10:00 – 20:00 100 CHF
Lausanne Train Station 08:00 – 22:00 8:00 – 22:00 55 CHF



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