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Surfing in Sumba

Sumba is located in the East Nusa Tenggara chain of islands. This island is known for having some heavy waves that get good exposure to the south and southwest swells coming directly from the roaring 40s. The southwest coast of Sumba is where most of the surf spots are located and there you can find good reef breaks that break on top of dead coral, volcanic rock and boulders. Although Sumba is not located close to the main surfing hubs of the country and most of the accommodations on the islands are very basic, this island can surprise and reward any traveler willing to get out of the beaten path in search of some magical waves.


Best surf spots in Sumba

The best surf spots are Nihiwatu, Miller Right’s Mangkudu Lefts, Pero Lefts and RIght,  The Office, Racetrack and Wainjapu.


Check surf pictures of Sumba at #surfsumba.

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