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Surfing in Sutherland

Sutherland is located on the north shore of Scotland and is quickly becoming one of the top surf destinations in Europe. The strip of coast that goes from John O’Groats to Cape Wrath is extremely consistent and is dotted with high quality surf spots that can vary from heavy flat slabs to perfect reef breaks. The crown jewel in the area and maybe one of the best waves in Europe is Thurso East. Thurso can be fickle due to a narrow swell window but when it breaks its an absolutely perfect reef break that is making the whole region more popular since it hosted a major WQS contest. The best time to surf in this area is from September to November when good swells and pleasant weather are common. Wintertime can be extremely cold with epic waves or blown out and stormy. Sutherland is one of the least populated counties in Scotland so crowded surf spots are still not an issue. Most of the time you will be surfing alone or with a handful of locals and some friendly seals. 


Best surf spots in Sutherland

The best surf spots in Sutherland are Thurso East, Thurso Bay, Brim Ness, Baggies and The Dump.


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