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Surfing in San Diego

San Diego is a city located in Southern California and is one of the most famous surf destinations in the USA. Surfing has been very popular in this area since Duke Kahanamoku surfed some epic waves there in 1915. The geographical position allows San Diego to receive good swells both from the North and South Pacific resulting in consistent year round waves. The legendary surf spots of Trestles is definitely the crown jewel of the southern coast of California. Long and rippable left and right hand waves break on top of cobblestone in front of a river mouth at a beautiful sandy beach. This is the perfect set up for many important surf contests that are promoted every year on this incredible site. Other famous surf spots are Cardiff Reef, which is probably the longboarders favorite, and the super consistent Oceanside jetties, piers and beaches. The amount of surf spots is endless since every part of the coast has been explored by multiple generations of surfers.


Best surf spots in San Diego

The best and most famous surf spots are Trestles, Cardiff Reef, Blacks Beach, Oceanside, Oceanside Harbour, La Jolla, Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.


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