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Surfing in Playground

The Playground area is located in the northern Mentawai chain of islands and is considered as one of the best surf destinations in the world. These islands are incredibly beautiful with tropical palm trees lined on the beaches and stunning crystal clear waters. The area comprises an absurd number of world class waves and is visited by thousands of surf travelers every year. Most of the waves are fast and break on top of shallow reefs, which means that they are better suited for intermediate and advanced surfers. The best time of the year to surf in the Playground area is during the dry season from April to October when the roaring 40s and the howling 50s send solid southwest swells across the Indian Ocean. This is the kind of destination that has to be visited at least once in a lifetime 


Best surf spots in Playground

The best surf spots are Kandui, Hideaway, Nipussi, Ebay, Beng Beng, Pit Stops, 4 Bobs, Burgerworld, Rifles and Bank Vaults



Beng Beng: It’s a consistent left-hand reef in the middle of a beautiful bay. Super fan and friendly.



Ebay: Not for the faint hearted. After the take off you must barrel and go past two rocks that stick out of the water. If you’ve done everything right you will still have to go through the below sea-level end section before you reach the channel.



Pitstops: One of the most rippable rights in the planet. You will be able to practice and improve all your repertoire in this high performance wave.



Hideaway: This wave will blow your mind. It has one of the best barrels in the whole area. The take off is quick and the wave move fast. Only for experienced surfers. Gets really dry on low tides.



Nipussi: This right hander breaks in pretty deep water and it’s the most consistent break in the area. Captures any swell direction and is surfable in all tides.



Bank Vaults: As the name suggests this is a heavy and square right hander. The bigger it gets the more it barrels. Has many take off spots so spreads the crowd really well. Good to test your barreling skills.


Burgerworld: With a dramatic background this wave is a swell magnet. Good and reliable on the small days. It has hollow sections at the beginning and at the end of the ride. In the middle allows you to set a pace and connect good cutbacks one after another.


No Kandui: One of the most feared and desired wave of the Ment’s. Kandui is better when its big since the barrels are more wide open and makeable. Prepare your heart for some intense moments.


Rifles: Top 5 best right hander in the whole Mentawai. Exactly what you expect when you come to the Mentawai. Long rides deep inside hollow barrels.


A-Frames: Super fun and consistent wave with two different sections. On bigger days the inside section can barrel.



4 Bobs: It’s the easiest wave on the whole Playground area. This wave has a soft lip and it’s perfect for big long houseround cutbacks.


Check surf pictures of Playground at #playgroundmentawai.

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