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Surfing in Sumatra

Sumatra is located just west of Java and is the largest island of the Indonesian archipelago. There are incredible surf spots to be found in Sumatra and even though the 2004 tsunami devastated a part of the island, surfers are still visiting the area attracted by classic point breaks with small crowds. The main surfing areas in the island are the coastal village of Krui that is gaining more popularity after one of the stops of the QS happened there in 2019 and Aceh located on the northern tip of the island.


Best surf spots in Sumatra

The best surf spots are Way Jambu, Mandiri Beach, Leftovers, Krui Left & Right, Banana Island, A-Frame, Babanova Nipah, Calang Reef, Kuala Bubon, Rapa Nui and Ujung Karang.


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