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Surfline Morocco surfcamp Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

It has been built on local values and promises to show you the real secrets of Moroccan surfing. You will stay in a traditional Riad, a Moroccan house with an interior garden or courtyard. We will provide you with home cooked local food at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.


We cater for every type of surfer. We are located just minutes from local surf spots, Crocodile Beach and Devil’s Rock. Whether you are a professional or a first time surfer Morocco has a wave for you. The local area boasts a variety of different waves from fun rolling beach breaks to the long famous point breaks including Anchor and Killer Point! With so many spots in the area, our guides and coaches are almost always able to find the perfect conditions for your ability (of course weather dependent!).


On those days when the waves don’t tempt you, there are plenty of places to explore and things to do. From hanging out on the rooftop terrace of the riad which overlooks the ocean, to stretching those aching muscles with a yoga lesson, visiting the souk in Agadir or exploring Paradise Valley. If you just want to relax in the riad we have wifi for guests to use and plenty of surf films for you to watch.


Single room

Double room

Triple room

Each room has an on-suite bathroom

We also provide a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.
Reception: 8:00am to 21:00pm

Security: 24hrs



We offer lessons for all abilities with qualified Surf Instructors, we provide surf coaching and instruction for those that want to learn how to stand for the first time. Improve their surfing to be able to catch the green waves. Improve their skills and be able to surf steeper and powerful waves.


All of our lessons are provided in one of the best playgrounds in the world for all levels, the Moroccan waves. We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and our ability to find the perfect waves for you to practice on.



To help you get the hang of surfing and experience the joy the waves can bring we will cover:

  • Beach awareness
  • Beach safety
  • Paddling techniques
  • Standing up techniques

    These lessons will always take place on Morocco’s beautiful sandy beaches; we will pick locations which will enable you to learn in the best conditions possible.



We will cover:

  • Surf safety
  • Surf etiquette
  • Positioning in the surf
  • Wave selection
  • Paddling
  • Timing
  • Take off

Our intermediate surf lessons take place in beach breaks and mellow point breaks with sandy bottoms. We aim to find long green waves ideal for maximum progression.

We understand everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways aka ‘slowly slowly catchy monkey’!


We offer surf guiding to the best Moroccan surf breaks. On your surf trip you can explore popular surf spots, like Anchor Point, Mysteries, La Source and killer Point. Up north to the powerful waves of Dracula and Boilers. This two famous spots are visited by pro surfers from all over the world including: Dane Reynolds, Kelly Slater, Adriano de Souza, Dave Rastovich and more. All this pro surfers they felt in love with these spots. Here you can surf the longest and most powerful right hander in the area. We will travel the best breaks depending on the conditions.


Discover the best secret spots in Morocco with an experienced and local guide who will ensure your trip safe, fun and very memorable. This surf tour is based in south Morocco. You need a minimum of three people to book this tour. We know how to make surfers happy!


This company was created by surfer for surfers. Different way of surf guiding different way of working: The long experience we have in the business we learned from pro surfers during our work surf guiding. You’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy your trip. All you have to do is organize the program with your guide and everything will be great


Surf guiding team : Mohammed Ben Lemkadem surfer, Mustapha Elbaz surfer and pro photograper, who has a long experience with pro surfers, shooting great photos and making good videos.


Taghazout Surf Spots Morocco

Taghazout Surf Spots Morocco Agadir bay has long beach break and there are different spots that share the same breaks left & rights; this spot just needs a swell of 1.5 to 2 meters any more than this will cause the waves to close out.



Here is an awesome wave for the left and right hander, they work in low tide & high tide but just in a swell between 1.5 to 1.7 meters the off shore wind from the south is bad for this spot.


km11 & km12

Two spots have the same break and are lefts. They work in low tide and high tide but it’s very good when the tide starts to go out and the waves become extremely hollow and fast.


Banana beach

South of the village is Banana beach a mediocre beachbreak that we couldn’t bother surfing since most of the waves were either too small or closing out . (Rating 4)



This right hand point break can be find just when you drive into the towns center. It only works well only mid tide, but even then it’s very sectioning. When the swell gets bigger the rip gets quit strong here, so you have to maintain paddling to stay in the right spot. Entry is best north of the break from a little cove just around the break, the current will take you to the line-up very quick. (Rating 5.5)


Hash Point

This right hand point is just north of the town’s center.It can be good on it’s day, but we never really scored it any good. Entry is easy from a little beach. (Rating 6)


Anchor point

This quality spot that can show perfect lines is about 1 km north of Taghazoute town center. It breaks off a pier and can connect all the way into Taghazoute. This break gets seriously crowded, and the level of surfing here is high. The crowds and the fact the the take off area is small make this for intermediate to expert surfers only. Entry is either done by jumping off the rocks, or paddling in from the beach to the right, but then you have to beware of the strong current that can bring you very close to the pier/rocks. (Rating 8,5) Taghazout Surf Spots MoroccoTaghazout Surf Spots Morocco



Next to Anchors are several break that can be descent. This place seems to pick up more swell than the other spots, but will also start closing out over 5′. Entry is from the beach. Beware that it can be shallow at lower tide.


Killer Point

This is one of the best waves in the area. It’s about 3 km out of Taghazoute so it takes about 30 minutes to walk to this place. Once there prepare yourself for a long paddle to the line-up. It will easily take a fit surfer 10-15 minutes to paddle (it took me longer). The wave is a very long right hander, and on the right day it can be almost perfect. It picks up a fair bit of swell, and can hold waves up to 12′. You need to be fit for the paddle then though. Make sure you have a good leash, because from mid to high tide (when it’s best) there’s nowhere to swim to when you lose your board. The spot is supposedly named after the killer whales that are sometimes seen there. (Rating 9)



Getting to Boilers takes about 25 minutes by car from Taghzaoute. Boilers is a right hand break, that breaks off something that looks like the remaining off a shipwreck. It’s a relatively short but fast and barreling type wave. Getting in the water is a bit tricky since it’s best done from behind the big rock that is sticking out of the water, but when you are behind it you cannot see if there are any set waves coming, so assistance from the water or land is helpfully. Getting out of the water can be tricky since the rock close to shore are sharp. The wind can be blowing force 6 offshore when there’s hardly a breeze at Taghazoute only 20 minutes away.



Another 20 minutes up the coast there are long stretches of beach that pick up most swell when all the other spots are flat. Getting in and out of the water is hard, since here are lots of very sharp rocks. (Rating 5.5)









50km of surfing perfection with something to offer for everyone from soft to the more advanced wave. Rolling fun beach breaks (Perfect for beginners and the intermediate skilled to develop perfect their skills to perfection. To the long famous point breaks such as anchor point and killers point!!!


Don’t be put off by the names though, with so much accessible coastline there is an almost perfect condition for every level every day!!!When the waves don’t suit you or you just need a rest there are plenty of other days out!Morocco is the perfect blend of surf and culture.

Getting Here

We do offer airport transfer and bus station transfer.




Air port transfer in & out or bus station only Agadir


Three meals a day (breakfast-lunch-dinner)

Transport to the beach

2h of Surf lessons per day


Qualified Surf Instructor









800€ 1600€ (4 days trip)



Air port transfer in & out or bus station only Agadir


Three meals a day (breakfast-lunch-dinner)


Surf Guiding to the spots

Expert surf guide

1 day trip to secret spot







550€ 1000€ (4 days trip)



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