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Surfing in Sopelana

Sopelana is located in the Basque Country on the northeast side of Bilbao. This area has very consistent beach breaks and also nearby world class waves like Mundaka. The scenery is very picturesque with stunning rocky backdrops. Although the area can attract a lot of surfers, especially during the summer, there are plenty of waves and surf spots to spread the crowd. Although the beach breaks of Sopelana work all year round, the best time of the year to surf in this area is during autumn and winter when consistent and powerful swells hit the coastline more oftenly. During summer the waves are smaller but extremely fun and the temperature of the water is very pleasant compared to the cold winter months. The city of Sopelana has a vibrant but easy-going vibe that is captivating with surf bars where the tourist and locals meet in the evenings to share a beer and talk about the amazing waves of the day.


Best surf spots in Sopelana

The best surf spots in the area are Mundaka, Bakio, Playa La Salvaje (Barinatxe), Sopelana and Playa de Meñakoz.


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