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Surfing in Sinaloa

Sinaloa is located in the pacific coast of Mexico at the entrance to the Sea of Cortez and is known for having a big variety of waves and good exposure to south and southwest swells. With world class point breaks and fun beach breaks this area can suit any surfers ability. The best time to surf is usually during the morning when smooth offshore wind blows until the early afternoon. Most of the waves in the area have sand bottom but there are also some reef breaks that can work in the right conditions. Surfing in Sinaloa can be a great experience since you can never go wrong with the good quality surf spots of the mexican pacific coast.


Best surf spots in Sinaloa

The best and most famous surf spots are Patoles, Marmols, Dimas River Mouth, Rucos, Celestino, El Camaron, Playa Buha and Playa Escondida.


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